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Highly Recommended Drug-Induced Limbo sunny Heroin 2011 Nov 19
Highly Recommended All Roads Lead to the Same Dead End Nate Heroin & Oxycodone 2011 Nov 11
Highly Recommended A Devotion Seven Heroin 2006 Feb 08
Highly Recommended My Friend Harry Will Heroin 2000 Sep 11
Recommended Anxious to Get to Our Favorite Place to Shoot Carls McDonalds Jr. Heroin 2022 Sep 24
Recommended Is This What People Call Fun tinyidiot Heroin 2016 Mar 21
Recommended What It Feels Like Mason Heroin 2015 Dec 28
Recommended For Better or for Worse burton Heroin 2015 Dec 10
Recommended Can't Wait Till This Is Over Keith Heroin, Oxycodone, Dilaudid & Morphine 2015 Nov 21
Recommended Continually Fighting This Battle Gino D Heroin & Oxycodone 2015 Nov 16
Recommended Wish I Still Hated It JunkyMax Heroin & Oxycodone 2013 Dec 16
Recommended Peace at Last, Happy as Myself Anatoli Smorin Heroin, Alcohol & Cannabis 2011 Jul 01
Recommended Finally Free Entropy Heroin, Opioids (Oxycodone, Methadone, Suboxone) & Kratom 2010 Nov 26
Recommended The Truth About Dope Kdubya Heroin 2010 Oct 07
Recommended Choose Smack and Life and a Career? Bee Heroin 2010 May 15
Recommended Another Day as a Junky 100MillionYearTrip Heroin 2009 Mar 02
Recommended The Beautiful Nightmare TheFrog Heroin & Opiates 2009 Feb 25
Recommended The Untimely Death of Matt Himself Matt Himself Heroin & Naloxone (Narcan) 2009 Jan 26
Recommended My Night with the Morphine Orphan Observer Heroin (China White) 2009 Jan 10
Recommended Chasing the Dragon Robby Heroin (Black Tar) 2007 Oct 27
Recommended Free, Warm, Content, and Relaxed Lane Heroin 2007 Oct 22
Recommended A Typical Morning Professor surprise Heroin 2007 Aug 31
Recommended My Addiction TarMonkey Opiates (Various), Heroin & Alprazolam 2007 May 02
Recommended No Time but Now Pharm Heroin 2007 Mar 28
Recommended A Pleasant Relief Kaltoon Heroin 2007 Feb 06
Recommended Tasting Paradise. Gryt Heroin, Alcohol & Cannabis 2007 Jan 19
Recommended Between Two Drugs ? Crack & Heroin 2006 Mar 30
Recommended My Boy Toy Holly Heroin 2006 Mar 11
Recommended Tar Tar Char Char Gnostika for Noddy Heroin (black tar) 2005 Feb 09
Recommended A Light at the End of the Tunnel Crazydevs Heroin 2001 Nov 25
Recommended The Most Intense Nothingness Silver Heroin 2001 Nov 23
Recommended Chasing the Dragon SS Heroin 2001 Feb 21
Recommended Slam Dancing with Mr. Brownstone Negative Creep Heroin 2000 Sep 10
Recommended A Speedball Encounter Scenario Rem Heroin & Cocaine 2000 Jun 19
Eye-Opening Brit Heroin & Lisdexamfetamine 2022 Oct 23
One More Harry MassEffected21 Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
Shortest Addiction Ever jmoney Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Sometimes It Makes Me Happy Nate Heroin & Naltrexone 2020 Aug 19
A Chipper on the Edge of the Whirlpool P Somniferum Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Smack the Pony Some days never come Heroin (Brown) 2020 Aug 18
Pushing My Limits daytripper Amphetamines (Adderall), Oxycodone & Heroin 2019 Sep 29
Completely Disoriented in the ER Triage Grolsch Alcohol, Cannabis & Heroin 2019 Sep 03
Just Another Day legi0n Heroin 2019 Jun 25
Oxy Head Continuum - the End Complete Chris M. Heroin, Opioids & Benzodiazepines 2019 May 30
Highs Lows and a Nightmare SATAN Heroin 2018 May 20
The Angel of Death Stridency Heroin 2018 Apr 29
