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Beautiful Experience
by Black Parasol
Citation:   Black Parasol. "Beautiful Experience: An Experience with Kratom (exp82232)". Feb 9, 2010.

T+ 0:00
1 cig. smoked Kratom (plant material)
  T+ 0:07 .5 g oral Kratom (powder / crystals)
  T+ 0:27 3/4 tsp oral Kratom (powder / crystals)
  T+ 1:00 2 g oral Kratom (powder / crystals)


I weigh 107 lbs. (48.6 kg). I am nineteen years old, and decided to try a small dose of kratom by myself (no sitter or other people present). I was in my bedroom, which was very cool and comfortable. Nearly all of my experience was spent sitting in my computer chair. I also had a mix of both relaxing music and energetic music playing. It was around 3 A.M. when I began my experimentation with kratom (I don't have a normal sleeping pattern).

I am a regular tobacco smoker (cigarettes), so I was definitely a little nervous about trying kratom, as I've read many reports of nausea associated with smoking tobacco while on kratom. I am also a frequent coffee drinker, and had a cup of fairly weak coffee roughly two hours before ingesting the kratom. Let me add another variable: I had a headache before ingesting, and wanted to take an ibuprofen, but decided against it, not exactly sure that it was the best idea before taking kratom. If anyone knows whether or not it is safe to take ibuprofen or aspirin while taking kratom, I would definitely appreciate the input.

First Experience

Being a first timer I wanted to start out small. I had some crushed Thai kratom leaves and some Indo powder from an online vendor and decided to mix them into a cigarette tube to smoke. I am aware that smoking kratom usually has very mild to unnoticeable effects for most, and I did this intentionally; I wanted to ease myself into an experience, see if I would be sensitive to it.

Making the cigarette was a hassle - I'm terrible at rolling with paper, so instead I used the crank-style cigarette rolling machine my family and I always use to make tobacco cigarettes with the filtered tubes we have. I jammed the crank at one point with powder and leaves because I incidentally put too much in. While trying to clean up, I decided to nibble on a leaf, and licked some powder from my fingertips, and to my surprise (and joy), I found that the taste hardly bothered me at all. It is indeed very bitter (especially the powder), and very earthy, with an almost bile-like aftertaste. I wouldn't say it was something I'd season my meals with, but I will say that I could easily handle just eating the kratom itself. I also noticed that I felt calm and relaxed after tasting the kratom a few times, but this was most likely a psychological placebo. I also noticed that my headache seemed to have gone away (again, possibly a coincidence).

So, after having licked several 'fingerfuls' of powder and a pinch or two of leaves, I finally finished making my kratom cigarette, made of Thai leaves and Indo powder. Let me add here that throughout this whole experience, I was very aware of the minty catnip-like smell of the kratom. I'm not certain if kratom is supposed to smell so much like catnip, but the stuff I had certainly did. I finally lit the cigarette and was alarmed at the strength of the smell as it burned. (There are other people in my home who would be bothered by it). The smell reminded me a bit of marijuana, but I might have been wrong since I haven't been around marijuana in a very long time and memory might have failed me. Regardless, I had to extinguish the kratom cigarette, open my window wide and point my desk fan outwards to try and get the smell to flow out the window. The smoke was very smooth, perhaps too smooth, probably because I packed it too tightly. Another resident in my home came into my room and asked if I had been smoking pot! So my suspicions that it smelled similar were confirmed.

I attempted to hold the smoke in my lungs, but I didn't do it for very long as I had gotten impatient. It had now been roughly twenty minutes since I first licked some Indo powder, I had finished the cigarette and felt slightly 'spacey,' but again this may have been placebo. I then decided that it had been a pretty dumbass idea to try and smoke kratom from a filtered cigarette tube and decided to get a handmade family pipe from the garage later on if I still hadn't felt anything. At this point I was no longer nervous or afraid of the kratom and was eager to try ingesting it orally via the good old toss and wash method. While I wasn't afraid, I was still cautious, and decided to only toss roughly half a gram of the Indo powder. I swallowed it, sat back, and waited.

Between the two doses I took (1 cigarette with Thai and Indo, fairly tightly packed, tube size was 'Kings,' don't know the weight in grams; and the 0.5 or so gram of powder ingested orally), only a span of maybe six or seven minutes had passed, so one might as well call it a single varied dose. I then decided to wait twenty minutes to see if anything happened, and during this time, I nervously picked up a tobacco cigarette and lit it while reading a book.

Halfway through the tobacco cigarette, I began to notice myself feeling pleasantly lethargic and lazy, and unfocused on my book. The cigarette may have expedited the kratom's effects, or it may have been placebo. Either way, I failed to notice any nausea and was pleased. However, the lack of nausea may have been because of my very low dose. After finishing my cigarette I was still unable to concentrate on my book, so I instead decided to occupy my time by watching a movie online. By this time roughly ten minutes had passed since my last ingestion.

After nearly twenty minutes after ingestion (I'm not very patient), I decided to toss down some more, also deciding to measure my dose a bit more accurately. At this point I felt very certain that my calmness and lethargy were the result of placebo, since they weren't very pronounced. I got out a measuring spoon that held 1/4 of a teaspoon (not having a set of scales) and filled it with Indo powder. I tossed it, washed it down with some Kool-Aid I had on hand. I then repeated this process twice more, since I doubted it was very much. I then forced myself to stop dosing for at least an hour and try to be patient. All in all, I would estimate that I ingested a total of 2 grams orally, and probably less than a gram smoked.

