King of the Hill Finally Makes Sense
Citation:   Swooosh. "King of the Hill Finally Makes Sense: An Experience with 2C-E (exp83871)". Jun 22, 2010.

T+ 0:00
10 mg insufflated 2C-E (pill / tablet)
  T+ 0:30 7 mg insufflated 2C-E (pill / tablet)
Set: I was split between tripping and not tripping. I had taken a trip previously two days before, and was thinking in terms of tolerance. Would a pills worth be enough (10-15mg)? Would 2 pills worth be good? Would I even trip? Will the so-called 'mind fuck' come?

I was also thinking about a few younger friends I gave 2 pills too. I can never give somebody a psychedelic and not worry that they are going to do something stupid on it. I've seen so-called Psycho-nauts experience complete break downs. Needless to say this fear perpetuated itself and was what made my trip follow a different direction.

Setting: My house. I learn that I have the house completely to myself for Friday and the weekend. It's night-time outside, winter, and there's a glow through-out my house. All lights are on a medium or dim setting. Nothing but the cats here with me howling and making strange noises.

Timing: is a bit tentative but accurate enough. A lot of thoughts and feelings that came with the experience are blurred towards the peak, but based on AIM conversations where I was talking to a friend about the effects, I have a rough picture of what started happening when.

Total dose: Somewhere between 17-25 mg's, broken up into two insufflated doses in a 30 minute time-span.

(7:31PM) Last night I proceeded to insufflate what appeared to be 10-15 mg of the chemical 2C-E. The first thing I always notice is the burn, I think of how people call it an intense burn and how used to it I am becoming, seeing as I could really care less my nostril is on fire; it kinda feels like Habanero extract going up the nose, only not so bad.

(7:36PM) Afterward, I got up and started to move around. The rushing sensation was very apparent, I could feel my so-called consciousness begin to change, in a very general manner by the minute. I could tell that the scope of reality felt entirely different, that I was not my 'usual self' any more.

(7:40PM) Mentally, being that the chemical is part amphetamine, I could feel that pulsating sensation through out my head and begin to pick up through out the rest of my body. It did not necessarily feel good or bad. I felt really disoriented, to be frank. Is it because I dosed consecutively this week? Who knows. It was unusual.

(7:53PM) I kept catching myself staring at things around the room as I was walking around it. I noticed within 5-25 minutes that things would start to re-arrange themselves and shift a bit if I focused, but they weren't what I would consider 'active visuals' - they weren't moving on their own, I had to really stare at something for a few seconds before it looked funky. Weed felt necessary through out the experience and the come up, I wanted to 'break through', so I found myself eyeing the bong almost erotically. I find weed usually gives the psyche's that push they sometimes need.

(8:00PM) Another pill of 2C-E was broken open shortly thereafter, what appeared to be another 10 to 15 milligrams. I split the pile into 75% and 25%. I was thinking of doing the quarter, but suddenly I started to laugh at myself and just took the pile that was about 3/4th's worth. It burned pretty badly. This is what really made my trip take another direction. Nothing past this point is what I would consider a threshold experience. I took one more puff of weed at this point, and damn, I don't know if it was the weed or the extra amount of the drug I took -- but I definitely 'broke through'.

(8:16PM) I feel the need to make a bagel, so I go downstairs. I make a bagel, and then I throw it out. What was the point of that? Things are feeling very off and intense, why the hell did I want a bagel again? I no longer know what I'm doing, or what I was trying to do. I remember specifically looking at the clock at 8:16Pm and saying to myself, 'Okay, lets see when this starts to pass.' I thought this because I was also thinking that I would be stuck in this trip forever, do not ask me why.

It's really hard to recall what came in this place and time during my trip, but the AIM convo still spells it out.

(8:23PM) I tell my friend that I am tripping very hard over the computer (I was). In fact I was talking to the person I had given some of the chemical to -- him, starting at the same time as me, doing just about the same amount, had felt nothing but a body buzz. Given the intensity on which the effects were building, I was more than sure that he was going to be tripping face soon enough, and that so was I (already).

(8:35PM) The visuals were appetizing at this point, but my mood wasn't. I was feeling a general under-static of anxiety and nervousness. Unease. I had to lay on my bed. This felt neither comforting nor discomforting. I felt I 'simply was', I felt like a drifter caught in the midst of a slow moving space. My thoughts would begin to race, and then my thoughts would begin to disappear. This seemed to alternate through out the entire peak-experience. When my thoughts would race, it would be because I would start to imagine something bad happening (everything bad in this trip started because I was thinking of what my friend might do while on the drug), but it was more feeling based than thought based. It's hard to explain. I would feel an intense build up of anxiety contract through out my body, and then it would almost disappear and I'd feel a great relaxing peace inside of me -- I'd describe the raciness like this -

Consider everything that has happened to you in terms of a film strip that can be re-winded and fast-forwarded through. If you have ever owned a VCR, and have used the fast-forward function to get to a certain part of the film, you would notice things racing up until that moment. Paranoia and fear had definitely started to get the best of me. I felt my life was just that, and that any moment I was going to get a phone call saying that my friend had done something very bad. (The one who was also on psychedelics). You see these kind of thoughts always screw with me because on previous acid experiences I would feel that something was about to happen and was 'meant to happen' (whatever that means) at a particular moment, and then sure enough it would. Things like getting a phone call from somebody, even knowing what they were going to say. I felt like this was going to happen 25 times through out the experience. Fortunately, it never did. My friend was fine, in fact, he didn't even get effects.

