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Amazing Airbulb Invention PippUK DMT
The Power and The Glory Netrunner Harmaline, 5-MeO-DMT & DMT
Beyond the Void Pusefidelity Syrian Rue & DMT
Into the Mind of God Voyager DMT
Homecoming Raised to the DMT Power Phineas C DMT & Cannabis
Implacable Pulchritudinous Horror Truckson 6 DMT & Syrian Rue
Blue By You Blue Boy DMT
The Elven Antics Annex SFos DMT
The People Behind the Curtain C.G. DMT
Be Prepared to Be Utterly Unprepared... DJ-DDP DMT

First Times » » »   more   » » » [150]
Museum of Spectacles Donovan DMT, Mushrooms & Alcohol
The Realm of the Shaman bluedolphin DMT & Moclobemide
Interpretations of Your Mind The Reverend Psilocybin & DMT
Infinity of the Now Synchrojet DMT
Letting Go of Negativity Artemis Prime Changa & DMT
Unfathomably Beautiful Just Some Guy DMT (N,N-DMT)
Cube Dimension Gcccc DMT & Cannabis
A Dip in The Changa Ocean HotPotatoe DMT (Changa)
The Hyperdimensional Museum of Art Allen Purcell DMT
Going Home and Coming Back Korey DMT

Combinations » » »   more   » » » [134]
A New Alloy Blooms in the Crucible Nowhereman Syrian Rue, Cacti - T. peruvianus, 2C-E, 4-AcO-DMT & DMT
From Beautiful to Terrifying Hypersphere DMT, MDMA (Ecstasy) & LSD
Beyond the Beyond Hypersphere DMT, 5-MeO-DMT & Salvia divinorum
The Weekend At The Edge Of The Universe Sparticus Mushrooms - P. cubensis, LSD, 2C-B, MDMA (Ecstasy), DMT, Ketamine, Mescaline & Cannabis
Feels Like Rolling for Twelve Hours Hypersphere MDMA, Cacti - T. bridgesii & DMT
I Got It Figured Out bluedolphin DMT & Cannabis
An Agnostic Meets His Higher Power Victor Borge DMT, DPT, Moclobemide & Nitrous Oxide
Sally And Dimitri : Herbal Super Powers DaNozz Direct Salvia divinorum (5x extract) & DMT
Hyperspatial Crossroads Diamond Joe 2C-T-7 & DMT
Alone Time in Hyperspace Spiritzed Pharmahuasca - DMT & Syrian Rue

Retrospective / Summary » » »   more   » » » [41]
Sensory Distortion With a Sober Core Tempest41 DMT
Hierarchies of Hyperspace A Collection Psychedaniellia DMT, 4-HO-MiPT, 4-AcO-DiPT, LSD, DPT, Ketamine, Methoxetamine, 5-MeO-DMT, Nitrous Oxide & MDMA
Beyond the Void Vipassana Meditator DMT
Overview of Our Experiences Clearlight DMT & Syrian Rue (Extract)
Journeys with the Sacred Spice: A Collection Cailieg DMT
Non-Critical Mass PippUK Banisteriopsis caapi (extract), DMT & Cannabis
Crystal Creations Badomen8361 DMT
DMT 423 Flotsam DMT
Handfuls of the Universe Karcinogenious DMT Cannabis
DMT Made Me See HawaiianBlood81 DMT

Preparation / Recipes » » »   more   » » » [13]
I Found a New Way to Say Hooray MrMoran DMT (N,N-DMT)
Laboratory Synthesis Devchem DMT
Breakthrough in Technology (DMT Made Easy) Teafærie DMT & 5-MeO-DMT
IV Trial Loki DMT
Preparation and Take-Off Z_Hound DMT
Noman's DMT Extraction a Success DrGonzo DMT
The Transport Molecule DavidArtist987654321 DMT (extracted from Mimosa hostilis) & Salvia divinorum
Overview of Our Experiences Clearlight DMT & Syrian Rue (Extract)
A Short Departure sakithin Salvia divinorum & DMT
Fade to White Mr. Trainwreck DMT

