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Beautiful Sunday Morning
Kratom & Lorazepam
Citation:   CrazyHorse. "Beautiful Sunday Morning: An Experience with Kratom & Lorazepam (exp96782)". Jan 29, 2014.

12 g oral Kratom (tea)
    repeated oral Pharms - Lorazepam (pill / tablet)
It's been very hot here in the Ohio Valley, and has kept my family and I indoors a lot. Thank God for A/C. It is early morning, and I decide to make some Kratom tea, in case it is 100 degrees out again, and I'm stuck in the house overcome with boredom. So here it goes:

I buy my Kratom in powdered form at a reasonable price in 100g bags. It is Premium Bali Kratom. My favorite thus far. I decided instead of the toss and wash that I normally do, I am going to make tea. It is a typical tea recipe that you see online. I altered it a bit. I took 20 grams of Bali Kratom, mixed with 2 cups of water and gently boiled it for 20 mins. I took that mixture and strained it using a tea strainer. It is the kind that fits in a coffee cup. Basically wire mesh. It gets all the bulk powder out, but leaves a little sludge. Just strain it and pour it in a nice size bowl. Then take a spoon and gently press on the Kratom in the strainer to get all the liquid out. Next, put the kratom back in the pan, add 2 cups of water and gently boil again for 20 mins. Then strain and combine with the first batch into the pan. Boil lightly until it is about 100ml. (a little less than half a cup) You can boil it longer if you wish to drink less. This mixture gave me two medium doses. I divided the liquid in half, put half in the fridge, then half in a cup. I sipped it for about 5 mins. I've heard if you chug it, you can get sick. Never happens to me with the toss and wash method, but I didn't want to take any chances.

After 10 mins, I felt a gentle fuzzy feeling. Not really euphoric, but pleasant. So after dosing again, I would say I ingested an equivalent to 12 gms, which is about what I normally ingest. After 10 mins I start to feel euphoric. I would compare it to 2 Vicodin ES's.

I go about my day feeling good and pain free. I have a bad disc and arthritis in my back due to an injury in my early 20's. I've never been prescribed anything other than Tramadol for the pain, and some nsaids. I try not to take Tramadol too much as it can be addictive and they make me very apathetic after a weeks use. I was tramadol free when I use Kratom. I also take Ativan for anxiety and to help relax my back muscles. I would say the peak of the Kratom lasted 2 hr. After 4 hrs I take 1mill of Ativan. I wouldn't reccomend this unless you have been taking ativan for many many years like myself. To me, 1mill isn't much. To someone who has never taken it, it might knock them out for 8 hrs.

15 mins, I felt more and more sped up. Not unbearable. Just some natural energy.

20 mins- felt the same. I decide to take a little more. I take 3 teaspoons of the tea and toss it back with some iced tea. It's bitter, but WAY better than the gritty toss and wash. I feel more and more euphoric.

4 hrs- I'm coming down, and feeling nice and relaxed. I pop and ativan, which I am prescribed for anxiety. This feels nice. I decide to make dinner. We eat and I feel great! I hadn't eaten any breakfast in preparation of the Kratom. I like it on an empt stomach. About 2 hrs after dinner, the Kratom has almost completely gone away. It was a nice 6 hrs of euphoria, energy and calmness.

All in all, The effects to me are stronger if you just use the toss and wash method or mix it with a juice smoothie and gulp it down, but it is much easier to drink in tea form. Next time, I will try dding a little lemon juice for the extraction process.

Pros- great pain reliever, nice calm euphoria or energy, depending on the dosage, Very much comparable to Vicodin or Percocet if in high doses.

Cons- Taste terrible, can't take on the fly, unless you have tea made ahead of time, Taken in a high dose, I get a headache the next day similar to an alcohol hangover. Goes away with coffee though.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 96782
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 32
Published: Jan 29, 2014Views: 29,693
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