I then lit another tobacco cigarette and watched my movie. Just a few minutes in and I noticed my vast inability to concentrate seemed to have increased. I listened to some energetic music for a while, and under the influence of it I actually got up and started dancing. It seemed that my kratom experience had finally begun.


Half an hour had passed since my last dose, and I noticed that my limbs (especially my knees) felt wonderful and easy to move. Since I was a child I would always sit with my knees bent, and obviously this had taken a slight toll on my knee joints, and as of late they will occasionally be sore. Well, I noted considerably less soreness in my knees, bent or not. My movements began to feel smooth and very fluid, and my sense of touch seemed heightened. The texture of any object I touched somehow seemed more defined. For example, when touching the wooden surface of my desk, it felt as though the nerve endings in my fingers were somehow able to more accurately sense the smoothness of it. Three minutes later I noticed that my palms were sweating. So far, however, I had not noticed any prominent mental effects other than feeling a little less inhibited (thus my earlier dancing).

An hour had finally passed. I had spent my time applying some make-up and taking pictures of myself (having begun to feel unusually confident and happy with myself) and some things around my room, which was fun, but I definitely didn't notice any new kratom-induced changes. I decided to redose, once again taking roughly two grams of Indo powder orally, choosing not to try smoking it again.

Nearly only a minute after ingesting my second dose, a wave of relaxation seemed to hit me and once again I felt 'spacey,' but in a good way. This wave of relaxation, while mild, was shortly followed by bursts of energy, and a desire to have a conversation with someone, which was unfortunate since no one was around. Time also seemed to go more quickly; or rather I lacked the ability to pay attention to how long I was actually doing something. Either way, after another ten minutes I decided to have another tobacco cigarette and noticed that my limbs felt slower and a bit heavier, it was very pleasant. I noticed that I was smoking my tobacco quicker than usual, yet at the same time my movements felt pleasantly labored and slow. I feel very relaxed, very calm, and generally content with my surroundings and situations. My physical perception in all senses now seem more pin-pointed and accurate. I feel a much, much deeper connection to my music and am very tempted to sing to it. At some points, I do so!

Roughly ten minutes later I begin to see why people use kratom for spiritual experiences. I myself am not spiritual, but I definitely have a newfound respect for those who are and use ethnobotanicals to obtain a more spiritual state. I feel very emotionally connected to the things around me and feel as though I appreciate them more, possibly because of my seemingly heightened senses.

Once I finish my tobacco cigarette, I note that my stomach is rumbling, but instead of feeling nauseous, I actually feel hungry. I think this is more because I had had little to eat that day, and I don't believe it was attributed to the kratom. I decide to go out to the kitchen to look for something to nibble on. I decided upon a rolled up bologna sandwich, which hit the spot perfectly. Keep in mind that I had been mostly sitting in my computer chair up to this point, but upon standing, I further notice the effects of the kratom on my body. My movements feel incredibly smooth, languid and lithe; I feel as though I could dance and jump like a ballerina across my room if the desire struck me. After getting my sandwich, I eat it standing up in my room, having not thought, for whatever reason, to sit down to eat it. My mind is not overly fogged, but concentration eludes me, which I find very nice.

My sandwich also seemed to taste better, my taste buds seeming more sensitive, and my chewing was labored. After eating it, my stomach feels a little odd, though still not nauseous or uncomfortable. A relaxing and beautiful song comes on from my playlist called 'No Sense' by Catpower, and I find myself deeply moved by it. I have the sudden and great desire to call my fiancÚ and softly sing it to him. Obviously, since it has now become 5:30 in the morning, I cannot do this. But I very much want him to be with me and I want to show him affection. I decide to distract myself from missing him by toying with my digital camera and having another tobacco cigarette (I am a fairly heavy smoker). Through my somewhat disoriented thought I realize that I am most likely pushing my luck by having another cigarette - I happen to have a slight phobia of vomiting. But at this point, I figure that if it hasn't happened yet, it probably won't.

I then begin again to watch my movie, still feeling incredibly relaxed. I still feel very confident and comfortable. I realize that another hour has passed, seemingly very quickly, but I feel no need to dose again. I feel absolutely blissful, and still haven't experienced any nausea, which is a big relief for me. I notice while watching my movie that I seem to be focusing on the physical movements of the actors - even they appear smoother, more detailed and for some reason I am appreciative of this.

After another half hour, I finally finish my movie, and found that once I was able to concentrate, I was able to focus deeply. I had experienced the 'peak' and now felt very tired and ready for bed. I was beginning to experience what seemed like a come-down at this time - a little stomach discomfort and drowsiness. I no longer felt overly happy with everything, but I definitely felt content and felt like I had come away with a very pleasant and eye-opening experience.


I had a wonderful experience with kratom, having ingested about 4 grams or so over the course of about two and a half to three hours. The effects were not at all overbearing but also not too mild. Throughout the duration of my encounter with kratom I felt overall peaceful, pleasantly relaxed and happy, with very interesting and enjoyable sensory impressions. I will definitely do kratom again sometime in the very near future and would certainly recommend it to others!

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82232
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19 
Published: Feb 9, 2010Views: 42,586
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