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Puking Violenty In The Kitchen Sink
Citation:   Larry. "Puking Violenty In The Kitchen Sink: An Experience with 2C-E (exp86556)". Nov 25, 2017.

20 mg IV 2C-E
[Erowid Note: The dose described in this report is very high, potentially beyond Erowid's 'heavy' range, and could pose serious health risks or result in unwanted, extreme effects. Sometimes extremely high doses reported are errors rather than actual doses used.]
First off I would like to state that I am no novice when it comes to psychedelics, have much experience with high doses and even have tripped in different settings as well as different mind states to see how I react to it.

It was a fine summer day, I was at my place when a friend of mine decided he wanted to try some 4-ho-dipt that I had lying around, I had decided I would not take anything because I was planning on going to the gym later on that evening.
it was a pretty good day, we went swimming and he enjoyed the trip. Later on as I arrived to the gym I felt very unmotivated to do very much because I had a increasing urge to do some tripping myself.

I was in the mood to do something extreme and have been playing with the idea of trying some sort of psychedelic iv.
I am not a great fan of doing drugs intravenous (have only done it twice with amphetamine), but I am however a big fan of having powerful mind-blowing psychedelic experiences.

As I got home I consulted with my friend about doing this, he said I should think carefully if I want to really go through with it.
we had looked up for info on the web about 2ce iv. but there was not much, only thing I found was on a reputable website about a guy who gave his friend 1.5mg and he considered it a strong dose. II proceeded to call a friend who knew a guy who has also once taken 2ce iv. and reported no effect whatsoever with a very high dose, I figured that he had a high tolerance and therefore no effects were felt.

I was confident that 20mg would not have a physically lethal effect I was ready to go.

Motivated by the desire to get rid of the feeling of discontent I had been feeling lately I was looking forward to having a rude awakening that will reveal why I am not in peace and force me to change my ways. I was not sure of the outcome because of conflicting data but I was ready for anything, no time was wasted, the plunger was loaded and I steered my mindset to where it should be with the help of some good music. Fortunately my friend who was with me at the time was experienced with intravenous injections so he could preform the task on me.

I lay on my bed and put my arm out in anticipation, I had head phones and tried to sync the onset of the experience to the peak of a song that gave me courage (white water - the unknown), I felt ready and was filled with so much excitement that a big smile has covering my face, then all of a sudden my friend got up and said he needs to go to the toilet.

I think he took a lot of time intentionally in order to let me reflect over what it is I was getting myself into, he had clearly stated that he thought it was not a good idea and after a while his attitude towards my decision had started to affect me and the sense of excitement I had before had been replaced with extreme nervousness
the sense of excitement I had before had been replaced with extreme nervousness
, I closed my eyes and told him to do it, my heart was pounding so hard that he could see it through my chest.

He left the room very quickly and said that he could not do it (probably because I was acting like I was in a very bad state of mind), I quickly went after him and reassured him that I want to go through with it and told him to give me five minutes to calm down.

After a while I was feeling much more confident and relaxed so we went into the bedroom again, I put on my song again and gave him my arm, he put the needle in and I told him to push the plunger.

I started to feel a little bit as he pushed it in but it was not until he pulled the needle out that it hit me with all intensity, it was as if somebody poured a bucked of fractals on my face.

All of a sudden I felt the ground shaking violently and I rushed out of the bedroom and went into the living room where my friend was sitting with his girlfriend, my arm was dripping with blood because he did not remember to put some paper where the needle had penetrated my vain. I was wobbling around my apartment with a bloody arm like a psychopath frantically looking for my cat because I thought there was an earth quake.I perceived the look of shock in my friends eyes as being a result of the ground shaking not knowing it was me they where concerned over because I must have looked completely out of it, even my cat could sense there was something wrong and was hiding from me.

After about 30 seconds I realized I was tripping and went into the kitchen so as not to bother them with whatever it was they where doing, I wiped of the blood from my arm and had a feeling of disgust as I saw the syringe on my kitchen table, 'this is not how I thought my life would be when I was little'.

