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Orally Without an MAOI
by psycotria
Citation:   psycotria. "Orally Without an MAOI: An Experience with DMT (exp101041)". Jun 5, 2018.


I am writing this because of the lack of experiences similar to this. I am a semi experienced person with hallucinogenics with about five DMT trips prior to this experience.

In the week leading up to this event I was at a festival doing ketamine and MDMA nearly every day as well as a reduced food intake. On the day of this event I had no food to beat the rush out of the festival. I had capped 1g of DMT in case cops happened to pull us over and I knowing (thinking) that it would have no effect on my body.

T -0:01) I see the police down the road with lights flashing for a road block and decide as we get close I will consume the caps I had made.

T -0:00) I ingest said capsules as we are coming up on the road block. They wave us through.

T 0:04) I try to puke up the capsules after drinking 1L of water. The caps do not come up and we decide to continue driving

T 0:45) I tell my friends I will not die to the drugs I have consumed. I am feeling sick to the stomach, I think this is due to the lack of food and excess water in my stomach.

T 1:30) I have had my eyes closed for the past 20 min slight closed eye visuals. I was thinking it would be it for the trip until I open my eyes. I look out the window the trees are silver rather than green and the windows have a warped texture to them.

T 1:45) I decide to climb over the camping gear to grab food. The only thing I can reach is corn pops. I decide to eat about 30g of them. The trip has mellowed out a little making me comfortable enough to do this.

T 2:00) I am enjoying my CEVs when I realize how high I am. The CEVs were fractal and constantly changing with vivid blues greens yellows and reds. My eyes open the trees outside are breathing like lungs, appreciation for music is phenomenal. Looking around the vehicle it was morphing and melting to the music. The thought of death comes to me “I am ready” I think to myself, my love (conscience due to the lack of a better word) tells me I will not die and to enjoy the ride.

T2:30) We arrive at a subway in a small town I have needed to pee for a while. Peeing makes me come down. I am now able to talk to people in line and order my own sub.

T2:40) The tripping has nearly ceased and my mind has grew in love from the experience.

It was a waste of money. DMT should be done in a different way due to the spiritual nature and power of it. Please love and be ready for it when it comes your way.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 101041
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 21 
Published: Jun 5, 2018Views: 6,202
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