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Lost Walking
by NuAgeRetroHippie
Citation:   NuAgeRetroHippie. "Lost Walking: An Experience with 2C-E & MDMA (exp82159)". Jan 29, 2010.

T+ 0:00
30 mg oral 2C-E
  T+ 2:00 1 capsl oral MDMA


I guess I'll start from the beginning. I got off a bus in Toronto at 9:15 with 5 of my close friends, with the intention of going to a rave, we met up with another friend before leaving from the station and were soon on our way. Some of these friends will be important later, so I'll name them now as N, S, D, G, B and M. The venue for this particular rave was quite far from the station we'd all arrived at, and so we took a subway to get us most of the way there. Almost as soon as we were done riding the subway, I got N to dose me with what we assume to be just upwards of 30mg of 2C-E. This was my first time trying this drug, but I had known that this friend was getting it long in advance and he had already done it before at this point. I'd also done some reading on it myself, but not near enough, I was totally unprepared for some parts of the experience.

By the time we arrived at the rave (approximately 10pm) my dose still hadn't kicked in, I was feeling quite sober, and I spent about the first 40-50 minutes just finding people I knew from other raves, talking, and trying to help N sell some more of his 2C-E. Because I was keeping myself pre-occupied, and because I'm used to tripping on something at a rave anyways, I didn't even notice that I feeling any different until I was already a significant amount into my come-up. When I did notice I happened to be sitting in a smaller 'chill room' type area with a bunch of friends from previous raves, just talking and enjoying myself.

It all of a sudden became apparent to me how many conversations were going on around me at the same time, I could no longer remember which of these conversations I actually belonged to, this is a feeling that I remember persisting for most of the night to a lesser degree. I was quickly becoming staggeringly confused with all of these conversations, and decided I needed to find a close friend, someone who I could talk to. At this point I went back into the main dancing room, searching particularly for N and S, I don't know why I decided to search for them but they seemed like the right people to go to at the time.

I found them fairly quickly, but my conversation with them didn't offer me much relief I still felt very confused. At this point I realized that, for some reason, I needed to find MDMA. I felt like if I could get MDMA into my system, just one capsule, I would feel better, the confusion would leave me and I would be able to enjoy my trip more. Well, MDMA is never really hard to find at a rave, so after asking one or two people I found someone to sell me a capsule, payed them $10 and dropped it right there. Instantly I felt better, I began talking to the people that I had just bought my MDMA from, and found out that some of them had actually also bought 2C-E from N that night.

All of a sudden BAM, I don't know when the music stopped playing, but my friend M, was taking me by the hand and we were going to find the rest of our friends. I wasn't totally sure what was happening for a while, but I trust M and was fine following her. I soon found out what was actually going on, cops had shown up. I've heard quite a few stories about why they actually got called that night, but the reason that they were telling us for the place getting shut down was that it only had one exit.

So M and I walked around and found all of our friends, getting ready to leave, eventually most of us were together again, and suddenly we all realized that G was missing. We waited outside of the venue for him, but he never showed up, after a while M had to leave with some of her friends, which we all said was fine, but we had to stay and wait for G. After a while we were pretty much the last ones left in the area, and the cops were actually coming up to us to tell us specifically to leave. So we had to accept the fact that we'd lost one of our friends, and we began walking, following a guy we had just met outside of the rave, to get to a different party that was going on that night, after all it was still only about midnight and we were all tripping, we needed somewhere to go with a good atmosphere.

It was a fairly long walk from one venue to the next, but we didn’t mind. We all walked and talked and N eventually sold yet another dose of 2C-E to the guy we were following. Somehow during the walk I ended up carrying this guy’s guitar for him, for some reason it made me feel a lot better to have it on my back. The main point that I remember from this walk was running into an older man on the street with a guitar and a microphone. This man began to play some kind of old country-style tune for us, the music sounded absolutely beautiful and all of us sat down on the sidewalk to listen. I remember telling my friends afterward something along the lines of “that made this a good night”.

Anyways, we finally made it to the next party and G was sitting right outside, all of us were so relieved and gave him an earful about leaving the first one without us. I think that for most of the walk my trip wasn’t so strong because of the worry for G, but now that we’d found him again I was happy and my mind was racing with multiple thoughts at once. This is when another of the main sensations that I’ve noted seemed to start; people appearing and disappearing. I was standing with N and S, talking to them, I looked away down the street for a second, and when I looked back there were two new people standing with us. N and S seemed to think that this was completely normal and were now talking to these people as well.

