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Perfect Synergy
Carisoprodol & Heroin
Citation:   Psych0naut. "Perfect Synergy: An Experience with Carisoprodol & Heroin (exp67606)". May 26, 2008.

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T+ 0:00
1400 mg oral Pharms - Carisoprodol (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:30   smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 2:15   smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 2:17   smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 2:40   smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 3:10   smoked Heroin (freebase)
  T+ 3:25   smoked Heroin (freebase)
T 14:30 Ingested 4 Soma's(carisoprodol) at 350mg each, so that's a total of 1400mg carisoprodol. We'll see what happens.

T 14:45 Feeling a bit heavy and sedated already, but I should be after 4 Soma's. I'll be patience and see what happens in the next 45 minutes. I hope it will be good, it better be.

T 15:00 I've been smoking some heroin as well, so I'm feeling pretty good at the moment anyway, and can't really distinguish if it's just the heroin I'm feeling, or if the carisoprodol is part of what I feel now as well. To describe what I feel right now. I'm relaxed, both mentally and physically. I feel a bit warm, though not very pronouncedly warm or anything. I feel a bit sedated as well, and somewhat slower than usual. I'll lay off the heroin for now, so I can be shure that anything I feel is the carisoprodol.

T 15:15 Some feeling is settling in which definitely isn't heroin. I'm feeling a very nice sedation that can't be compared to any other sedative, but it still isn't on it's peak, so I'll wait until it is, and properly described it then.

T 15:30 I'm feeling more sedated, though fortunately not sedated in a tired way, which I usually get from most benzo's. I just feel sedated in a relaxed, pleasant way. The effects are still overall not very pronounced, I would have expected more effects from it by now. To be honest, the relaxation feels a bit like that of benzo's, somewhat comparable to Normison or a distant resemblence of Rohypnol, though the latter is obviously way better. I would have thought that I would be feeling it well if I took 4 tablets, but apparently not.

T 15:45 The sedation has increased a bit more, but it's still not very pronounced, just pretty noticeable. I had a barbiturate type of intoxication in my mind when I first tried out Soma, and before this experience as well, but unfortunately, no, it's certainly not that good. My brain processes information at a reasonably slower pace, and I imagine if I would talk to someone, I would be slurring my speech a bit. Walking might not be that easy either, I'll try that out later.

T 16:00 The sedation has increased even a bit more, and I'm now at a medium level of sedation. My vision is getting a bit blurry. I'm starting to feel a bit intoxicated, just as I hoped for. Though this is still not what I had in mind. I've been reading up online about other people their experiences, and if I take a look at the time line of their experience I see it takes a pretty long time to peak, or reach the plateau, around one and a half hour. I'm at around the same time, so I'll have some more patience and see how it turns out, I should just be more patient for once.

T 16:15 The sedation and intoxication have increased even a bit more. I just walked around a bit to see how it influenced my coordination, and I obviously have the Soma shuffle, I sway from left to right when I walk. It's a bit of a pitty that it takes such a long time before the carisoprodol reaches it's plateau, around 2 hours or so it seems.

T 16:30 My vision has become even more blurry, though only a bit. Sedation hasn't really increased, but intoxication has. This stuff reminds me of the old-school barbiturates, which turned people in drooling piles of human mess. I think Soma will be pretty similar in a high enough dose, though I strongly discourage trying that out.

T 16:45 I just loaded up my glass vapouriser with some very pure freebase heroin and proceeded to take a big toke of heroin, I'm very certain it will synergise perfectly with carisoprodol, since it's well known carisoma potentiate and synergise each other very good. Though I'll have to add though that the amount of carisoprodol I took is already a pretty big dose for most people who don't have much tolerance to GABA sedatives like carisoprodol, and smoking a big toke of heroin on top of it can be pretty risky to dangerous for people with little or no tolerance.

T 16:47 I took another big toke of heroin from my vaporiser, while the previous toke already started to add up to the mixture very well. Carisoprodol and heroin go together very well for me. I'm feeling sedated and intoxicated, as well as relaxed and content from the carisoprodol, and I feel warm, cozy and even more relaxed now because of the heroin. My body starts to glow up, which I really enjoy, and which is one of the best thing about opioids, the body glow I get.

T 17:00 Indeed they synergise pretty well though I would have expected a stronger effect due to the heroin. I'm still pretty intoxicated from the carisoprodol though. My speech is slurred a lot, I walk around with a Soma shuffle and my mind is working at a much slower pace. I feel a bit like I took a barbiturate, but still not like I hoped for, though this has given me a good taste of how carisoprodol feels like, and I'm going to try 5 or 6 Soma's next time, that's for shure.

T 17:10 Took another medium sized toke of heroin from my vaporiser, the heroin is getting more pronounced now, but the effects of the carisoprodol aren't overpowered or somewhat pushed to the back by the heroin, but instead form a nice synergised mix of euphoria, relaxation and other nice effects.

T 17:25 Smoked another bit, and I'm still feeling as good as I felt in the past 15 minutes. The effects of the carisoprodol aren't increasing anymore by themself, but it is getting stronger by the synergy of the heroin. All in all I have had a good afternoon of contentment and relaxation, and it isn't even over yet.

T 17:40 Smoked a bit more heroin, though only a tiny bit was left in my vaporiser, so I'm going to fill it up with another small bit for later on. The effects haven't change much in intensity, and the little bit of heroin I just smoked didn't add much to the effects either. I don't really have to add much at this time since all the effects have been the same in strength in the last 15 minutes or so. I've reached they steady plateau.

T 17:55 Smoked another small bit. It seems as if the effects are slowly decreasing, it has been three and a half hours ago since I took the carisprodol. I'll just wait it out, and keep note of the effects, and when it finally has subsided to baseline.

T 18:05 Smoked another bit of heroin, the heroin is now getting the overhand in it's effects, but since they are both relaxing downers and reasonably similar in effects(both relaxing and somewhat sedating), the drug that has the overhand won't supress the effects of the other drugs, in stead they synergise into a wonderful combination.

T 18:25 I'm still feelin' good, but I can feel overall effects are decreasing, probably because the carisoprodol is nearing the end of it's duration. It has now been 4 hours ago since I took them, so it could be very possible. The heroin is still present with it's cozy haze wrapped around me, and chemical relaxation and happyness flowing through my veins.

T 18:40 Indeed the effects have slowly decreased a bit more, and even though I'm still all cloudy in my head and all, I think I'm going to write an end on it soon. I have a pizza layin in the frige, waiting to be eaten.

T 19:00 It has been four and a half hours since intake of the carisoprodol, and I'm nearing baseline. I still feel a nice afterglow, but nothing worthy of keeping notes anymore, so this is the end. All in all it was a nice experience, which I'm certainly going to repeat, but with a higher dose of carisoprodol. Bye for now.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 67606
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: May 26, 2008Views: 37,603
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Pharms - Carisoprodol (186), Heroin (27) : Combinations (3), Alone (16)

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