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Highlight of My Life
by RG
Citation:   RG. "Highlight of My Life: An Experience with Various (exp43956)". May 31, 2007.

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I first want to say that I am far from being any kind of author writer whatever, I didnít even do good in school, but I read some of the other drug experiences here and figured that I couldnít do much worse. Donít get me wrong some of the stories are pretty good. I chose to write this because I really donít talk to anyone about some of my experiences that have altered my life forever and I really feel good about writing about it. I as most people do feel more comfortable writing about shit then talking about it in person. Especially when the subject is drugs. These days it can be a touchy subject especially when talking to nonusers.

Ok lets get started. I am 20 year old guy and have a good job as a painter. When I was about 14 I lived in a small town called Laurel in Montana. If any of you have lived in isolation then you can easily relate to what I have to say. Living in a town of a population of a couple thousand with nothing but farm land surrounding it can get pretty fucking boring for teenagers so as you can imagine we had to find ways to entertain ourselves or else we would lose our fucking minds. The solution of coarse drugs, sex, and partying. This is universal anywhere you go but very intense in a hole in the wall town with nothing legitimate to do, no amusement parks, no beaches, nothing but vast fields of cow shit, literally you can smell it when you are driving just outside of town. The only thing that every one of these kids could think about is leaving Montana when they where old enough at least all the cool kids. As for myself living in small town was new for me as I previously lived in Washington state where there is a lot of shit to do and a fuck of a lot more people to do it with.

Being very young I didnít know much about drugs, knowing only what I had watched on TV or heard about on a music CD. Just moving in from another state to live with my aunt and uncle I started the seventh grade in the middle of the school year and I didnít know anyone and I wasnít very social so that made it hard to make any friends. Eventually I befriended a classmate named Clayton with the mutual interest in video games. By the end of the school year I met more friends through Clayton. At the time none of us did drugs that I knew of. I didnít and if they did I had no idea of it. At the time none of my friends were junkies even if they had tried drugs. If they were shooting dope or smoking crack I would have noticed though I probably would not care, and I sure as fuck would not nark on my friends I was considered a little too cool for that bullshit. By the eighth grade me and my friends were mildly getting into trouble but not with drugs yet, just stupid shit that kids do for a thrill like shooting out street lights and running around town on foot in the middle of the night after curfew. It wasnít until the end of eighth grade that I got high for the first time.

Vacation just started and I was walking around town with my friends who at this time were much tighter then before. We were all a little bored and looking for something interesting to do. So we walked to one of my friendís house and climbed into a small camping trailer that was parked by the side of the house. There were four of us cramped in the trailer playing super Nintendo. It took about twenty minutes playing super Mario bros before one of my friends pulled out the neatly hidden weed pipe and another friend revealed the pot he scored from his older brother. They all seemed astonished that I had never even tried weed. At this time I realized that they were part time pot heads and suspected that they probably tried other harder shit. None of this bothered me and to be honest I was curious about how it felt and even disappointed that they hadnít offered me any before. I guess they werenít sure before if they could trust me.

The pipe was gigantic and made of pluming pipe. When the pipe finally was passed I didnít hesitate to take the biggest hit my lungs would allow me to take without coughing up a lung. Three or four hits later I was shit faced being as it was my first time. The first time I smoked weed was unlike any other time smoking the shit because I had no idea what to expect. I felt slightly disassociated from my body and a little speedy not like the drug but you know when you canít sleep and become restless eventually becoming wide awake but still slightly tired. I also felt excited and thoughts and funny ideas passed uncontrollably through my mind, I loved it I was up all night.

Starting high school I usually smoked pot nearly every day at lunch and after school. It was a lot easier at that time because most of my friends had cars. I remember coming back to school from lunch reeking of weed and other classmates whining about the smell. About half way through the year I met a classmate who was adhd and prescribed a drug called Dexedrine. I had never heard of the shit before and was a little sceptical but my friend reassured me that it was cool and gave me three fifteen milligram extended release capsules during a morning class I had with him.
As soon as the class was over I swallowed the pills uncrushed at the water fountain.

About a half hour latter during class I felt the best sensation I had ever felt in my entire life at that time it was almost orgasmic I swear I could have wet myself. I felt so alert, contempt, fucking alive for the first time. I was now in english class reading a story out of a school book and for the first time I was in love with this dumb as shit book I had been reading all year long I couldnít put it down this was some very unusual shit be feeling being as I hated school and now I was having the time of my life. At this point I was involuntarily drawing a little too much attention to my self.

I looked like I was getting a blow job under the desk. Walking down the halls I looked hot as a motherfucker. The kid who gave me the pills wouldnít talk to me when I approached him probably fearing getting in trouble. In retrospect I am really surprised I didnít get busted that day.

From that day on I fell in love with a new drug SPEED. I still smoked pot but not nearly as much as I did before I tried Dexedrine. I mostly smoked when it was offered to me for free at parties and shit. As for the speed nobody offered the stuff for free and the guy with adhd sold them to me but would never give them to me for free again. That shiesty little fucker charged good money for them because he knew I liked so much. So needless to say I spent most of my money buying Adderals, Dexedrineís, and occasionally a gram bag of GLASS (pure uncut methamphetamine) the latter being my favorite. It wasnít long before I started dealing to support my favorite past time. And it didnít take too long before I got busted for selling. Even though I was still a minor the pigs were leaning on me real hard. I never gave in to there bullshit as I had said before I am not a nark. I was facing some serious charges and probation and whatever else they wanted to shove up my ass. So I bounced the fuck up out of there to live with other family in Maryland where I live now.

