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A Personal Hell
by grub
Citation:   grub. "A Personal Hell: An Experience with DMT (exp95965)". Nov 28, 2017.

1 hit vaporized DMT


I had just gotten back from a concert, and I was on the tail end of 2 tabs of acid. I had also taken my daily birth control pill as well as 7.5mg of Adderall 12 hours prior. I had ingested two pre-concert beers about 5 hours prior.

A group of about ten of us decided to smoke some DMT. We went into a subdued room and prepared to dose. Most us had used DMT before, excepting the owner of the pipe. He was the trip supervisor, in a sense. He loaded the pipe each time and coached us individually.

After 3 other people, it was my time to dose. I put a thin glass pipe about one foot in length up to my lips, and waited as the supervisor heated the DMT with a torch lighter. The pipe started clouding with smoke, and once I got the go-ahead I inhaled the entire pipe in one breath, and held it. I exhaled, and coughed. I started seeing wonderful patterns.

Then I coughed again. And again. People started to ask if I was OK. The visuals were now extremely intense and I was overwhelmed. With difficulty, I managed to say, 'I feel like I need to cough something up'.

Somebody fetched a wastebasket. I felt like there was something sharp lodged into the back of my throat. And then I started dry heaving. I had an intense desire to vomit, but was unable to induce vomiting. Another person brought me a glass of water, which I accepted gratefully. I tried drinking the water, but my body seemed to reject that idea, and I heaved the water back up.

I then realized that something was very wrong with my throat. Between coughs and dry heaves, I had never felt this horribly after any drug before. I was extremely worried, and between heaves and coughs, I asked if the paramedics should be called. I had never seen anyone react this way to drugs before, and (terrifyingly) it was me having the reaction. The visuals were just a distraction to an overwhelming sense, both physical and mental, that something had gone horribly wrong.

The group became concerned, but no calls to the paramedics were made. People surrounded me in support, rubbing my back and doing what they could to make me feel more comfortable. My windpipe felt extremely distressed, and each time I swallowed or coughed the pain was excruciating. Gradually, however, the pain diminished. After about 10 minutes I could ingest water again with some pain. About 20 minutes after I dosed, I became convinced that I was going to be OK.

My throat and lungs remained very sore for at least 5 hours after dosing.

Reflecting on my experience, I wonder if the vapor had been too hot and had burned my throat. I would be willing to experience DMT again sometime in the future.

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95965
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Nov 28, 2017Views: 6,543
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DMT (18) : First Times (2), Health Problems (27), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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