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Bridging the Gaps with an Antidiarrheal
Loperamide & Suboxone (for heroin withdrawal)
Citation:   ErichZann. "Bridging the Gaps with an Antidiarrheal: An Experience with Loperamide & Suboxone (for heroin withdrawal) (exp108501)". May 17, 2016.

60 mg oral Loperamide (liquid)
Somewhere around 2006 I first learned of Loperamine (Immodium AD) and its ability to help ease opioid withdrawal symptoms. Some even suggested it had potential for recreational uses; for the opiate-naive at the very least. At the time I mostly chalked it up to the wild speculation often found on internet forums. To me, at the time, it was in the same category as getting high on protein fragments formed from the digestion of Casein from Milk.

Now... I’m all for front lines experimentation.

“Vendor has 25IP-Nbome? Never been available before...ever? Sure I’ll try that! Sounds fun and what could possibly go wrong...right?”

But with Loperamide, especially in a withdrawing state, there is no promise of a good time. In fact for me, a regular IV heroin user at the time, it required a fairly shitty time for one to even consider experimenting with. Add to that a doubt that it would even work and a price tag of more than Twenty dollars for one dose and well… I left it to braver experimenters than I to figure out.

And so, over the years, as I saw more and more people reporting on Loperamide’s efficacy I eventually started building a stockpile when money was plentiful. I opted for the liquid Immodium at first as downing two to three 8oz bottles seemed much more appealing than taking so many pills.

Over five or so years I probably used Loperamide 8-10 times. I generally only used it when I knew I would be required to work or do anything other than lie in bed while dope sick.

My doses were generally between 60 and 100mg and this was always sufficient. At the 60mg range I would never arrive at full removal of the WD symptoms but I would be much more comfortable mentally and physically and sometimes able to sleep which in itself relieves withdrawal symptoms.

Nearer 100mg I would experience complete removal of withdrawals at around the 12 - 16hr mark post ingestion.
Nearer 100mg I would experience complete removal of withdrawals at around the 12 - 16hr mark post ingestion.
Because of this enormous delay in effects I soon learned to take the dose sooner rather than later. I experienced little to no constipation with these doses but this is most likely because in each instance of taking Loperamide I would only take one dose. A single dose normally provided enough relief for 24-36 hours.

Loperamide worked great in all of the times I tried it over those years. It was a great way to bridge the inevitable gaps one is often confronted with; financial, geographical, connection issues etc. Eventually I used Suboxone to bridge those gaps and soon enough there were no gaps and Suboxone was the only drug I consumed.

The only time Loperamide did not work well for me was when I used it to aid me in kicking the Suboxone. Suboxone withdrawal is long enough of an affair. I believe that my use of Loperamide over four or five days only protracted the withdrawals. I also did experience some constipation this time due to the repeated dosing but it was on par with constipation experienced regularly by any opioid user.

Were I to ever use/need Loperamide in the future (hopefully not) I would probably perform some sort of cold alcohol extraction and possibly try it in conjunction with Quinine or Quinidine.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 108501
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: May 17, 2016Views: 13,835
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