Fed My Curiosity and Most Likely Wonít Try It Again
Kratom (Bali)
Citation:   MrMindplays. "Fed My Curiosity and Most Likely Wonít Try It Again: An Experience with Kratom (Bali) (exp97990)". Erowid.org. Aug 26, 2017. erowid.org/exp/97990

  oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
Kratom Notes

Just out of curiousity I decided to try Kratom which I saw several times mentioned over the net along with Salvia. I see some people mentioning interesting trips with it, while some mention edginess along with nausea.

So I started with a pretty low dosage of 2 gr of Bali premium Kratom. It was early in a busy day and I had to work on writing specs for a web project. One hour after taking them I started to feel a certain kind of subtle sedation that I donít enjoy very much. It was like things slowed down or calmed down a bit. But my mind was still clear to work on the job task. It was rather like my mind stopped dealing with simultaneous things and just focused on the task. But there was also a bit of a feeling like I felt at the last stage of a Akineton experience, where I got out of the anxious state of mind but things were still a bit artificially calm and slippery. Later I found myself doing some housework and eventually the feeling disappeared.

A few days later I got 3 gr during midday. I felt the same artificial calmness feeling that I relate with anti-depressant drugs and which I donít like. But itís funny that after a while I again found myself happily doing tasks that I normally would procrastinate on like doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping!

Third time (after 2-3 days) I got 5 gr of Kratom late at night. I was watching TV so I didnít feel much at the beginning. Maybe a little sedation. Later a strong nausea appeared. I went to balcony and smoked a couple cigarettes and drank a little coffee. It didnít help so I went to bed. Laying down on the bed helped the nausea but things got a bit weird in my brain:

You know when your eyes are closed before sleep, you sometimes draw images in your mind while pondering concepts and things appear like blue prints in the brown darkness of your eyes. Now imagine that this brown canvas is much larger and each second a burst of hundreds of different images of objects and things appear and disappear on this canvas replaced by new ones. Most of the time objects were like a blue print or a sketch while rarely one object within the sea of others was popping up so vivid and colorful.

Of those vivid images, I remember a few very well right now. One was like a space capsule attached to a bluish metallic rocket on a red launcher. Another one was a wild looking brown chimpanzee wearing a red suit and showing his teethÖ Along with these, random images of any possible thing you can imagine were coming and goingÖ Like an ancient telephone from early 1900s, milk bottles with red caps, a tree trunk covered with vine leaves, a giant industrial propeller, 3 women on a beach with shaders on their headsÖ The feeling was like my brain was overclocking and also going through a virus scan or defragmentation process so it was scanning thru every file in it in an extremely speedy way.

Also another weird sensation was my inner conscious voice was too fast for me to catch up with time to time. Throughout the experience I was thinking of ways that I could document whatís happening but my thoughts were like a hyperactive kid. It was running after chains of conclusions and hypotheses but it kept changing its perspective too fast. I think smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee right before going to bed actually added to the stimulant effect of Kratom itself.

This state of extreme brain activity lasted for a couple of hours. Even after that I had hard time falling asleep. I slept like 10-12 hours that day. When I woke up I still felt a bit of aftereffects as if I had some alcohol the previous day. I was also pretty sensitive to chemical smells like the smell of bath soap, room fresheners, cleaning agents bothered me early in the day.

So I fed my curiosity and Iíll most likely wonít try Kratom again. Itís an interesting thing to try but not that fun to experience. The nausea is not good and I neither find the seductive or stimulant effects to be pleasant even though they are there.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97990
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Aug 26, 2017Views: 7,603
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