Nothing left to but ride it out, I pace back and forth in my kitchen and let myself get lost in a world of fractals and patterns that look like claws trying to grasp me every time I closed my eyes, I welcome them and let them come inside me.
I do not recollect at which stage it happened but I clearly remember that at one point I could feel the claws crack open my skull and I completely loose visual contact with the real world for a brief moment, this complete immersion into a different surrounding kept happening throughout the majority of the experience.

The most memorable part happened not long after I had taken the drug, I started puking violently in the kitchen sink, I usually never vomit from psychedelics and I found it very discomforting. My friend heard me from the living room and came to give me some support, he gave me a hug and he gave me a look that I perceived to be of pity. At that point I could not help but feel as if I made a big mistake, a feeling of great sorrow was invading my soul, it was as if we both realized what was going to happen.

I stare at my vomit go down the sink as I quietly wait for death to arrive, sorrow from all the people that have known and loved me takes over as I feel my body merging with my surroundings slowly spreads throughout space.

My friend goes back to the living room and I start pacing back and forth again, patterns comprised of a strong warm light distort my visual field invade my body causing me to sweat profusely.

After a while I start to puke again, get the same feeling as before but I start to steer away to another direction, basically I just walk back and forth listening to music and get lost in my own world.

I try to go into the bedroom but when I lay in my bed I start seeing all kinds of creatures that are feline in nature coming at me and I start thinking I'm in a cave so I start growling and grunting to scare the monsters away. I feel like I have deg-rated a few steps in the evolutionary scale, all of a sudden I am walking around like a cave man screaming and moaning in order to show any other creatures that might lurk in my surroundings that I exist.

I walk back to the kitchen and stay there for a while, I think I'm alone when all of a sudden they come in to the kitchen to smoke a cigarette, I become frightened even though they show peaceful intentions, human contact is uncomfortable at this stage, everybody is looking at me like I'm some kind of freak. So I sit at the table hold my cup of tea and close my eyes, strong vibrations and warm light fill my body, I shake so much they cant help but stare, the vibrations are orgasmic but so strong its on the verge of being uncomfortable, even though it is pleasurable I am wanting it to end.

I thought it would be over in less then an hour, I can not believe it is still going strong after 4 hours or so.
I am left alone in the kitchen to ride it out, but after a while I start to get caught in a disturbing thought,
I am in a place I would rather not be in, the primordial soup is what I see, and I associate the behavior of the bubbling sludge to the modern customs of society, I have a hard time accepting the reality of it, and in an attempt to break my thought cycle I move into the living room and sit down by the fan.

This is a much better place, I close my eyes and try to ignore that there are other people in the room, as soon as I close my eyes I start to feel like I'm in a completely different place, I fantasies that I'm sitting on the beach after a hard day of work and feel the sun rays feeding me with love, at this point I am utterly content.

After a while I am disturbed by my friend who is trying to do something with the computer while I'm sitting in the computer chair so I decide to move into the bedroom, I lay in my bed and continue to drift away in my happy place.
when the trip is over I eat something and go out for a walk, I manage to sleep shortly after.

Conclusion: Although it was a very strong trip I did not achieve what I wanted, I think its because my brain is used to it so I'm not affected by it in the same way I used to be when I was a novice.

The trip lasted about 12 hours, I find that the fast onset to be a con, I prefer to let the trip build up slowly that way I can deal with any negative thoughts before it peaks and enjoy the trip longer. However I don't believe that the strength and intensity of doing 2ce iv. is possible to reach if swallowed. 50mg orally is nowhere near as strong as 20mg iv. The duration was also longer than when I took 50mg orally.

In hindsight it would probably have been enough with 15mg, I think it would have been be more pleasurable. Anything less than 10mg is not worth it for me.

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 86556
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 23
Published: Nov 25, 2017Views: 1,514
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Overdose (29), Health Problems (27), Difficult Experiences (5)

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