First Injection Felt Like A Bubble Bath Poppy Girl Heroin 2017 Nov 17
How to Ruin Happiness... ewan_u Heroin & Crack 2017 Apr 06
Ended Up Smoking 4 Nights in a Row curiositycuredthecat Heroin 2016 Jul 02
Bridging the Gaps with an Antidiarrheal ErichZann Loperamide & Suboxone (for heroin withdrawal) 2016 May 17
Dumping my Heroine mickeybee Heroin & Methadone 2016 May 01
Overdose Later Heart Stop Venusinfurs Heroin 2016 Mar 17
The Road To Mexico npal Ibogaine for Heroin Addiction 2016 Jan 02
Jamming to Nodding Off Unsterblich Heroin 2015 Dec 27
Positive And Negative Sedation ProphecyPaul Heroin & Ketamine 2015 Dec 09
Brown Boy - the Deep Sea of Nodd Clemens Heroin 2015 Nov 18
And I Gave In Blue Heroin 2015 Nov 15
Sick to Success sn3s Heroin 2015 Nov 11
A Year After Finding My Love dopedude807 Heroin 2014 May 02
Willpower Supersedes Addiction DetecitveDan Heroin 2012 Sep 27
Kicking and Screaming W Heroin 2010 May 11
Saved Me From Total Breakdown Handle Dihydrocodeine, Heroin & Cannabis 2010 Apr 30
Addiction, Recovery, Addiction Benhamin Alcohol, Cannabis, DXM, Cocaine, Heroin 2010 Feb 23
Dot, Dot, Dot. Katriss Heroin 2010 Jan 05
Wait, I Was Gonna Split That... Al Heroin & Naloxone (Narcan) 2010 Jan 05
All That I Think About Echoes Opiates (Heroin, Oxycodone, Fentanyl & Others) 2010 Jan 05
Losing My IV Virginity dilated_pupils Cocaine, Heroin & Alprazolam (Xanax) 2009 Oct 30
To Forget or Get Numb nam67 Heroin 2009 Feb 19
The Spicy Saga of Psychedelicious Psychedelicious DMT & Heroin 2008 Sep 26
A Dance With the Devil JustAnotherAddict Oxycodone & Heroin 2008 Sep 20
Perfect Synergy Psych0naut Carisoprodol & Heroin 2008 May 26
Smoking in a Lightbulb Vaporiser Psych0naut Heroin 2007 Nov 30
Oxy Head Chris M Opiates & Various 2007 Oct 25
Sweet Bliss Phantastica Opiates, Heroin, Opioids & Various 2007 Oct 17
Opioid Valhalla Putnik Heroin, Methadone, Methylphenidate & Various 2007 Oct 11
Euphoric Trip Vincent Vega Heroin, Mushrooms & Cannabis 2007 Sep 15
Not The Next Dope Sick Junkie Baddshit Heroin 2007 Aug 20
Came Very Close to Having My Heart Explode 'tanya' Heroin & Cocaine 2007 Jun 28
I Can't Stop Dancing With Mr. Brownstone Anonymous Heroin 2007 Jun 26
Highlight of My Life RG Various 2007 May 31
Seeing the Other Side Johnny420 Heroin & Cannabis 2007 May 04
Always Be With Me Oblivious Heroin 2007 Apr 28
Crossing Borders Blind Squid Heroin 2007 Feb 27
Tastes Like Rancid Ketchup... EndlessSky Heroin (tar) 2006 Dec 15
Sunshine In My Veins Kutch Heroin 2006 Apr 26
My Friend Incudrew Heroin 2006 Apr 26
The Shower Michael Heroin & Belladonna 2006 Apr 22
Virgin Veins Have Left the Building I.B. Surprised Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Love at First Syringe Sleazy Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Such a Perfect Day Sydd Heroin 2006 Apr 21
Wasn't Prison Enough? Cubase Heroin 2006 Apr 19
Dope F(r)iend Marsupial Heroin 2006 Apr 02
Jersey Takes Drugs in Psychic Defense olya Heroin 2006 Feb 20
Enlightened... Until the Delusions Dried Up TinOCranberries Heroin, Cocaine & LSD 2005 Oct 13
Philadelphia Heroin Chris A. Heroin 2005 Oct 03
6 Months in the Black Hole Steve Heroin 2005 Feb 09
When They Found Me My Lips Were Blue P Heroin 2005 Jan 14
Recreational Use? L.C.M. Heroin & Alcohol (Red Wine) 2004 Nov 30
Horse tiredetc Heroin 2004 Oct 14
...When I'm Closing in on Death Chucklez Heroin 2004 Sep 13

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