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Very Difficult 15 Hours
by Nihhrt
Citation:   Nihhrt. "Very Difficult 15 Hours: An Experience with 2C-E (exp92756)". Dec 4, 2015.

30 mg oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)


My first time with 2C-E lasted 15+ hours, I took somewhere from 30mg to 40mg, I'm not really sure because my scale wasn't calibrated and I did not expect anything to happen (because I'd tried mushrooms a few times 5g+ dried and got little to nothing and thought all hallucinogens would be this way).

I ingested it around 3ish pm

At about an hour and a half or so I started to have typical patterning but it was a bit different than what most people talk about it, was all moving but about every few seconds it'd get static-y like fuzz on a TV. Colors were changing and my computer monitor all of the sudden looked like it was in 800x600 mode.

About 3 hours after that my neighbor comes over and we start talking, I sat on my doorstep and everything was fractal-like and moving around outside. At this point I was intensely nauseated and had manageable stomach pains so after about 30 or so minutes he invites me to look at his drawings and I almost forgot to get everything that one should carry with them (keys, phone, wallet for identification) and I almost forgot to lock the door.

At this point I could barely walk properly, luckily he was there to even help me get over to his place, he had some really cool geometry/fractals/mandala drawings and this is where my trip gets really hazy. He was morphing from an old man to a young one (he is actually of decently elderly age somewhere around 50 or so) and he played beautiful music. At random points I saw blood everywhere, at one point I thought he had killed me and I was just reliving the moments before he killed me before I drew my last breath. We talked about the government and other various things for apparently a very long time.

Suddenly it's 11:30pm and I'm at my place at my doorstep trying to say goodbye (he's rather long-winded) so I could 'go to sleep' because I had to work at 5am (that wasn't going to happen) so I finally bid him farewell. This is where I started to panic because it had been 7 or so hours and I wasn't coming down. I called my mom and told her I was having issues with my trip and that it is taking a turn for the worse (by the way I'm 23 so I'm not underage and I don't live with her, she's just a cool mom). She was asleep at the time and said it'll be done eventually and hung up.

After that I called my friend and told him I'm beyond fucked up and having time loops and major deja vu and all I heard was 'yeah man try to get away from that shit it'll make you crazy' (about 5 times or at least in my head he did). That just worried me even more so I told him bye and tried to do everything in my power to calm myself down, everything from video games, music, porn, TV, anime, drinking water, eating grapes, EVERYTHING, and nothing was calming me down. I tried to go to sleep and when I closed my eyes all I saw was anything I saw break down into lined colors like (picture attached, it's similar).

Then I got stuck into thought loops and couldn't think straight and kept making up nonsensical things such as not even bats spoink doppiditty could save me now. This continued on for hours. While this was happening I had the worst lower intestinal pain as if I had to pass gas or poop but I didn't. I kept trying and nothing would come out. This continues on while I keep thinking I'm going to die (but I still knew I was tripping at the time so I just kept telling myself it'll pass and it just kept going and going and going).

It went on and on like that for a while. The point is don't take 30+ mg and make sure you properly calibrate your mg scale and take a small dose (less than 15mg) and make sure you have positive things and people around you.
The point is don't take 30+ mg and make sure you properly calibrate your mg scale and take a small dose (less than 15mg) and make sure you have positive things and people around you.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 92756
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23 
Published: Dec 4, 2015Views: 1,602
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2C-E (137) : Difficult Experiences (5), Alone (16)

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