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Citation:   Splintered. "The EVERYTHING Drug: An Experience with 2C-E (exp78785)". Jul 19, 2009.

T+ 0:00
7 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
  T+ 1:00 4 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
  T+ 7:00 0.75 mg oral Pharms - Alprazolam (pill / tablet)
  T+ 7:00 50 mg oral Diphenhydramine (pill / tablet)
  T+ 7:00 2 tablets oral Pharms - Ibuprofen (pill / tablet)
'It's not a question of 'When does it start', it's 'How do I control it?'

I wrote that down about 2 and a half hours into my first 2C-E trip, and if you read on you will understand why. I'm a 25 year old male, having experienced a few different substances, most notably DXM which I have dosed on 15 or so times in the past 3-4 months. While I wouldn't consider that drug a psychedelic, it's the only thing I have done prior to 2C-E that induced what could be considered a 'trip'. From interest in these trips I began looking for other sources of similar experiences, and happened upon a source for some 2C-E. After quite a bit of time and an anxious wait of a month or so, I finally got some. However, I soon found that it was more than I bargained for.

I had read a good amount of trip reports as well as some other peoples' experiences, and I generally have a positive outlook on things. Especially with my experience using DXM, I know how important mood and outlook can be on setting up a trip, so the day that I obtained the 2C-E powder I had to debate whether or not to take it. I wanted to just take a small amount, hopefully not quite enough to trip, just to make sure I wouldn't die or anything. With a slightly inaccurate scale, I measured out 4mg into an empty capsule, and then also measured out another 7mg into a second capsule. I then called a friend over to trip sit, and planned on dosing later that night.

At 6:55pm I took the 7mg, and we waited. After about an hour, I wasn't feeling anything. I had felt the capsule break open at least 30 minutes earlier (7mg is such a small amount that 90% of the capsule was filled with air), and (stupidly, I knew it would be a bad idea but did it anyway) I took the other 4mg. We waited awhile longer, and laid down listening to music in a semi-dark room. Now, before we get too far I must explain the environment. I love DXM trips, and so I recently redecorated to create a nice environment to trip in, including black and white striped walls, a checkerboard ceiling, surrealist and other abstract art strewn about the walls, and mood lighting via electronics, dimmed halogen lights and a lava lamp. There was also a boxy, striped rug, surround sound speakers for music, and my computers' fractal backgrounds and screensavers, among other things.

So at about 8:20pm we're laying there... My friend 'L' was falling asleep waiting, while I was starting to get slightly annoyed at not feeling any effects. I hadn't eaten since lunch so I expected a quick onset. I closed my eyes and listened to music for a bit, trying to get into it and see something. With DXM, I can get some very clear CEVs, vividly seeing colors and shapes and things. I've done salvia extract also, which produced very washed out, hard to see pastel-like visuals, but nothing on the level that DXM produced. After a few minutes of trying to really see something, I started to 'think' about seeing something, sort of imagining what I'd like to see, going along with the music. Without my realization, I started getting very detailed in my imagery, and though I wasn't 'seeing' it like with DXM, it was starting to become clearly more than just my imagination at work. The drug was basically starting to drive my imagination, to where I didn't have to think about what I wanted to imagine, it just happened. This was the beginning.

8:35 or so I sat up and it started to come. As others have described, the comeup happened in waves. This is important to note, because I need to explain something about this drug before I continue. The entire drug happens, causes, and consists of waves. That is just what it does - everything about it, from the body high to your emotions, to visuals - happens in and about waves. I'm still unclear as to whether this is the effect of the drug - or whether my stripy environment caused me to make the drug behave that way, but I feel it's the former. The drug is also everything. I mean EVERYTHING. By the time the trip was over I had experienced everything. As I haven't done it again yet, I don't know if that's always how it is but I suspect so. Anyway, the waves started when I opened my eyes. The first thing I noticed was the walls. They were starting to move - the stripes were... breathing. The posters on the wall started to wiggle slowly along with the wall. The lava lamp started stretching, and then getting low and fat. Then I realized the physical effects.

First I noticed what had been reported by others - there was a slight tightness of my neck, and more importantly my chest. This was a little worrying, but I could still breathe so I felt ok. Breathing also worked in waves - breathing in tightened me up into a little ball - exhaling expanded me like a balloon. Then I felt the waves start to travel through me. It felt like pins and needles, like when your arm falls asleep - first on my fingertips and toes... then up my arms and legs, then around my stomach. Then they went deeper - inside my belly, through and around my intestines, up through my head, around my brain, through my veins, around my eyeballs. Everything vibrated in waves, feeling like insects crawling all over and through my body. This first rush and feeling of the body high, coupled with seeing everything start to dance before my eyes, brought me great elation. I watched the lava lamp for a bit, listening to some somewhat trippy pop music.

