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The Beauty and the Beast
Citation:   Psychestim. "The Beauty and the Beast: An Experience with 2C-E (exp116912)". Jan 7, 2023.

T+ 0:00
12.2 mg oral 2C-E
  T+ 4:04 1 mg oral Pharms - Lorazepam
  T+ 6:20 1 oral Alcohol - Beer/Wine

2,5-Dimethoxy-4-ethylphenethylamine (2C-E) barely needs an introduction, it痴 one of Alexander Shulgin痴 "magical half-dozen" members and rightfully so. This substance is an unpredictable, dose-sensitive and long-lasting phenethylamine which is quite unlike the other 2C compounds. What follows is the most profound psychedelic experience I've had but also a very daunting one and all of this on a common dose!

**Background information:**

- gender: male
- age: 25
- weight: 80 kg
- setting: at home, alone
- set: I知 fine, but feeling the weight of the pressure. I am uncertain and apprehensive if today is the right day for a trip especially for something like 2C-E. The last six weeks I basically did nothing but study and yesterday I had my exam. I知 not sure if I should go on this journey just yet (should宋e been a giveaway lol) I am slightly anxious, hopefully this will reside once the trip starts.
- tolerance: none, last psychedelic I took was 2,6-dibromomescaline (80mg) over a month ago.

I weigh out exactly 12.2mg of some extremely pure 2C-E HCl on my analytical balance. It was lab-tested a while ago and came back as unadulterated. The powder looks like way more than 12.2mg but it壮 consistency is very fluffy so it should be accurate.

Three hours before my dose I had an espresso and two hours after that I had a light breakfast (bread, two eggs, cheese, vegetables). I also took 2.5g magnesium glycinate right before I took the 2C-E to counteract possible bodily discomfort. I also had a bunch of 2-FDCK the night before but I doubt that this will influence the experience.

**2C-E HCl (12.2mg, oral) / Trip Report:**

Down the last of my magnesium water and do a little meditation to calm my nerves. I僧 a bit fidgety, should I really do this? I僧 preparing a few notes with mantras like "Go with the flow and "don稚 fight it.

Dump the 2C-E HCl in some cold water and swish it around. It hardly dissolves but I down the solution anyway. Very excited!

I知 feeling a light shift in my mental state and my muscles start tightening up. My pupils are widening and I知 getting faint rushes of electrical stimulation through my body.

There痴 a slight sourness in my stomach and some nausea building. My hands are cold and I知 very lucid, like a breath of fresh air is running through my mind. Visual effects are also setting in but they喪e quite mild yet. This stuff feels amazing already, normally I dislike PEA comeups but I sort of enjoy this.

Self-reflection time already?
"You gave your all for this last exam! No matter what the result is going to be it definitely wasn稚 for nothing. You池e smart and your disciple is something you can be proud of. Your girlfriend has supported you through this tough time even though she struggled as well. Offer her some help in the next couple of days until this stressful time cools down. I love her. was written down on a piece of paper. The character of the 2C-E is emotional, clear and very friendly. I love this.

The peak is slowly unfolding and I僧 feeling warm and secure. This is a marvelous drug! How beautiful is this world! I僧 so grateful to be alive. The closed-eye visuals are already insanely strong but not too colorful. I僧 transported into a new dimension made up of millions of intertwining particles and I僧 in the midst of it. What the fucking fuck is happening? I don奏 know if I ever had CEV壮 like this, this is so impressive. My mind is shredded into little pieces and I can see them flying away into nothingness. I am a tiny speck in this universe and still I belong. I can vividly see my neurons shooting impulses to each other. Tiny 2C-E molecules doing their thing and what they are doing is magical.

Love is the greatest gift humanity has ever been graced with. I repeatedly babble the words "love" and "gratefulness" while being transported through this insane world of mathematical patterns and intricate geometry. This is the ultimate peak experience, what the fuck is happening! I have never experienced love like this, I feel like I am about to take off. I am so lucid but have no control, yet I am so at peace. My body feels so comfortable, the 2C-E is surprisingly transparent physically. My mind starts to go blank and I am left with this crazy soup of colors. I am entering places I have never even imagined to exist. Wow, wow, wow.

My ego is on a slippery slope and has been so for the last 30 minutes. A higher power wants to take my soul away and I知 a little scared. This is a very strong experience, how can 12mg do this? I am having a full blown synesthesia, I can fucking taste the auditory hallucinations. This is something I haven稚 mentioned yet but 2C-E痴 auditory effects are next level. It distorts everything! I am sitting on the couch looking at my notes and try to relax. Breathing helps but I am feeling obsessed by something. I decide to take a shower and the warmth feels great on my skin. My mind is rattling and my senses are all over the place. I僧 seeing people in my periphery vision and sounds are playing not so funny tricks on me. I had something similar happen years ago when I took a bit too much 2C-B. Is this too much? I need to calm down a little.

Leave the shower, go back to the living room and open the window. Fresh air is good but it壮 freezing outside. The visuals are going absolute nuts, it doesn奏 matter if my eyes are open or not. This is so disorienting. I僧 changing up the music and decide to call my girlfriend who is on vacation atm.

