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Heroin & Lisdexamfetamine
by Brit
Citation:   Brit. "Eye-Opening: An Experience with Heroin & Lisdexamfetamine (exp100830)". Oct 23, 2022.

T+ 0:00
60 mg oral Lisdexamfetamine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 5:15 2 hits smoked Heroin (powder / crystals)
An Eye-Opening Experience

I came home from college for spring break on Friday, March 22. I decided to go see my friend who I have smoked heroin with before. His room is always very dark, and sometimes the TV is on something random. From the rap music he makes, some of the beats are playing in the background. We have a history of having strong feelings for each other over the summer. During that time, I would always get ďhooked upĒ and he would give me free bags of heroin or smoke them with me. I became hooked.

We would usually smoke ĺ bag together within half an hour. This heroin at this particular was a light, tan color. It only took a couple seconds after smoking it to feel a high. My body felt so relaxed and slowly my arms and legs felt heavy. My mindset was calm and my pupils were extremely tiny. All of the sudden, everything I had worried about that day such as getting home at a decent hour, family issues or work, didnít seem to matter. All I wanted to do was lay down with my arms over my head and close my eyes. Cuddling with my friend also seemed very appealing.
All I wanted to do was lay down with my arms over my head and close my eyes. Cuddling with my friend also seemed very appealing.
I was drowned by his kisses. I began to associate that intense high with the love and affection I received from him. Life didnít seem like it could get any better.

Months before this, I had tried coke at his house which I also loved. He sold that for a long time before selling heroin again. Coming home for spring break was not any different from the summer. After two minutes of being at his house, he asked ďWanna get high?ĒÖthe classic question that was so familiar to me. Caught off guard, I couldn't resist. Yes.

This day, at noon on Friday, I took two 30mg vyvanse. It helps me concentrate throughout the day, similar to adderall. I went to the high school with my sister to curl her hair for the school musical that afternoon. The only thing I had eaten that day was some pasta salad and yogurt. My friend was texting me telling me he wants to see me. I decided to go over there 45 minutes before I had to go home and eat dinner with my grandma. It was 5:00 when I got to my friend's house.

After catching up for 10 minutes, he then revealed his stash of coke, heroin, and weed. He then popped the question about smoking some, I agreed. Worried that I would nod out during dinner, he assured me I will be fine if I only take two hits. Three or four would make me more incoherent.

5:15pm: He poured half a bag onto tin foil. This heroin was slightly darker colored, much stronger than the stuff in the summer. Still iffy, I couldn't help not to be excited. He rolled a $100 bill up smoking some off of the top. He then gave me the rolled up bill. I placed it in my mouth. I breathed all my air out, and he lit the bottom of the foil for me. Watching the bronze colored smoke go up into the dollar bill, he lit it until I couldn't breathe in anymore. I held it in my lungs for 20 seconds. Breathing out, nothing extra came out. Instantly, my vision became slightly blurred. My entire body felt like it was numb.

5:25pm: He poured the rest of the bag on the foil. He repeated the same process then gave me the bill to smoke the rest. This time, I inhaled so much smoke I had to force myself to not cough. Holding it in for longer, he was even surprised I kept it in my lungs for so long. The first two minutes were wonderful. I felt comfortably warm and content. I lay down, closed my eyes, and my body felt like it was sinking into his bed. I sat up and my head got an intense rush. I couldn't decide if it was good or bad. I asked him ďIs it normal to have a dizzy or pukey feeling right now?Ē He replied with an answer that reassured me it was normal to feel a little nauseous. From past experience, I didnít think this was alright. My neck was sweating profusely. I was forced to take my scarf and sweatshirt off. My mind kept thinking how much I needed air the more time went on. My mouth started watering. Water. I needed water. Asking for some water, we went downstairs and he offered me soda. Water was all I felt like I needed, though. I felt like I was moving in slow motion as I grabbed the styrofoam cup. It felt hydrating to drink a sip, but my mouth was uncomfortable moist and felt like I was going to get sick.

5:40pm: Excusing myself to the bathroom, I leaned over the toilet for a couple minutes. I hate puking more than anything, but the horrible feeling wouldn't go away. It wasn't exactly in my stomach, either, like the flu. It was more caught up in my throat.

5:45pm: I told him I needed to leave for my house so I didnít miss dinner with my family. I didnít tell him I felt really sick, though. He kissed me and walked me to my car. I got in and was almost positive I was going to have to pull over to get sick. My body still felt very heavy along with my eyes.

6:00pm: I walked in the door, trying to act as enthusiastic as possible toward my family. The freshly cooked lasagna did not smell good in any way whatsoever. Moving in slow motion, I passed my mother plates and got drinks for everyone. Going to the bathroom to try to puke again, it was a fail.

6:10pm: As I scooped up each bite of lasagna, it looked less appetizing each time. I started getting very irritable toward anything anyone said to me. All I was longing for was the couch and to make this horrible feeling go away.

6:25pm: Getting up from the table early, I casually went upstairs to the bathroom, trying not to throw up everywhere. I ran to the toilet and puked up all of my dinner. A couple minutes went by and the puke kept going. It didnít feel as horrible as I thought, though. It made me feel better for the time being. I could enjoy the high more than worrying about getting sick. I visited with my family until they had to leave at 7:30 for my sisterís musical. I now couldnít remember what we even talked about. Only bits and pieces remained in my head. Lying on the couch, I didnít go with them for the beginning as I wanted to. My eyes got heavier and heavier. I nodded out when they left for half an hour.

7:00pm: I texted a girl friend of mine because we were supposed to go to the bar that night. She said she would be done by 9, so within that time period of two hours, I nodded in and out of a nap. It didnít feel like a nap, though. It felt like I had little control over myself of when I passed out or when I woke up.

9:00pm: Starting to feel thirsty, I got a cup of water and took a sip. Immediately, my mouth started watering. I started getting ready for the bars, straightening my hair. Not looking forward to getting sick, I leaned over the toilet and puked a couple more times. I wondered if it would ever stop. There was no way I was going to be able to drink tonight.

9:30pm: I sat on the couch, trying to snap out of my drowsy mindset. I started craving another hit of heroin. It didnít feel horrible to throw up this way. It felt good in a weird way; kind of like I was clearing out my system in a positive way while being high.

Overall, my experiences with heroin have been eye-opening. It truly only does take once to scoop you up. It is just a game of wanting more. Even being away at school when itís not around, I still would love to have a hit of heroin. Itís the horrid truth. Having done it it once, itís almost impossible to object it when it is around.

Exp Year: 2013ExpID: 100830
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Oct 23, 2022Views: 2,305
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Heroin (27), Lisdexamfetamine (589) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Combinations (3), General (1)

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