Around 9 it had fully taken effect. The first hour or so of the trip continued like this, just feeling great. I had a huge smile on my face the whole time, running through trippy environments in my mind, letting my imagination wander to the tune of the song, and to the beat of the waves. I looked at lights, the lamp, the walls, floor, etc. and enjoyed the effects. I also noticed how strongly my thoughts effected the trip - when I thought of how happy I was, I became ecstatic. When I happened to think of something less welcoming - realizing, for example, that the wall was a little cold, immediately everything went from being colorful and warm to dark, cold and scary. I vividly remember seeing the bed wrinkly, get old and moldy and decompose, getting hairy, dark and gross in front of me when I realized it was a bit cold. Similarly, I noticed things like when I felt my hair, on my arms or head, that everything suddenly became hairy - the hair stuck to and grew off of my hands, the walls, everything. It felt as though I had clumps of hair all over me, falling out and sticking to me. When I realized I had clammy palms, I suddenly felt soaking wet.

Still reeling in the joy of this completely awesome, crazy trip, I moved around the room to look at things and enjoy their movement. Laying on the ground, looking at the wavy carpet in front of me, the heater came on, the vent of which was directly above me. It was like God himself breathing down beautiful warm air onto me, as I felt it brush over and envelope me. I then remembered my phone and decided to text one of my friends about the experience so far. 'Oh my god. It's like flowing inside an orgasm' I told him. 'And I'm the bead of human seed into your heart. 2C-E man, every touch is like an orgasm, and my floor is definitely breathing. It doesn't matter that it's not real, this feels fantastic'.

Then armed with my phone and my blanket, which made me feel comfortable and safe, I took another walk around the room to explore my surroundings. I noticed smells exceptionally strong - sniffing around my window, looking outside, I could smell the crisp, cool outside air and longed to be outside to enjoy nature. Back on the ground, I noticed the stench of the floor, of dirty feet and sweat, and it was the most pungent disgusting smell I have ever experienced. But back at my desk, as soon as I saw the pencil I could smell it's rich wood, the metallic graphite and the smooth, pastey smell of the paper notepad sitting under it.

It was around 9:30 I think that I found the computer. The fractal background breathed, pulsed, and flowed before me. This was about the time that the thoughts started flowing into my head, and did not stop (this is important to note). I started realizing things... little things at first. For example, I thought about how my thoughts effected the trip - and realized that the trip was all about the waves and the pulsing effect. I then thought back to how silly it was for me to be waiting for the trip so anxiously, and then started to notice just how vivid, extreme and lively the visual and pulses I was feeling had become. I then came to a realization which I wrote down. 'It's not a question of 'When does it start', it's 'How do I control it?' This was harder than I expected to write, and as I wrote it I thought about each word and exactly how I wanted it to sound. As I wrote the word 'control', however, I started to really think about things too much. I underlined the word, thinking about how everything in this world is about control. Things suddenly got much darker for me, and I was humbled a bit, a little depressed at how unfree we really are.

Just as I thought of this I looked up at the fractal on the screen in front of me, and just as the rest of the trip - started to realize that everything, EVERYTHING came in waves. I saw the delicious flow of the fractal and realized that it wouldn't always be so bad, because the good would come after the bad, since it was all in waves. I wrote something else down: 'No matter how cold it gets, there's always something warm and gooey in life'. This was a nice realization, but unfortunately the beginning of the end as far as my thought process went. From this point on, I was thrown into a nonstop cycle of thought. I realized that the trip was about waves - and that I would experience waves of good and bad. That life was about this good and bad too. I deserved the good and bad feelings for things I had done. When I felt bad, I realized that that was my punishment for messing with drugs. But then I'd realize something good, like that experience would only make me stronger. Then I realized how weak I really am. Then how the weakness caused me to have to analyze the trip instead of enjoy it. Then I'd just say fuck it, I'll enjoy it anyway, and the colors would return. Then I'd realize that the walls were black and white, and things would get dark again.

