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The Other Side of the IM Coin
Citation:   B. Rooney. "The Other Side of the IM Coin: An Experience with 2C-E (exp72135)". Sep 29, 2008.

8.0 mg IM 2C-E
Iím not one to write trip reports but this story must be told. I am as experienced as any 18 year old hardcore hippie, iv done a lot of acid, and a lot of drug combos with acid involved including multiple times doing lsd+2c-e, my fair share of mushies, a bit of e, way to much DXM in my youth (13-16.) Of course just about every popular benzopine and opiod and opiate, I am also unfortunately considerably versed in heroin and cocaine and am still recovering IV cocaine addict (5 months clean woo).

Well last January I acquired a hefty amount of 2c-e and the games began. I for the most part just consumed via oral, the highest dose being about 35mg over a course of a night (bad idea but thatís another story for another time) in what Iím convinced was just drug frenzy and little to anything at all to do with psychedelics and expanding my mind. Anyway I had read a trip report online about a guy who IM injected 2c-e and made it sound just marvelous, and that being the ONLY report I could find anywhere where someone IM injected 2c-e. Well after reading that ONE report over and over I decided why the hell not. So I put 8mg into a spoon with some water and 'cooked' it up, it diluted very well after fire was applied.

Then I proceeded to IM inject the lot of it into my right thigh. It was almost immediate. I knew I fucked up, bad. My entire body was getting the weirdest surges of what I can only explain as the most spirtualy/physcially painful thing I have ever felt. Kind of similar to feeling as if I was getting a mild form of electric shock running through my body. It was soon after this I was having extreme trouble breathing. At this point I am straight freaking out, to quote Hunter S. Thompson it felt like someone shoved a 220-volt cattle prod up my ass.

I found my brother who helped me set up one of the breathing treatments that asthma kids use (I just so happen to have one those machines) but I still couldnít breath. At this point the body load is consuming me and the visuals were yes extremely intense but I couldnít concentrate on any one thing for more than 2 or 3 seconds. The next thing I remember Iím violently throwing up what I can only describe as foam, BUT as I'm doing this my brother (I eventually forgave him for this) decides to call 911.

Well as u might figure 10 seconds after I threw up I felt GREAT. Just tripping in divine fashion I remember everything looked very purple, almost as if I could see air, and it was purple. But my brother already called 911. So I almost took off before they showed but my brother told me if I go Iím not his brother anymore. So I stayed figuring I can just talk to the cops respectively and tell them it was a false alarm. O boy was I wrong. Cops come knocking on my door so I open it (with the little chain on secured) just enough to talk to this pig. Well he starts off by being a total dick and I tell him to relax and everything was fine, and he yelled at me, then he tried reaching into my house and I told that he was on private property and told him to leave.

Well I hear him say 'fuck it, lets do it' next thing I know the door is busted down and Iím getting my tiny ass thrown around by a huge pig and Iím handcuffed. They throw me in the back of the squad and I realize they cuffed my bro (he's 13) after a bit of bad noise they let him go. Then I point out to the officer that I was latterly almost dieing and he beat my ass. Made him feel real dumb, but I was still in cuffs. Then the ambulance shows up and because I was just 2 weeks shy of being 18 it was my parentís call. I remember I got in the ambulance very peacefully. But I look over at my arm to discover the paramedic was working on an IV, so I ripped it out even after I told the guy he better not try to give me anything cause 2c-e is pretty much experimental and was not even close to the opiate/opiod family and I donít think narcon would help (jackass.)

It was right about now when Iím riding in the ambulance and I accepted my fate and relaxed enough to realize that I was fucking out of my gourd. I really donít remember the visuals specifically but I remember they were intense. We finally arrive at the hospital and Iím some kids wing in this giant room and I remember all the fishes swimming around on the walls, and very specifically I remember a nurses scrubs had awesome dinosaurs on it that were quite realistic (at least to me) of course as soon as I got there the doc had to call poison control cause he had never heard of 2c-e.

After that they just started pumping me full of ativan just to get me to shut up. I remember I kept asking for pot, over and over. Screaming how I wanted a cigarette and a real benzo. The 12 hours or so were spent pretty much the same, every 20-30 min another dose of ativan. I imagine the ativan killed at least a good part of the visual aspect of the trip but I didnít care, hell I was still tripping like I ate 8 hits of liquid acid. I just remember the visuals being very flowing; they all seemed to come together. They finally let me go after I convinced them I was sober and psyche check. I walked out of there still at least ++ on shulgins scale. It took almost 3 days to finally stop hallucinating and easily a week before I felt 'normal.' No charges were even thought about being pressed even though I was on probation.(appearantly my ma gave the cops a small sample of the 2ce for god knows what reason.

There were a few things that I took from this that I think are very important. For one IM injecting ANY RC is a bad idea. And for the love of jebus I would never, ever, ever, ever call 911, all they did was beat my ass and claim I was uncontrollable. Now really in fact you should remember that a lot of RCs come on like a motherfucker and if I just held off for an hour or so I would have been fine, but if you really, really do the feel the need to go to the hospital have a friend drive, not to mention that ambulance ride isnít cheap. Now of course though in an emergency of all emergencies yeah go ahead and call, but im warning u now.

All Iím trying to put out there is that there are 2 sides to every coin. And for the love of god donít read some guys report and just assume it will be cool. Like I said earlier, trip reports are not my style, but this is vital info, if this could stop one person from doing what I did and end up in the hospital I am more than happy. Because every time something like this happens you better believe the DEA keeps track. Lets try to keep these unpopular and for the most part unheard of drugs just that, unheard of and out of the news.

Much love, B. Rooney

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 72135
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Sep 29, 2008Views: 13,506
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