Difficult Experiences » » »   more   » » » [56]
The Shuttle to Oblivion Mango-Z DMT
The Trip Fantastic Z DMT (Extracted from Mimosa tenuiflora) & Cannabis
Launch Trajectory IAM DMT & Damiana
Fighting The DMT Spirit Ipsofacto DMT
Accepting the Evil & Ego Death Applepreserve DMT
Orange Gave Way to Utter Darkness Charles DMT
Fade to White Mr. Trainwreck DMT
Blessing in Disguise DRVKTR DMT & Cannabis
Tossed Forth to Hades Snafflehag DMT & Syrian Rue
A Psychic Vivisection? Trey Pharmahuasca

Bad Trips » » »   more   » » » [17]
A Cautionary Tale sasha DMT
Unprepared Liftoff Into Worst Case Scenario Readandblue DMT
Pushing the Limits Psilosomniac LSD & DMT
Reality Loss Anonymous DMT
Insane Adventure (Never Thought It Would End) batbat DMT & Cannabis
The Horrific Majesty of DMT CrystalGoddess DMT
I Don't Want to Talk About It Martin DMT (N,N-DMT)
When Bad Trips Happen to Good People littlepsychonaut DMT, Cannabis & Tobacco
Bad Trip, But Would Do It Again AtlasFellOver DMT & Alcohol
Respect the Medicine Ben DMT, LSD, 2C-I, & Methamphetamine

Health Problems   [3]
Absolute Hell Anonymous DMT
Gracie's 'Visible Language' Contact Experience Gracie & Zarkov DMT & MDA
Golden Salamanders Satori DMT & Pharmahuasca

Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters   [5]
Freaking Out From Drug Cocktail Nate DMT, Methylone, 25C-NBOMe & Alcohol
Falling Off a Chair and Hitting One's Head tjshokk46 Alcohol & DMT
Absolute Hell Anonymous DMT
When Bad Trips Happen to Good People littlepsychonaut DMT, Cannabis & Tobacco
Confused !!! C&C DMT & Nitrous Oxide & Alcohol

Glowing Experiences » » »   more   » » » [123]
Take the Third Toke! Bong Man DMT
Mother Spirit Awaits universal shaman DMT
Otherworldly Bewilderness SFos DMT
You're Just as Adorable as a Muppet to DMT AdamDivesDeep DMT
Corporeality is Bunk Stirner DMT
Another Dimension Ozz DMT & Cannabis & Opium
Visiting Hyperspace - Light Journey Binkie2000 DMT
REPORT: D.M.T. EXPERIENCE (1961) Al M. Hubbard DMT
Getting on the Train with Dimitri Baker DMT
Psychedelic Rollercoaster Elfdancer DMT

Mystical Experiences » » »   more   » » » [91]
The Beautiful Chaos Lyle DMT & Methoxetamine
Masters of the Universe Lucid DMT (N,N-DMT)
Alien Abduction in Hyperspace Stridency DMT
If There Is a God, He Loves Fractals CrazyEngineer Mescaline, LSD, DMT, XLR-11
One Beautiful Hit WaterBongs DMT
The Realization of Love Jackdarko DMT
The Eternal Dance of Beautiful Nothingness Quantagy DMT & Cannabis
The Puppeteer in the Swirling Prismatic Void Flamineo DMT, LSD & Cannabis
The Transport Molecule DavidArtist987654321 DMT (extracted from Mimosa hostilis) & Salvia divinorum
Riding Her Voice Elevation LSD, DMT & Cannabis

Health Benefits   [4]
I Am Deaf but I Could Hear the Universe Hearing is believing DMT
Cured Post-CFS/ME & Depression Ohayoco DMT
Temporary Cure of My Headaches Triptamine DMT & Mushrooms
Cluster Headaches and Psychedelic Cures Anonymous DMT

Families   [1]
The Electric Ocean of Consciousness Psychedaniellia DPT, DMT, & Cannabis

Medical Use   [1]
Cluster Headaches and Psychedelic Cures Anonymous DMT

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