This went on for awhile... me realizing that the room I had designed was 'a hell I had painted for myself', and continued in my endless spiral of realizations, finding meaning in everything I said or did. When I realized that I just wanted the trip to stop so I could just have a break, then of course it was punishment, and that the effect of the drug was literally 'EVERYTHING' - the opposite of which, of course, is nothing. And since I was on the drug, I couldn't have 'nothing' unless I was sober, which wasn't happening for awhile. This continued, eventually with 'L' waking up to talk to me. As with earlier, anything I thought became real - she was eating a piece of candy, and when I realized that I didn't like the sound of chewing with an open mouth, she became scary looking. When she became scary looking, everything became dark and crooked. When that happened, I would think of something good to counter it and think of her as beautiful, and it would happen. Back and forth this went for awhile, with me trying to explain to her that I just wanted a break from this madness, but when I'd say that I'd realize that I didn't deserve it, or that there was some reason for me to say whatever I was saying. I spent a good amount of time just sitting in the moving, pulsing hell around me trying to understand and come to terms with what I was experiencing and why I was experiencing it.

Finally around 12 or so we headed upstairs to get me something to eat, as I thought I might be hungry and also was a bit concerned about my heart rate, which I realized had been getting a bit high. Everything was exaggerated - a small pile of books on the floor made my entire living room look like a mess. When we went into the kitchen, my mother was there so I had to play off any temptations to play into the trip. I held out pretty well, however turning on the light after she left showed me just how extreme this drug makes things. Colors were extra bright, darks were extra dark, and not only had the contrast been turned up but every detail became magnified - a speck of dust became a dusty, moldy spot on the counter. A refrigerator full of food that was not healthy (ie; not fruit, which was all I wanted) became full of disgusting, moldy, old gross wrapped up piles of dirt.

Finally I had to leave before I went insane, and grabbed a single sugar cookie from the closet. One bite was ok until I realized how sugary it was, at which point I realized it was too sweet, therefore bad for me, therefore something I didn't want to eat, which I interpreted as dark and hairy. I could taste the hair in my mouth and see it all over the cookie and myself, and quickly swallowed the bite knowing it wasn't real, but didn't eat anymore. I went to the bathroom which was mostly uneventful, and did check my pupils however they strangely did not look overly large. Upon heading back downstairs, I continued to argue with myself back and forth about how to manage the trip - realizing that there must be a point to what I was going through, then thinking it's just the effects of the drug, but then trying to figure out what those effects were. The only one thing I could consistently come back to was the theme of waves, in that everything works in waves, and that the effect of the drug was to experience everything, with no exceptions.

Finally, beaten and worn out, I laid down in bed next to 'L' admitting my defeat and just trying to outlast the drug. In my sad state I tried to think of what I could do to feel better, and started to do the only thing that I could think of. I began masturbating, slowly at first just trying to determine exactly what route the trip would take with this action. However the song that came on had a very 70s porn music sound to it which threw the act into an intense lovemaking session. I had insane visions, incredibly explicit sexual visions in vivid, juicy detail. Sparing the details, all I will say is the orgasm was the most mind blowing one I have ever experienced, and felt as though I released the entire trip through my manhood. The relief was great - I noticed that the body high had dissipated, and while the feeling and tightness in my chest still came and went in waves for the next 30 minutes to an hour, it was not nearly as terrorizing as it had been.

Knowing my comedown was imminent, I turned off any sources of annoyance, including the music, light and the computer screens, and took .75 mg of Xanax, 50mg DPH to help me sleep and 2 Ibuprofen for the headache that was coming on. After 15-30 minutes of ensuring these drugs weren't going to throw me into cardiac arrest, and finally starting to realize that I was coming off the trip, I was able to crawl into bed and get comfortable enough to fall asleep relatively quickly. I believe I had finally fallen asleep by about 1:30am.

The following day was not too bad at all. I awoke groggy, and it took a good 30 minutes of drinking coffee, eating donuts and willing myself out of bed before I could make myself get up. Having work, and not really sure what I had just experienced, I decided to head into work early just to talk to people and get myself in the mood. Luckily I had an easy day, and though I took in plenty of caffeine through the day I was very tired for most of the rest of the day. Other than this, I felt no real aftereffects, depression or euphoria, confusion or any visual artifacts. Today, the day after, I feel completely normal and now have to debate exactly when I want to do this again and what kind of mindset I need to have, because as I said, this drug is EVERYTHING, and I believe I need to know how to beat it before I can experience it again.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 78785
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jul 19, 2009Views: 31,146
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Sex Discussion (14), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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