Nice Natural Anxiolytic Painkiller
Citation:   goose. "Nice Natural Anxiolytic Painkiller: An Experience with Kratom (exp105603)". Jul 20, 2017.

  oral Codeine (daily)
  30 mg oral Pharms - Mirtazapine (daily)
    repeated vaporized Nicotine (daily)
  3 g oral Kratom (powder / crystals)
  2 g oral Kratom (powder / crystals)
Kratom: Red Vein Thai 3g
Kratom: Red Vein Thai 2g
30mg codeine/500mg paracetamol
Mirtazapine 30mg (night before)

This is an account of my first time with Kratom. I ordered a 3x25g selection pack from a popular online store, which I had researched and heard good things about. These are ground leaf, not extract or 'super strength' varieties. However, with kratom, quality is everything. This vendor's stock has been reviewed by several people as being high quality. So I decide to start small with 3g, with 2g added later. Hoping to feel the difference between the threshold and a higher dose. Cost was 18.50 for the 75g.

Arrived inconspicuously in the mail this morning, so I waited for everyone to leave before dosing. I have the full day off with nothing to do, so I am hoping the kratom can enhance things somewhat. I take a codeine every morning for chronic jaw pain from a problematic dental surgery, and one at night. I occasionally take more of the pain medication, but recently not so much. The codeine has more negative effects than positive overall for me, and becomes a chore to take after a while with little therapeutic value left after a heavy use period. Plus I actually need it for pain, so running a prescription down before the end of the month isn't a good idea for me. My intake has been low-level for quite some time, so my tolerance to opiates/opioids shouldn't be sky high, but still present. I take mirtazapine 30mg every night for anxiety/insomnia/depression. I also vape throughout the day, consuming nicotine at about a 10 cig/day intake.

1030 T-1:15 Morning codeine pill.

1145 T0:00 Ingested 3g of red vein thai kratom powder by mixing with yoghurt. Actually tasted OK, not at all an offensive flavour. The powder is very finely ground. Although this is red vein, the powder is almost the same colour as the other green veined strains I ordered.

1200 T+0:15 Feeling something. I would describe it as a 'floaty' feeling, but nothing spectacular. Maybe a slight increase in energy, but barely perceptable.

1207 T+0:22 Coming on. Almost as if I had taken a tramadol. Feels very similar to the early stages of that particular drug. Colours seem brighter on my computer screen, feeling a bit 'glazed'. Warm pins-and-needles like shiver over my back. Hands feeling cold.

1215 T+0:30 Energy boost. Feeling the same as before but with more energy. Similar to caffeine, but cleaner and smoother. No real anxiolytic or euphoria effects to report yet though.

1230 T+0:45 Still got that smooth energy boost. Now listening to drum&bass tracks, feels right for this experience. Tiny bit of a general well-being creeping in, got a subtle warm 'leg buzz' coming on. Music sounds great!

1245 T+1:00 (+0:00) Feeling OK, but this doesn't seem like it's getting any stronger. I decided I had experienced the threshold by now. So I take the second dose of 2g. This time parachuted by placing a teaspoon of it in my mouth, then slamming it down with a fizzy drink. I don't recommend this, my advice would be to use water. Got a coke/mentos effect due to how fine the powder is! Again didn't taste too bad, sort of earthy.

1300 T+1:15(+0:15) Body buzz is more pronounced now. Warm tingly feeling increases. Feels quite like a poppy seed tea dose coming on. Feeling relaxed, all anxiety has evapourated completely. Eyes more glazed. Overall, feeling nice!

1315 T+1:30 (+0:30) That second dose has really kicked in now. Very much an opiate warmth with the familiar light-headedness. Some minor well-being increase, bit of a smile on my face now. Pupils smaller. Small amount of itching. There are some doubters out there about whether this stuff actually interacts with opioid receptors, I can confirm that it does interact, for me at least. Only feeling slight sedation, I seem to have got the dose level right for my own body chemistry.

1335 T+1:55 (+0:55) More opiate intensity. Feeling good, slightly inebriated actually. This red-vein stuff is meant to be more sedating than the others, and I am finding this to be the case. A nice overall body and mental buzz at this point. Free of worry/anxiety, which was my main goal sought by trying this plant.

1350 T+2:05 (+1:05) Feeling hot now, some flushing. Small amount of nausea.

1410 T+2:25 (+1:25) Ate some salami (I'm a low-carber) and this cured the heat and nausea. My thinking is that this was just a physical effect from the powder messing with my stomach lining. Drinking more fizzy drink cleared this even more.

1415 T+2:30 (+1:30) Back to enjoying the analgesic, anxiolytic effect and slight euphoria. The effects seem to have reached a plateau by this point. No overwhelming feelings, this is an easily manageable level of effects.

1500 T+3:15 (+2:15) Still at a nice level, starting to taper down a bit now.

1615 T+4:30 (+3:30) Almost back to baseline, some well-being left over. No real comedown, just a gradual tapering off.

Overall, this was a good experience. Looking forward to trying the other strains now, to see if there is any difference. Kratom is something I definitely got something from, and I can see it as being a welcome addition to my herb cabinet. It could even be a replacement for codeine, as during this whole time I felt no pain, whereas with the pharms I get breakthrough pain sometimes. The anxiolytic effect was the most positive benefit for me.

Exp Year: 2015ExpID: 105603
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 29
Published: Jul 20, 2017Views: 5,003
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