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Mediocre Considering Price
by Anonymous
Citation:   Anonymous. "Mediocre Considering Price: An Experience with Kratom (exp115688)". Sep 6, 2021.

12 g oral Kratom (capsule)


Background: I've done kratom a number of times before and have never been all that impressed with it, having its primary effect being a hazy distracted feeling. Not undesirable in certain situations, but earning its place as a novelty and usually only good for when I have no access to weed or other stronger substances. Kratom has a certain range, with too little you'll never feel it and too much can make you vomit (and I have) so being confined to that limit I can only ever get so much out of it.

The brand it Kratom strain is a red vein, which is said to be more sedative than energizing, but I've never noticed the difference. (think sativa vs indica) I've done what I can to potentiate the substance by avoiding eating for several hours prior to taking it and drinking lemon juice when I do take it.

T 0:00 I swallowed the capsules with water and followed it with a whole lemon's worth of juice. The waiting begins.

T 0:40 Nothing yet. Capsules always add a notable chunk of time before metabolizing starts.

T 1:15 Effects begin to manifest as a slight bodily inhibition and a somewhat cerebral sensation. Easy to shrug off or miss at this stage if one were to be busy with something demanding.

T 2:00 The high becoming more noticeable and effects become constant. Progressively gaining a heavy, slightly dizzy feeling paired with the desire to rest my body and limbs entirely, taking the form of sinking into a reclining chair and staring off into space with unfocused vision. I'm finding it more preferable to not engage in conversation or anything interactive.

T 2:20 At this point I peak. Eyelids feeling heavy and body feels quite sluggish. Noticing that it is taking more effort to lift my arms from resting on my lap up to my keyboard to type. I wouldn't necessarily say it's making me feel tired, but largely disinterested in doing just about anything but sitting idly limp. No distinct euphoria, but quite sedative.

T 3:00 The high seems to be waning and It's becoming easier to casually move about and be in a more active state.

T 3:25 Nearly entirely sober once again. At this stage the only thing left is the sensation that feels like I woke up recently with that typical slight mental haze and still finding it easy to not focus my vision on anything in particular when not directly doing something.

T 4:15 All residual effects have faded. No hangover or lingering discomforts, overall a relatively smooth transition back to baseline.

In conclusion I wouldn't really recommend it as the cost benefit analysis doesn't pan out, with smoke shops wanting too much for the amount of doses, and unreliable quality of many online retailers. Better alternatives are out there for cheaper.

Exp Year: 2021ExpID: 115688
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Sep 6, 2021Views: 349
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