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Searching for Subtle Pleasantness
Citation:   HomeworkAndMusic. "Searching for Subtle Pleasantness: An Experience with Kratom (exp91281)". Nov 6, 2011.

10 g oral Kratom (gel tab)
Background: I am not too fond of lengthy opening paragraphs of every substance ever used by the author. In attempt to still give background, I have dabbled in most opiate prescription meds, prescription stimulants, and the college years marijuana. Nothing too hard, nothing 'too' illegal. Hence, my curiosity in legal alternatives.

My goals with substances are frequently twofold: 1.) something that will aid with my school work and/or general writing endeavors (like blogs and columns on my philosophical interests), and 2.) something that helps open up to creativity in songwriting.

With the abundant Kratom recipes, I had already attempted 'this' recipe with alcohol, 'that' recipe with hot water, and the 'toss and wash' (or plug and chug) attempt. It wasn't that I thought they were bogus, I think I was just being so cautious with very little product. I have found that the manufacturers 'active at X grams' advertisement to be craptastic marketing. Technically it is active, just like a teaspoon of coffee is 'active.' You won't feel it, though.

Method/Route/Recipe: Anyway, on a whim, I thought I would try some capsules. On various forums, it has been 'generally' accepted that 'plug and chug' is the most effective method/route/potency. While some said capsules are not as potent as toss n' wash, I fail to see why that would be the case at all. What I DID, find though, is that you really, really need to give it much more metabolism time with capsules. Do NOT take another re-dosage if you barely feel anything a half hour in. I actually kind of like the slow build up myself.

Dosage: Too many different dosage guidelines online, and I still am not sure on what 'strong' is and what is 'medium,' because I'm still unsure on exactly how much I took. I'll ballpark, though. Supposedly, these 00 capsules likely hold .5 grams or 500 mg's). So to get to 10 grams, I obviously took quite a few. A downside to capsules. Oh, AND, this was a Thai mix. Important to note for those getting started.

Setting: Had not eaten for about 4 hours. This is another solid warning online, take on empty stomach. It seems to make a large difference. Was working on a mega-huge grad school paper. Listening to some melodic indie/folk selection.

Experience: Again, remember that capsules take a while.
- at about 30 mins: begin to experience an 'up' or stimulant quality. This was much more of an excited and engaging rush, rather than cracked-out anxious. No anxiety (and I am an anxious guy). Music was sounding markedly solid, conversation on IM was very engaging and fun, and my engagement with my paper was really rolling well.
- about 50 mins: More of a wellbeing, mildly euphoric buzz/high (probably more than just a buzz) creeps in. Again, music enhanced and conversation engaging. Still very alert, and not sleepy or drowsy or any 'nods.'
- about 1:20: Still easily noticeable wellbeing, mild euphoria, enhanced pleasure in activities and surroundings. Begin first negative sideFX, though, in becoming dizzy. Kind of a funny dizzy while sitting, more noticeable and disturbing when standing.
- about 1:45 in: Still nice wellbeing, enhanced pleasure and feelings, but dizziness more apparent. Slight, not too bad, nausea. I don't think this is really from the plant matter ingested, as it is from just feeling dizzy, and maybe walking too much. Still feel quite nice when sitting, listening to music. Vision a little bumbly, but manageable. Important note: the dizziness would be MORE than enough to impair driving. Do not mix the two.

- about 2:10 in: Still heightened wellbeing, feeling nice. The euphoria already peaked, but lingers on; not bad at all. Very much still under the influence, and not placebo. Ate a few (just like 3) pretzels and dizziness has reduced quite a bit, which may be because of small amount of food or just time.

- 2:30 in: Well, I am writing this report, so... Felt I needed to share. Can feel the FX still, much as before. Still a little dizzy, but still feeling very warm and pleasant.

...I would expect this to continue for likely another 1 1/2 - 2 hours. That would make for about, say with a beginning 30 mins of nothing, oh say ... 3 1/2 - 4 hour experience.

Summary: I am impressed, and glad to have found something, with so many varied recipes that can be difficult through which to sift. Potential? Yes! Have I found the perfect route and dosage? Not yet, but nice to know there is something there to be found. I like it, great alternative to opiate high, with some differences that are good (like energy level) and others not as good (dizzy, different type of euphoria, or at least more experimentation required to find it).

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 91281
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 27
Published: Nov 6, 2011Views: 17,060
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