At this point I am sixteen and lonely. I donít know anyone cool and as hard as I looked I couldnít find any speeder pills or crank. Pharmaceuticals are rampant every where. But I couldnít find any addies and illicit methamphetamine is vary rare on the east coast. Back here its all about boy and girl (heroin and cocaine). Wanting speed I thought I would try coke as a substitute. I bought an eight ball and cooked half into crack. Sniffing and smoking all night it felt really good very similar to speed even better in way I cant explain it seems to affect a different area of the brain.

However it is not nearly as strong as speed and doesnít last a fraction of the time. I liked the short lived rush that only lasted a moment and after that I felt uncomfortably hyper and bad anxiety. I just wanted to keep hitting it for that initial rush its called chasing a high. I have done coke sense that night but only when I am offered it for free at parties and shit. I think that it is a serious waste of money. I never got hooked on coke like I did speed. I have seen many a crack head fuck themselves up for life on this shit I recommend anyone thinking of trying it just to stay the fuck away from the stuff. I really canít condone any drug but take my word for coke can fuck up your life much faster then any other drug.

Age seventeen life hasnít been going my way and I have a lot of personal problems, family problems and weed really isnít floating my boat though I would still smoke it I really did not like the it made me feel anymore and I was fed up with coke. Thatís when I picked up a bottle of Percocet I think they 7.5 mg cut with Tylenol. I had never had any before. I had heard good things about the stuff and had been offered painkillers in the past but had turned them because I was already high on something else.

Well anyway I popped three of them after eating a pop tart because it said something about eating food with the meds on the side of the bottle along with a lot of other shit. About twenty minutes pass and I feel a little hint of something coming on another twenty minutes latter and I was stoned I felt warm flushed feeling in my face, euphoria, mild feeling of well being vary similar to coke or speed but not as intense. But what I really liked was the feeling of contentment and relaxation with no anxiety or jitters the bad thing about it was the nausea and dizziness, after awhile of regular use these are minimized but never really go away but donít worry while your high you could care less about throwing up.

I had finally found my drug of choice I just couldnít believe it took so long. I loved and still do and probably always will love opiates. They make you feel so good about yourself and everyone around you. I felt confident and smart and the funny thing about the drug is for most people besides feeling smart and confident you even look this way to other people or at least I do. On this shit I am a much more productive person and for the first time I can intelligently talk beautiful girls into sex with ease. I have been told that I am attractive by many women even though I donít think I am. I have self esteem issues but dope helps with that. I think I need to mention that most of these women are very hot and much older then me averaging between 22-30 years old. Women love confident and funny men for some reason.

After popping oxycodone and hydrocodone nearly every day I had a significant tolerance to opiates and having to pop up to ten pills just to feel mildly high wasnít working for me anymore and all the Tylenol I was taking sometimes made me sick and I canít imagine what It was doing to my liver. And if I wanted to get really high off perks it would probably take 30 pills and the Tylenol would kill me without a doubt. So I decided it was time for something else so I moved up to oxycontins and mscontins. I had tried them before but buying them individually can be a rip-off I sometimes paid between 35-50 dollars for an 80mg oxy and about the same for a morphine sulphate 100mg. Unless you have a good hook up the only way to get a good deal on pills is to buy entire bottles (scripts).

I would buy a bottle of oxy 80ís (the turquoise ones) for 60 pills for 800 dollars cash. They donít take checks. Over the period of a year I would pop more and more as my tolerance went up. I would pop at least 4 a day two in the morning and two in the after noon. And on special occasions I might chew not swallow whole up to 10 80ís or 20 40ís or 40 20ís of oxycontin in the period of 24 hours. Eventually the cost of these pills was getting to me but there was no way I was going to stop yet. So I talked to some people that know some people and I took a drive into Baltimore the east side and scored some killer dope.

You have to know where to look but you can find vials of raw heroin it looks like a light brown. The streets are mostly filled will ten dollar gel caps but I wasnít impressed with that shit itís really hit and miss. Heroin doesnít work too well orally so I sniffed it. Thereís not much to say about dope when you sniff it. Itís like any other opiate but stronger. The first time I shot it however was unlike any painkiller it feels almost like a different drug altogether. Itís very intense. Like crack in a way. Not many words to describe it. Like getting a personal visit from god. After you shoot it for awhile it doesnít feel as good. In never made mainlining a big thing because I hate needles.

The big difference between stimulants and opiates is coke and speed can fuck your life up in as little as six months where as opiates can take years. I have done many other drugs in my life that I did not mention because they did not have a profound effect in my life like the ones I mentioned. These days I donít do them in such a high volume (withdrawals blow) but I canít say that I could ever find anything to fill the void that having no drugs would create.

I can honestly say that specific drugs have really made my life meaningful but I canít condone drugs because I have seen way too many friend go down not to mention all the people I donít personally know, you can be driving down the streets of the inner city and pass countless street junkies and some ugly hoe asking you if she can give you a blow job for ten bucks while sheís got blood running down her arms and legs from banging dope. I am not joking. Freedom of choice is the only thing people have left, but I suggest that you make a choice in life that doesnít leave you begging on the streets for money.

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Published: May 31, 2007Views: 20,885
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