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Idiocy, Madness and the Serpents Lair
Citation:   J. Cooper. "Idiocy, Madness and the Serpents Lair: An Experience with 2C-E (exp79413)". Aug 17, 2009.

20 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
Previous Psychedelics Taken :
Mescaline, Lysergic Acid Amide ( Morning Glory Seeds) , Mushrooms, 2C-B and 2C-T-7.

Being a fairly but not overly experienced user of psychedelics I made my first attempt with 2C-E at 10mg. The effects were at first very uncomfortable, almost inactive with a hideously speedy edge. I think that perhaps this happened due to taking a 5mg dose and then another hour later taking another 5, which I donít believe helped this substance out very much. On the contrary, a friend of mine opted into taking 20mg of the substance and reported no effects other than a mild stimulating buzz. This perplexed me and led me to conclusion that either I had stored the substance incorrectly or that it was indeed impure. Bare in mind that I bought the chemical from an online vendor which claim that its chemicals are 99% pure. I doubt that they are and it is very possible that there were some impurities in that batch. Or perhaps I over-reacted.

I ingested 20mg of 2C-E wrapped in a cigarette paper around 6íoclock.
The room I had taken it in was very small and pretty lacking in anything particular that I wanted to see on a psychedelic, but that didnít stop this chemical from transforming the place into a liquid, wavering, digital paradise.

7:15 : The visuals started to kick in big time. The wall I was facing had become encrusted it seemed with very intense and majestic serpent like emblems. An intense euphoria built up until I could barley take it in. My friend, excited to see that the chemical was indeed working and we had not destroyed it was just about to take a hit when I realised something was very wrong. My body felt very much like it did on 2C-T-7 and my muscle groups were tensing uncomfortably. I felt ill and mentally disturbed. Most noticeably a sharp, insufferable pain in the head. There was a growing sensation like static electricity that surfaced very reminiscent of 2C-T-7.

7:30: I was wandering around the room asking him to kill me. I still have no idea why. This chemical didnít seem to be impairing my mental functions all that much, but it was like Iíd been taken over by a person that wasnít me. Perhaps a much younger and more unstable version of myself.

7:40: I left the house to go and explain to my mother what had happened and she was pretty annoyed. The confrontation made me agitated and I fled from the house into the caravan park. I wandered aimlessly around there unable to made any sense of the external world, which looked like a springy, melted and gluey version of its-self. I had an outer-body experience by this point, where I saw myself staring at a hedge, with the most manic expression on my face. This was all far worse that I had experienced on the 2C-T-7 which came as enough of a shock and feared for my mental health, my body and everyone else that might come in contact with me. I was starting to have flash-backs of that morning which deeply affected my judgement further. There were brief segments where my vision would become quite clear and very photographic but with a pale and sickly filter.

7:45: I eventually went back towards my home and asked the woman next door if sheíd help me. I also asked her if sheíd just kill me because I could not figure out what was wrong with me and felt that it was possible that the chemical contained impurities that had caused my brain to become severally damaged. I then, when she didnít respond in the way I wanted, retreated into my back garden and proceeded to try and knock myself out. A failed attempt, Iíll just leave it as that.

8:00: I went back over to my friends house and his parents were sitting there in the house. I tried to explain what was going on but I couldnít figure it out. The police then arrived at their house and at some point I managed to hit one of them in the face. I have no-idea why still. This doesnít fit my character, or mental health profile or anything as such. Iíve tripped to that level before and had no problems as such. I ended up being put in the back on the van, hand cuffed, hands behind my back to trip my head off until we got to the hospital.

8:15: The visuals were totally and utterly beyond me, sensory-overload to the extreme. The predominant colours were browns and greys, the walls would bleed and waver in that Persian carpet way. The floor was bending and braking and everything around me was speeding around as if Iíd died in the back of the van, as if I was being shown where the head goes in death. I began to feel a cold numbness that filled my entire body which led to me throwing up. Occasionally Iíd hear sarcastic and cold words from outside the van, followed by flying stone slabs that were encrusted with those digital serpent heads. After the vomiting I began to feel much more pleasant but I was still un-accustomed to this brutal mind battery.

9:00: I eventually arrived and was directed into the hospital. The floor was moving as if made of water, the textures of the interior was shimmering and limitless in itís complexity. To focus attention on any item seemed to bring the object closer in the visual field for further and further examination and distortion (surprisingly enough) to my hearts content. Whatever I thought about or wanted to happen seemed to do so. This notice of empowerment made the chemical briefly much easier to digest. Though this condition faded in and out and was not long-lived. I was eventually led to a room where I would spend the next two or so hours.

