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Ended Up Smoking 4 Nights in a Row
Citation:   curiositycuredthecat. "Ended Up Smoking 4 Nights in a Row: An Experience with Heroin (exp78438)". Jul 2, 2016.

  smoked Heroin (powder / crystals)
A Heroin Holiday

I am an experienced drug user, and have made it a sort of hobby of mine to sample anything that comes my way, revelling especially in the mind-expanding and visual properties of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mushrooms and Ketamine. Despite this thirst for knowledge, Heroin was the one drug, for quite some time, which remained untouched. I had dabbled with opiate-based painkillers, but somehow I saw these as different. My reasons for this were mainly, I am ashamed to say, based on social pressures and the sort of image the drug has in the media, but also the anecdotes of friends who were former addicts. Heroin, it is safe to say, is very moreish. I am a long-term cannabis user, and have found this drug hard enough to quit. Stronger people then me, friends of mine, had been close to ruined by the drug. A guy I knew of had died of an overdose the first time he injected the stuff, something which had really hit his friends and social group. In general, amongst my friends and associates, all of whom are frequent drug users, heroin is looked down upon.

Despite all this, curiousity eventually got the better of me, and when I came across the opportunity to try heroin outside of my home town, I reasoned that it would be ok. Not having any contacts at home who would be willing to sell me any, I decided that however good it was, I would be able to stay away from it by necessity more then anything else- I mean it is definitely available everywhere, but if I had to really work to get it, I reckoned I'd be able to abstain.

I went to stay with a couple of friends in a different town, both of whom are junkies. I don't know them very well, they are friends with one of my oldest and closest friends, also an ex-junkie and my fave tripping partner and drugs-buddy. She came with me too, though she doesn't smoke anymore. I cannot think of a person I love more or feel more comfortable with. Anyway, we arrived at these guys' place, and spent an amiable evening smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. When the time came to buy gear, one of the guys, we'll call him Freddy, asked me if I was sure I wanted to try it. Be careful, he said, it's your decision but don't get into it. I assured him that I wouldn't. Looking around me at their lives, two clever, articulate guys with so much going for them, living day-to-day as unemployed drug addicts, doing nothing but waiting til the next giro so they could afford more skag- I knew I had to be careful.

The first night, they gave me less then a 3rd of a ten-bag, or a gram. We smoked this on tin-foil, with a further piece of tin foil rolled up to use as a tube to breathe it through. The heroin quickly melts from a light browny-white powder to a brown liquid, which they called a beetle, and which you must follow the tube next to in order to catch the smoke, which is almost invisible. almost instantaneously, in a few minutes at most, I was pleasantly high, and less talkative, though mellow, with heavy eyes and a feeling of comfort and relaxation. The main high didn't last that long, about and hour or two, but I felt monged and relaxed for maybe 4-6 hours. I was quite loved-up, not in the intense way I get with e, but just in a general sense of companionship with the others in the room. The others were surprised that I didn't throw up, and that I wasn't 'gouching' more, or trancing out. I myself was surprised it wasn't more intense, after all I had heard of heroin I thought it would have a much more pronounced effect, not the subtle seductiveness of this high. True, I felt great, but it wasn't euphoric like MDMA, or egotistical like cocaine, It was just a general feeling of wellbeing, like being stoned, except without any of the paranoia or anxiety associated with weed.

The next day I felt hung over, but this was definitely down to the alcohol I was drinking as well as the heroin. I also felt quite sick and as if I had little appetite (very unusual for me!). I spent the day with my best friend, mooching around town before heading back to the guys' place. The following evening, I bought some myself, wanting to smoke a bit more to see if I could perhaps push the high a little more, and maybe gain the elusive feeling of wellbeing which had been described to me by others, the feeling which gets so many hooked... I smoked as much of my gram as could be described as polite this time. I didn't feel especially more trashed then the first time... but this was perhaps because I knew more what to expect. I did enjoy my experience, but I wanted more. My friend informed me that if I wanted to get properly high on skag, I would have to inject, but that none of them knew how to do so safely. Despite being entirely and desperately hooked on heroin, none of my companions injected on principle, saying that to do this was to be lost to the drug. I would personally have liked to try this method, as it is supposedly much more intense. The 3rd night I wasn't even intending to smoke any more, but when the opportunity presented itself I couldn't resist. In all, I ended up smoking 4 nights in a row, staying 3 nights longer then I had intended.
In all, I ended up smoking 4 nights in a row, staying 3 nights longer then I had intended.
I took the train back eventually, surprised at myself for having done so much.

When I arrived back at my home town I felt quite ill for about 2 days afterwards. I was itchy, restless and sweaty, and felt as if I had a mild cold. I just didn't feel 'right'. I remember at the time thinking, 'if I feel this rough this is the last time I do this'. To think that just 4 days of heroin use could produce a withdrawal effect is pretty damn scary. It may be more subtle then I originally anticipated, but this is certainly one addictive drug. Once it had worked its way into my psyche, it became much harder to resist. I certainly wanted more and want to go back and do it for a few days again. I have dreamt and obsessed about it since, and can easily see how I could personally end up hooked. It really is quite scary how quickly I want more of this drug.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 78438
Gender: Female 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 2, 2016Views: 23,375
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Heroin (27) : First Times (2), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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