(9:30pm) I never really do lose my grasp on time. I always seem to know what it's for, and what it is, a reference point. It seems the only thing that disappears for me while tripping in regards to time -- is the significance of it. I knew when I took the drug. I also realized that the effects weren't getting any weaker, they were still building. At this point in time, I was laying in my mom's bed. Nothing really seemed unusual about it. I kept getting lost in silence. All I could do was feel. I felt as if I was in my own bed. But about 10 to 15 minutes later I realize that I should probably get out of it in case she comes home surprisingly, even though I knew she wouldn't.

(9:45PM) The general visual display is nothing short of intense. Imagine every single thing you can see in your field of vision, your hands, your nose, your surroundings, etc, were to come together into one, and that you become as an observer and are outside of it. Now imagine all of what you can see in a picture frame, and imagine the actual picture is like a bed sheet. What can a bed sheet do when it gets hit by an outside force, perhaps air for an example? It begins to waver and contort. This is by all means a shitty comparison, that actually makes the visual display seem weak in my opinion, but let me continue: While the whole field of vision is contorting, individual things within it do the same exact thing. Everything is pulling itself apart, stretching, expanding, exploding, and falling back together, all within the heat of the moment. The texture on things seem to pull apart and form faces, eyes, I feel like God is looking at me through every object in the room. Is he laughing at me? Playing with me? Trying to show me something? Oh damn, the God thoughts start. I quickly let them pass.

(10:30PM) Given the nature of how I feel, I no longer want the experience. I no longer engage in visuals and let things be active, I try hard to plant a foot into reality. My foot never reached it. The peak stayed strong for hours. I was back in my mom's room with the TV on, watching King of the Hill. The humor behind the show never made more sense, this shit was hilarious. Of course everything on TV appeared to be 'blooping' I'd call it. It was like as if peoples heads would blow up like a balloon and deflate. It was funny and scary at the same time. Looking at contorting faces, human or cartoon, isn't always a pretty sight. It's quite reality bending, it almost seemed demented. Objects seemed tilted too. The TV, looked like it was leaning, even though it was quite square in actuality.

(10:45PM) The whole time I feel like I'm in a dream, ignore the fact that I now mention it at 10:45PM... Watching King of the Hill previously, looking around. I felt like I was dreaming while being awake. Like as if the two came together. The mysteriousness of a remembered dream, but being felt present as if this was how it is. I was aware it was the drug, and everything I was feeling was due to a drug, though I was unsure how that fact was relevant, I was very unsure how that fact mattered. The idea of being stuck in a trip forever seemed very real. I thought of other people who said after the trip they never really did quite feel the same. Is this going to happen to me? Am I going insane?

(10:55PM) I tried texting a friend. My friend N. She's a good friend of mine. I felt like it'd probably plant me into reality a bit more if I could just text her and laugh about something. Instead I get a strange text from her. I do not get what the hell she is talking about at all, and it scares me. Does she know I'm tripping? Is she fucking with me? What the hell does this mean? I'm usually good at at least understanding sober things when I'm tripping, but what the fuck did 'Hey tell me what green circle half split 48 11 is' mean? I was beyond confused. That would still appear weird to me even now. Any way, after asking her to be more specific about 9 times and going through an extreme mind-fuck the entire time, Google returns the words Oxycodone 15mg immediate release. I think, 'OH!', and I also think, why does she have Oxy's, LOL. Bad Bad Bad girl!

I did not feel as if my mind was back in so-called 'everyday reality' til about 12:30PM. I sort of aborted my trip 3/4th's the way through. It was a difficult experience.

Though, in retrospect it was an interesting experience. An experience you don't want at the time, but look back on and say, Damn, wow. What the fuck happened there. I have taken two 2C-E trips since I have received my last batch, and my two trips were ENTIRELY different, even though both trips were insufflated and about the same amount. EVERYTHING -- the visuals, the feelings, what we call a 'mind fuck'. Everything. All I know now is I definitely need a good break. I think the fact that I had dosed two days prior may have made my body load more unusually harsh. But to whoever said 2C-E loses it's magic -- I think that's a gross understatement. I've taken tons of 2C-E trips and every single one, has been undefinable to date.

Also, I recall something else that had happened during that experience, another paranoiac delusion we can call it. My stomach had been feeling very tense during the experience, and at times I caught myself in a fetal position on a bed, whether it was my own or my mom's. I kept feeling like I'd be stuck in that C shape forever, like I'd walk around hunching with that little seed in my stomach. LOL. I don't know. That's 2C-E for you. The words always seem to make perfect sense and echo in my head, that were said by the synthesizer himself, 'Someday, the full character of 2C-E will be understood, but for the moment, let it rest as being a difficult and worth-while material. A very much worth-while material.'

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 83871
Gender: Not Specified 
Age at time of experience: 19
Published: Jun 22, 2010Views: 15,222
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