Smack the Pony
Heroin (Brown)
Citation:   Some days never come. "Smack the Pony: An Experience with Heroin (Brown) (exp75205)". Aug 18, 2020.

  IV Heroin
I'm visiting a relative in a small country town in the middle of Sweden. I normally live a bit outside the third biggest city in Sweden. And that city just happens to be one of the (and perhaps THE) citys in sweden where the most drugs enter the country for use and further distribution, because of its close proximity to the rest of Europe. This town always has an abundance of most kinds of drugs, most commonly hash, amphetamines and of course, heroin.

Oh, heroin... The heroin here is mostly the brown stuff which I guess is Afghani or something (and not like the descriptions I've read about black tar which we don't have in Sweden). The white heroin, thai etc is not as common. You usually buy the stuff in 'kabbar'. Small packages which contains about 0.25 grams (sorry to say, but not so surprising it often contains less then it should). The price is usualhy the same, about 25 to 35 american dollars for a kabbe.

Well with that said, I guess I'm starting to form a habit. Which, of course is not good. I'm not doing big amounts, but enough to leave holes in my budget and enough to make me cranky for weeks until the next time I shoot up
I'm not doing big amounts, but enough to leave holes in my budget and enough to make me cranky for weeks until the next time I shoot up
(I only snort when I can't find any good veins and/or don't have any place to cook and I'm not good at the smoking procedure).

I've got a package of what should have been one gram but was far less sent to me from a friend. Sadly, this person has always proven himself worthy of trust when it comes to helping me obtain different substances, but heroin's getting to him good. I'm sorry for the ranting, but I'm quite strung out right now.

I love this shit. I love the way it smells when I cook it, and I love the way it looks in the syringe. I love the feeling when I press through the skin and see the blood come flowing in the syringe, mixing itself with the heroin to a dark, almost black liquid that slowly eats its way into my body.

People often describe heroin with words like nothingness, the best orgasm etc. And that's all good. But it didn't really prepare me for what it really feels like. Sure, if I do enough and depending on what kind of heroin I've got, I can get an intense rush that flows all through my body. But most of the times it just feels good. Not superextreblissfullorgasm-good like say, MDMA. But a very deep and primitive yet subtle, satisfaction. I itch, I feel very warm and I don't really feel the cold (and Sweden is COLD in the winters). And everything is well, just a bit far away.

And I'm down to my last shot now. So I get my tools:
The normal injecting tools, needles and the pump (I don't know the proper english terms, sorry).
A table spoon.
Some cotton.
Some citric acid for dissolving the heroin.
Some tissues to wipe off any blood that might come out, a lighter and of course the heroin.

I pour the heroin in the spoon and just sprinkle some citric acid on top of it. Then I gently add water with the syringe. Then I hold up the spoon and use the lighter to cook the junk until it's dissolved. Then I drop a tiny piece of cotton into the spoon, making sure all the heroin solution has drenched it. I then proceed to suck it up in the syringe (with the needle OFF, not through it like in the movies). I leave some space in the top empty, this way when I find a vein I don't have to pull the plunger back to see if I'm in it correctly, the blood just flows directly in it. But I have very small veins, so I usually push the plunger back just a little while to be on the safe side. Because injecting it under the skin instead of into the vein HURTS. I select a vein in the foot, because they're easier to inject into and it's more discrete. And as I see my blood flow in to the syringe I take a deep breath and push the plunger.

It takes a couple of seconds. And then I feel like something in my body just... aligns. And I feel this sort of... push in my body, as if I'm mildly accelerating. And all of the sudden I'm doped. I don't wanna listen to music, I don't wanna walk around or watch tv. But I don't really want to lie down either. I'm just existing. In a warm, fuzzy globe of yeah, I guess you could say nothingness.

I don't really know how to sum this up, or what to say, really. But seriously, I know it's tempting. But stay the fuck away from heroin.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 75205
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 18, 2020Views: 3,185
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