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First Injection Felt Like A Bubble Bath
Citation:   Poppy Girl. "First Injection Felt Like A Bubble Bath: An Experience with Heroin (exp105692)". Nov 17, 2017.

1 hit IV Heroin
At this point in my life, I had experimented with nearly every drug I could. I had snorted heroin through 'hot shots' a few times before this, but I had never injected anything.

My 'friend', I guess you could call him, was a full fledged heroin addict. He used to hook me and my friends up with dealers when I was still a Newbie to heroin. We copped that day and went over to my best friends apartment. I asked him to shoot me up for the first time. I had no idea how to do it, but he was very experienced, so he cooked it up, strapped me up, and plunged it into my left, virgin arm. He drew the needle back, the syringe filled with a deep, almost black, blood, and he slowly pushed all of the wonderful golden brown juice into my vein.

Immediately I felt as though I had climbed into a warm bubble bath. My face became flushed, my body relaxed to the point that I had never experienced before, and simply put, everything seemed right in the world.
My face became flushed, my body relaxed to the point that I had never experienced before, and simply put, everything seemed right in the world.
Then came the puke. My friend had shot me up in the bathroom, but even though I was right next to the toilet, it came on so fast that I threw up all over my best friend's towels. Even though puking is disgusting, when I was puking after that shot, I felt nothing. I knew I was puking, but it didn't hurt, bother, or even phase me. I just let it all come out, cleaned myself up, and slowly made it out to the living room.

At this point, every sound in the room seemed to become distant. I remembered it distinctly because oddly enough, the sounds of talking and laughing and music that were all around me seemed to be thrown into the adjacent room. My first words after he shot me up were, 'All of the sounds are coming from over there...' as I tried to lift my now heavy arm to point to the area the sounds were thrown to.

I found a comfy pile of pillows to lay on and promptly settled in. My friend who shot me up, as well as my best friend at the time whom had shot up heroin too, all lay down on the floor around me. We tried to talk, but the conversations would fade in and out as our consciousnesses faded in and out as well. I had the nods, something that I had never before experienced. I was awake but drifting in and out of a twilight zone. Short, strange dreams would fill my head space when I was out, and then I would come to to realize that those dreams were not my reality. This state was truly blissful...I liken it to that state you sometime achieve right before you fall asleep, when you hear sounds drift in one ear and out the other, and when nothing could be more perfect than your current little world of snuggle around you. That is the nods.

My vision was failing me as I lay there. My eyelids were impossibly heavy, but even when I did manage to lift them up to look at the world around me, I felt like my eyeballs were slowly becoming cross eyed. I would try to shake my head to stop this, which worked temporarily, then slowly but surely, my vision crossed and blurred again. I eventually gave up on opening my eyes, and became content on just laying down and rubbing my nose...which had become itchy all of a sudden.

After about an hour we ventured to the park blocks, which were across the street. The warm spring sun kissed my bare shoulders as I stumbled out of the apartment, eyes barely open, and fell on the warm, green grass. I was joined by my friends, who laid out a blanket. We all settled down in the sun, put our shades on to hide our heavy eyes, and spent the rest of the duration of high basking in the golden brown sun and the golden brown juice in our veins.
Consciousness slowly came back to me, the reality of the outside world reinstated itself, and I eventually sobered up after close to four hours of numbing, blissful relaxation. The sun was setting so we all went in my best friend's apartment and settled into the night with a bowl of cheerios and netflix. I could not WAIT to shoot up again.

This experience was followed by 3 years of heavy addiction and then 3 more years of sobriety from all drugs and alcohol. While that first heroin experience was almost spiritual, I wasted the next 3 years of my life chasing that first high. Tolerance, addiction, and trying to excape that horrid withdrawl become my everyday. This is a powerful drug that should not be used without regard. The first high, especially the first injection, is what gets you hooked. No one should ever feel the kind of selfish, gluttonous pleasure that I have just described, and that is why the drug is so addicting.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 105692
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Nov 17, 2017Views: 16,451
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Heroin (27) : Small Group (2-9) (17), General (1)

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