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Highs Lows and a Nightmare
Citation:   SATAN. "Highs Lows and a Nightmare: An Experience with Heroin (exp92236)". May 20, 2018.

  IV Heroin (liquid)
    oral Pharms - Clonazepam (pill / tablet)
    oral Caffeine (liquid)
[Erowid Note: Sharing needles increases the risk of transmitting communicable diseases. Even between sexual partners, sharing needles is unsafe. See Syringe & Needle Basics.]
So last Friday my girlfriend (we'll call her 'A') texted me and said she had a couple bags of dope, and would I like to try it. She did a lot of it while she was out of state, and I love her immensely, so I was all too happy to get to know this aspect of her life. I'd never mainlined anything before, either, and was curious as all hell to, ahem, 'give it a shot.'

Prior to this experience I had done just about everything, weed, addys, coke, meth, acid, mescaline, 2-ci, 2-ce, X, shrooms, benzos, opiates, opium, pretty much whatever i could get my hands on.
This was different.

We sat at her kitchen table while she cooked both bags, in a spoon over a candle, cliche but it smelled delicious. She ripped the end off a Q-tip and used it as a filter to load the dart (and yes we shared a needle, I know that isn't a great idea and I don't want to encourage anyone else to do it, but trust me, she and I have shared PLENTY of fluids).

She pushed off first, then I tied off and she dosed me. Within seconds of her finishing and my removing the tie, I was wasted. The blast-off (and really no other term captures it so perfectly) was intense, amazing, just a rush of warm happiness filling my very essence, washing over me with every heartbeat. Then she kissed me, and the euphoria flew that much higher.

The initial rush only lasted a few minutes for me before leveling off, afterward I felt much as if I had smoked some O or eaten rather a lot of percocets. I wasn't itchy, though. That didn't start until much later.

About fifteen minutes in I threw up, then we made iced coffee and dropped some klonopin to help with the nausea (which wasn't bothering her at all). Over the next hour I threw up two or three more times, got a little itchy, and gradually came down, feeling wonderful the entire time.

Over the next few days we did some running with and for her dealer, and scored a lot of free dope for doing so, all of which we shared. Like the title says, the highs were really high, but the lows were terrible. We never fight, normally, but over the past week we had several arguments, all of them over stupid, meaningless things, and we always made up after but all the same I feel like without the heroin we never would have argued in the first place. In the end I guess it brought us closer together, though we didn't have sex at all the entire week because the dope makes your penis run away and hide. There were a few times it probably would have worked with some encouragement but she wasn't feeling it so that sucks too. Both our sex drives were way out of whack and definitely out of sync, which like the arguing, is a weird thing for us.

The night before we finished off the stuff, however, we got our hands on some that was much stronger than we'd had thus far. We did whole bags and I had a borderline panic attack when I found I could not swallow without a drink and that I literally had to force myself to breathe. I kept up and about and was fine. That night we did smaller doses, but A said she wasn't feeling it and re-dosed another bag on top of the one we had split. An hour later she was losing her mind, screaming for her mother, screaming for me, and generally freaking out. I knew I couldn't take her to the ER and because her pulse and breathing remained satisfying I sat up with her and tried to keep her calm. After a few hours of this she snapped back into consciousness, but she wasn't herself the rest of the night. We had a terrible fight (she claimed I thought she was weak, couldn't handle her junk, etc.), even though I explained to her what had happened she said she was just sleeping. I found it strange that was angry with me for trying to help her when just an hour before she wouldn't let me leave her side. I pointed this out, told her I thought she'd had too much, and she flipped out on me and dosed again. She went back to being insane, but apparently wasn't angry with me anymore, so I stayed with her again to make sure she was OK. The next morning she barely remembered any of it. It was awful.

The next day we ran out of junk and decided not to get more. A has had a mild addiction in the past and as such her withdrawals were pretty bad, mine were negligible however so I helped her through it as best I could. She's sleeping the last of the DT's off right now.

Overall we spent 6 days on the white horse, without much downtime aside from sleeping, like I said my withdrawals weren't bad at all and A says that she's been through much worse.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92236
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: May 20, 2018Views: 8,630
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Heroin (27) : General (1), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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