We喪e talking for a while which brings me down a little but after she hangs up I僧 back at it. No way it壮 only been two and a half hours since I took it?!

This is too much, I am extremely disoriented and frankly I僧 frightened. I haven奏 have such a strong and overwhelming experience ever (and I致e had many). I知 just laying here getting obliterated and my reality shattered by 2C-E and that on only 12mg! Hopefully I値l be back to normal once this is over. I am cuddled up in a blanket with a hot-water bottle and try to breathe. I repeatedly look beside and behind me because it seems that there痴 a presence around me. I僧 exhausted and paranoid.
Fuck it, I僧 gonna eat a milligram Temesta.

The benzo didn奏 do anything, I am still anxious and worry about going insane. Well, just have to ride it out and take another one in an hour or so if I don奏 feel any better. I do a lot of self-reflection and can see why this trip went a little south. I impulsively decided to take 2C-E today with which I have very little experience with, I took it alone after some hesitancy if I should trip at all and still did it. Well, jokes on you.

The Christmas tree lighting is going crazy. I cannot emphasize enough how impressive 2C-E壮 visuals are. Overall, I would say this is the most fascinating psychedelic I宋e taken. This experience has it all, I experienced bliss and beauty but also a feeling of dread and insanity.

Take another mg of lorazepam, this stuff is so merciless. I repeatedly say "2C-E is relentless and try to breathe. My mind is still so fragile and my senses are fucked. A ghost in the wall controls my movement like I僧 a puppet. I can literally see and feel the strings he壮 pulling. I am reading something on my computer but my vision is so blurry and everything fuses together into a giant blob of something. I cannot even describe the complexity of the 2C-E experience. I put on a podcast to keep me grounded and to stay in reality but this is easier said than done. All the faces are morphing into hideous creatures and the voices sound off. I always look next to me because my blanket looks like a toddler. Man this is so wacky, please brain don奏 ever be like this. I have never been so rag dolled by a psychedelic, it just does what it wants to me. I an telling all a few friends what is happening.

I don奏 feel much of the benzos, the 2C-E overpowers the lorazepam no problem. I do feel a little less anxious and my motor control is a bit off especially since I haven奏 eaten anything since breakfast. My mind is still racing, I僧 wide awake, stimulated and hallucinating heavily. I make myself a tiny snack and drink a can of beer in the hopes of further numbing the 2C-E. My walls are moving, my head is spinning and I僧 utterly confused. The headspace is still ripping through the layers of my reality, it feels like I知 getting peeled like an onion. One positive note though, the bodyload throughout the experience was quite manageable.
The headspace is still ripping through the layers of my reality, it feels like I知 getting peeled like an onion. One positive note though, the bodyload throughout the experience was quite manageable.
In the beginning it was actually the most comfortable I have ever felt on a psychedelic.

The alcohol and the lorazepam make me feel dizzy and like I僧 on autopilot. The 2C-E peak has definitely turned down a notch but it壮 still quite strong. Just trying to watch TV now until I regain consciousness.

Alright, I僧 feeling better now. It has still not completely subsided but it壮 very manageable now. I僧 tired but still alert. Can奏 believe what a ride that was. Need some time to process all of this, but I am quite intrigued to visit this space again. Next time in a better mental state and with a tripping buddy or sitter.

Brush my teeth and go to the bed.

**The day after:**

Slept pretty deeply and didn't dream anything. Feeling pretty good today, but wow that was quite something. I do have a headache that started right when I went to bed but this is typical for me when I do PEA psychedelics.



2C-E, the teacher, what a fucking accurate name. It壮 crazy how such a small amount completely destroyed me and I lost all my rational thinking while still feeling clearheaded. The synesthesia this substance induced was unlike anything I've ever experienced. This drug has it all, it壮 extremely visual, mind-bending and physical. A drug I would only recommend to experienced trippers and one I would treat with the utmost respect. It壮 not really a fun or recreational psychedelic but a powerful catalyst for betterment and one to humble you if you don奏 respect it. After some integration work I will definitely revisit 2C-E because even though it was a scary psychedelic experience it was also the most beautiful one I've had. The things I felt in the beginning are not reproducible and will stick with me for a long time. I think the trip went sour because the intensity surprised me and I had a hard time letting go. My ego crumbled and I held on for dear life because I was scared of going permanently insane.

Next time I will prepare much better for 2C-E and hopefully it鼠l be a bit more graceful. I僧 sure 12mg will be not this strong for most people because I had an atypical reaction to it due to my apprehension before taking it. I already had one ~10mg trial with it three years prior and that was not nearly as strong or memorable. Anyway, please be careful with this drug. Some people react much stronger to 2C-E than others so start with a few milligrams and titrate your way up in small increments. It is a phenomenal psychedelic, and among the most powerful and wildest things I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

Exp Year: 2022ExpID: 116912
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 25
Published: Jan 7, 2023Views: 1,191
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2C-E (137) : Difficult Experiences (5), General (1), Alone (16)

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