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Difficult Experiences
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Very Highly Recommended 2C-hEll NutterButter 2C-E 2005 Apr 05
Highly Recommended The Beauty and the Beast Psychestim 2C-E 2023 Jan 07
Highly Recommended Reckless Once is Reckless Enough Mujo Lila 2C-E & Cannabis 2009 Jul 19
Highly Recommended An Experience of Double Proportions Aoede Musing 2C-E 2008 Sep 25
Highly Recommended Shuddering and Cold Z. 2C-E 2005 Jun 06
Highly Recommended 2-C-E Commentary AP&RP 2C-E 2003 Aug 27
Recommended Manifestation Within Itself aconsumingvoid 2C-E 2022 Nov 01
Recommended A Psychedelic Voyage Into the Light and Dark Zane F 2C-E 2012 Oct 02
Recommended Righteous Psychedelic Ass Whooping Hypersphere 2C-E 2010 Jun 30
Recommended King of the Hill Finally Makes Sense Swooosh 2C-E 2010 Jun 22
Recommended Taught a Lesson Etard Knievel 2C-E 2010 Feb 12
Recommended Idiocy, Madness and the Serpents Lair J. Cooper 2C-E 2009 Aug 17
Recommended The EVERYTHING Drug Splintered 2C-E 2009 Jul 19
Recommended From 2C-E Overdose to Benzo Addiction Synesthesia 2C-E, Various & Benzodiazepines 2008 Jun 21
Recommended Paranoid Schizophrenia crake 2C-E 2005 Dec 08
Recommended Glorious Pain, Beauty and Joy psiphi 2C-E 2005 Dec 01
Recommended Truly Psychedelic Azure 2C-E 2003 Oct 07
I Lost Control of Reality Huntar 2C-E 2018 Nov 22
I Was Exponentially Overstimulated nobody 2C-E 2018 Aug 24
1 Million Adventures in My Room listensummer 2C-E 2018 Mar 17
At Least Tomorrow's Christmas Alexander Edison 2C-E 2011 Sep 20
Clinging to Sanity A mob's ending 2C-E 2010 Oct 08
Lost Walking NuAgeRetroHippie 2C-E & MDMA 2010 Jan 29
An Isolated Trip McDick 2C-E (Sold as Mescaline) & Cannabis 2010 Jan 17
Changed for the Better Chris 2C-E 2008 Oct 14
The Other Side of the IM Coin B. Rooney 2C-E 2008 Sep 29
Approach with Caution Undercontrol 2C-E 2008 Sep 18
The Angels Were Eyes Mama Dragon 2C-E 2008 Sep 10
Skirting the Void Phillo 2C-E, Cannabis & Diazepam 2007 May 31
Profound Distortion of Time and Space Velcro Warrior 2C-E & Cannabis 2007 May 02
Rainbow Planet Twig X 2C-E 2006 Mar 24
Combo Psychosis Buddhastic 2C-E / 5-MeO-MiPT 2004 May 19
Heaven and Hell 78d 2C-E 2004 Mar 15
Freakouts Tripping_2_Orbital 2C-E & Cannabis 2004 Feb 02
Not for Me? ManInMe 2C-E 2021 Sep 28
Silenced E.S. 2C-E 2021 Aug 13
A Twisting Oblivion PsychedelicBlast 2C-E 2020 Apr 14
The Psychedelic Tub of Terror Dud Doodoo 2C-E 2020 Mar 20
'WEIRD' Being the Absolute Best Description lambchop 2C-E 2019 Apr 07
Falling Asleep and Entering the Program MysteryPill 2C-E 2019 Apr 02
Mentally Lost Chris 2C-E 2018 Nov 26
2C-Excellent - Ridding My Social Anxiety TwoSeeEye 2C-E 2018 Jun 10
Ego Melting Into Uncontrollable Thoughts Dimarthicuss 2C-E 2018 Jan 08
Puking Violenty In The Kitchen Sink Larry 2C-E 2017 Nov 25
A Punch in the Gut nervewing 2C-E 2017 Mar 23
I Took Too Much Sadclown 2C-E 2017 Feb 15
Very Difficult 15 Hours Nihhrt 2C-E 2015 Dec 04
Seeing What Wasn't There GLT 2C-E 2012 Jun 25
Potent Stuff but Not All That Great Inquissitive 2C-E, 4-FA, Methylone & Butylone (bk-MBDB) 2012 Jan 11
My First Shockingly 'Bad Trip' TheHappiestGirl 2C-E 2010 Mar 29
Intense, Amazing & Different A-rod 2C-E 2010 Feb 23
Consider a Lower Dosage Psyduck 2C-E 2009 Feb 25
Violently Psychedelic Imagery Overload 2C-E 2009 Feb 02
Nothing Could have Prepared Me Weebl 2C-E 2009 Jan 13
Overwhelmed Bloke 2C-E 2008 Sep 18
Worst Night of my LIFE! Weezie938 2C-E 2008 Jan 22
Frightening Overdose Inderalplease 2C-E 2007 Jun 21
Convulsions and Nintendo Toast 2C-E & Nitrous Oxide 2007 Feb 26
The Never Ending Cycle Anonymous 2C-E 2007 Jan 12
Ecstacy was Sweet, but this is Crazy DoubleB 2C-E 2007 Jan 11
Massive Overdose Gideon Stargrave 2C-E 2004 May 06
Worst Freakout I've Ever Seen Tripping_2_Orbital 2C-E 2004 Feb 02
Mysterious Magic Drug Dream_Child(79) 2C-E 2020 Mar 21
Everything and Nothing JadedKitten 2C-E 2018 Aug 22
2C-Eternity Karma 2C-E 2018 Jul 13
A White-Hot Poker Up the Nose skeeter 2C-E & Nitrous Oxide 2018 Jun 10
Journey Into My Soul Parker 2C-E 2018 Jun 10
Anxious Disappointment Ray 2C-E 2018 Jun 10
Death and Rebirth Sinless LSD & 2C-E 2018 May 22
Near Overdose cornrizzle 2C-E 2018 Mar 15
The World Ripped Out of Grasp SuitTie 2C-E 2018 Feb 22
Mind Fucked Is An Understatement Madhatter 2C-E 2018 Jan 14
Crazy Train SmokeyMcPot 2C-E 2012 Dec 08
Insanity 2ce Snort 2C-E 2010 May 05
A Tale of Two Minds G-Spot 2C-E 2009 May 01
Warped, Twisted and Mean Krazycrow 2C-E & DMT 2007 Oct 01
Snorted Overdose J 2C-E 2007 Jun 21
Serious Psychedelic Mandy 2C-E 2007 Jan 11
Never the Same Again Brain Damage 2C-E 2005 Sep 29
2C-Energy Lil Bunny Foo Foo 2C-E 2004 Feb 02
The Hangover ianfleming 2C-E & 2C-I 2018 May 04
Dosage Was A Big Mistake bad night 2C-E 2018 Jan 14
Skulls, Demon Faces and Hideous Grotesque Figures the trippy hippy 2C-E 2017 Sep 10
Wow, What a Mind Fuck JW 2C-E 2008 Oct 29

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