The Shower
Heroin & Belladonna
Citation:   Michael. "The Shower: An Experience with Heroin & Belladonna (exp39679)". Apr 22, 2006.

  IV Heroin  
  7.0 mg oral Belladonna (pill / tablet)
Quick note :'I am 17 years old in high school fairly healthy though I been doing a lot of belladonna lately.'

Well I had purchase the smack a day before. I woke up early as I'm normally an early bird.

First I thought about where to do it. Then remembering my experiences od'n on vicodins in the steamy shower and kind of going into a hallucinatory dream state.(always is best for opiates)

Well cutting to the run I heated the heroin in water absorbed with cotton etc. then injected.

I had already had a 7mg tablet of belladonna. so it's hard to place what it felt like. At first I thought sticking the needle into my arm is best done slow but thought that it was more self torturing then that so I didnt jus shove it in but I didn't really go slow jus steadily shoved the needle in at an angle. It hurt at first though I was already looped from the belladonna, so I didn't really care. At first it burnt a little bit like a momentary thin but past in a few split seconds. I could jus feel this little discomfort like thing throughout my arm kind of like a burn I guess but not really.

Then I just sat there and I felt soooo tired suddenly I can't really explain how quickly it came. It was as though I were wading on the surface of a warm body of water and then just drifting beneath it and not being able to surface. My eyes felt really strange thou the belladonna and the heroin I'm not sure were working well together. I nodded a little every so often. Though shortly after this sort of hallucination formed. My eyes were closed but it felt like seeing with my eyes open I could see things that came to mind and focus in and out like an eagle sites its prey. When my eyes were open they felt like they acted soo strange.

At one point my sight had little a circular sort of waver thing like at the very edges of my vision. At another point I could feel my iris closing, I'm not really sure I did that on purpose though. I saw blackness in the middle and then it sort of faded out and everything went completely black I looked around sometimes breaking the blackeness and seeing and everything was black all I could see was just black pure darkness. and then I went into hallucinatory states again and again well being just so relaxed in this state. I didn't have any interference with the outside world thanks to the black out and the shower blocking out the noises. I had no feelings of fear or pain just this undescribable good feeling all over in my head and mainly in my forhead it felt really strong at first then just stronger and stronger for a minute or 3 in my forhed and then I don't really know whether it died down or not.

Well on the belladonna the hallucinations(partly the shower) seemed endless I thought I was in school then I thought I was a playing vidoe games and then I thought I was in apocalypse now lol just in and out of realities.

Then the badness happened after about half an hour or so first I felt really neauses as I just start feeling like I couldnt breate I still felt good as fuck but just I could feel more of my senses just not my site and sound yet the sound didnt continue the entire time. At one point I thought I was gonna die but I seemed very optimistic about it. I jus was sooo ... okay with it. I felt like I wanted to die. at certain points I felt like I had stopped breathin then I crawled out of the shower feeling around. My sight came back a little then. And I crawled nausesly and dizzely over to the toilet I felt like my skin was freezing but I felt sweltering inside. Then I couldnt breathe and my heart started racing faster and faster eventually it had to be rate of way over 110

I couldnt breathe and this pressure jus kept building up all over inside my head and inside my lungs and neck and my organs all over in my upper chest. Then I could kind of see but felt okay... And the pressure kept building up and up and up and up and then as if I were vommiting my entire body did this heave like hitting a base drum and and my heart went with it BUNG blood came rushing through my mouth and my nose then BUNG again and Bung again blood rushed more and more with every not huge amounts at a time maybe about an ounce or so and it happened 3 x then I just past out the last thing I felt was my head hitting the floor and another BUNG right as I thought I was going to die and then unconsciousness.

I had one dream well there about my girl friend my first girlfriend from a year back when we were soo close and I loved the sensational dream so it seemed. I suddenly awoke with one last BUNG trying to breathe in through my nostrils which were only filled with blood so was my mouth and throatand I could see sideways the floor and just a big puddle of blood spread out infront of me glancing up I glimpsed blood all over the toilet.

I heaved and the blood came up from my throat mostly then squabbled over to the shower and drank what water I could from the stream though dizziness was overwhelming and I was so weak I felt soo good as though I were going die but again didn't care at all. It just seemed okay . I cleared most of the blood from my nose after my breathing had become a bit more decent in my mouth I jus covered a nostril and pushed and thick blood like stuf came out and then the other nostril. I jus felt like cracking up but didnt have the air or energy. I lay there passing in and out of reality and death you could say in and out in and out drinking what water I could and shivering on the floor for an hour or 3 with no one to come home for 1 week I lay all alone on the floor wasted to the point of life's exhaustion.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 39679
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 22, 2006Views: 40,570
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Heroin (27), Belladonna (9) : Overdose (29), Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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