9:30: I lay there on a hospital bed cuffed and still struggling to take in much of what was going on. Ego loss came and went and every time Iíd show signs of figuring out what was going on it left. The room was very computer game like, very 3D-rendered and kind of lacking in any psychedelic activity. It basically looked more like I was brain damaged than hallucinating. The two police officers that had brought me in kept watching me and changing position. They were then also transformed by the substance into these brown skinned demons with very dark hair. Not much really happened over the next hour other than me lying there feeling very sorry for myself and the police officer Iíd hit. Its kind of shit that heíd have to put up with some idiot punching him in the face especially after coming out to help me and stuff. Totally and utterly not fair.

10:30: The trip began to take a bit more shape as the nurses came through to take my blood, check my blood pressure etc. Their surgical instruments became items of torture and my body seemed to expand and parts of me burst over and over. They seemed to ask the same questions over and over. Time repeated its-self endlessly. Theyíd always seem to ask about me knocking myself out towards the end. I eventually came to the disturbing conclusion that in my efforts to prevent the trip Iíd died and was indeed in the true, biblical hell which I have no belief whatsoever in.

11:00: The floor began to flash white light and the sound of flames burning and thunder filled the hospital. Serpents crawling from the floor up the walls creating this double S like symbol, which I interpreted as being S for Satan. The police seemed to be wearing blocky, ps1 graphic looking tuxedos and still had their brown skin and pointed ears. I could hear other patients in the hospital screaming for help and suffering, I thought it was simply other people whoíd died too and were also in hell. By this point I was actually kind of relieved because it wasnít exactly all that bad, felt pretty nice and I thought well ďAt least I wonít have to worry about being in trouble anymore.Ē I got carted slowly through the hospital, my head completely and utterly melted, purples, greens and blues surrounded and lay beneath everything. When I breathed in so did everything else, and itíd sway and bend back into position. Everyone seemed demonic and appeared to be looking at me in the hall. Laughing at me, their hair raven black, skin dark, and sounded as if they were speaking in Italian.

My favourite and perhaps the most epic/ authentic part of this trip for me (which could not have been more perfect), was the police taking me in the lift down to the wards. They stood there at the end of my bed, looking down at me smiling, as we went further and further down into the flames.

11:05: We finally got into a ward and had a bit more to look at. The two demonic police officers stayed right beside me, and the nurses came in on a regular basis to remind me why I was in hell, (or so I thought). There were some very Mescaline like visuals by this point and I enjoyed the variety of colours that could be seen. This is defiantly a very worthwhile drug but I donít think Iíd prepared myself enough and had worried myself too much. Very profound and everlasting rushes, beyond anything Iíve ever felt from ecstasy, perhaps a bit too much though considering the situation.

1:00 : By about this time, the police finally un-cuffed me as if to say that basically no matter what I do thereís no death, and no escaping this hell. Fortunately for me this was pretty comforting. The curtains were closed around me so I was surrounded by them. The curtain that was actually a dull cream with a cheesy floral pattern on it, appeared to be an arctic and glowing white, with a pale and very angelic aura. Iíve never been happier to just sit and watch some curtains. The flowers would occasionally revert to the serpents which would ďhissĒ very loudly, followed by a deep and manic laugh and some women speaking Italian, people praying to god. It was as if Satan and God were actually joined into one entity and Satan is merely the playful and flipside alter ego of the entity and giver of life. The Persian carpet movement to it and the way the flowers were crawling around it and flourishing was absoloutley breath taking and itíd occasionaly become foggy and Iíd hear thunder behind it. This continued for the next 5 hours.

6:00: I still hadnít slept and was still hallucinating but nothing like before. Everything just seemed overly realistic and normal, with the floor moving only when I walked across it. The visual distortions continued over-all until 2 in the afternoon. Over-all the drug lasted 20 hours.

I really donít know what to say about this drug other than its quite unique and pretty special as a compound. A lot of very deep moments of relaxation but also many of trauma and utter madness. Perhaps not the drug for me, I donít really blame what happened on the chemical. I rate it still in my top 5 experiences at probably about position 2. I still donít believe for a second that the negative outweighed the positive, but I do know now the extent of these chemicals and recognise that itís a powerful trip. Much respect Dr.Shulgin. Maybe when Iím abit more grown up and mature Iíll return to that beautiful place again.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 79413
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 17, 2009Views: 20,388
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2C-E (137) : Difficult Experiences (5), Entities / Beings (37), Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters (7), Hospital (36)

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