I closed my eyes tight for a second and opened them again, when I did so the two new people were gone and had been replaced with another of my friends. I felt confused and looked across the street, suddenly the entire area seemed unfamiliar, and when I turned back to my friends again there were new additions to our group. N was telling me that one of the guys here had also taken 2C-E at the first party, I don’t remember this guy saying much but I felt like we totally understood each other. After another few sensations of appearing and disappearing people two more of my friends were there to tell us that a small group (approx. 10) of us were going to a park a short walk away to smoke weed. I agreed to come with them and we began walking once again.

This walk was short and uneventful, we made it to the park and sat down in a big circle, N pulled out his pipe and we began passing it around, taking turns packing it. At one point during our sesh I decided to check if I was getting CEVs, so I closed my eyes and dropped my head. The effect was amazing and quickly overtook me, the visuals themselves were brilliant patterns, flowing colours, they all seemed to be controlled and influenced by the sounds and conversations around me. I felt once again that I could hear every conversation going on around me at once, everyone’s voice was equally important, including those of other people in the park not even sitting in our group.

Someone had an ipod playing nearby and the music also influenced the style and mood of the things I was seeing. A few times one of my friends would call me by name, and ask how I was doing, I would respond with a quick “good” or “I’m okay”, but would often not open my eyes to talk to them. At one point I remember an eye filling my vision, for some reason I immediately identified this eye as being some kind of message from M, though I wasn’t sure what it was trying to tell me. Suddenly the eye began to divide and my vision was filled with many different eyes, each of them different. It was apparent to me that each of these eyes represented a different person that I knew, and I began identifying each one of them individually.

This was quite an impossible chore as the eyes were constantly moving and shifting, sometimes turning into completely different, unfamiliar entities. After a while the eyes had all vanished and I was now veiwing what seemed to be a large, pulsating mass, whatever it was, it was alive. This new thing that I was seeing disgusted me, and I didn’t want to see it for long enough to actually see what it was, so at this point I opened my eyes and returned to the circle where I was sitting with my friends.

After blazing for a while (I never really felt the weed kick in, but just the act of smoking it was a nice, familiar feeling) everyone decided that they were cold and wanted to walk somewhere that they could sit down inside. I wasn't particularly cold, or particularly warm, in fact for the entire trip the body sensation was an odd tingling sensation that seemed to be a mixture of cold and warmth. But they wanted to go so once again we began walking, this walk could not have been more than about 20 minutes but seemed to last hours to me. As we walked I kept staring at random street signs and shop signs, because all of the words and designs on them seemed to move and morph together.

The area that we were in was constantly changing and seemed unfamiliar to me, but I was fine with simply following my friends, I didn’t need to know where I was, I didn’t need a destination. My brain was working on overdrive, I was thinking about my life, my friends, I felt that I was figuring out how everything worked, like I was solving some huge puzzle. Among my many realizations, at one point I had convinced myself that this trip was going to last forever, that I would come out of it a completely different person, and many other things along these lines. I felt that these were all facts that I could not help and simply had to accept, while all of this was happening I was also carrying on a totally unrelated conversation with N and S.

Suddenly a man approached us to ask us for money, this is not an uncommon thing to happen while walking on the streets of Toronto at night, but for some reason at this point I froze. My brain was emptied of all thought, I stared at the man, his face was filled with odd-shaped craters and I could only see one of his eyes. I was suddenly filled with an intense, paralyzing fear and was unable to do anything, unable to say anything to this man except to helplessly mumble “I’m scared”. This was the most afraid that I have ever been of anything in my entire life, I couldn’t even think at all, I had no idea what to do. N told the man that I was on a lot of really hard drugs and he walked away, frustrated and upset with us.

I was glad that he was gone but now my mind began to race once again, this time with bad thoughts, things that I didn’t want to think. N grabbed my attention and quickly said exactly the right thing to calm me down. He simply brought up a story from years ago back at the beginning of high school, the memory calmed me down instantly and I was once again enjoying my trip.

The group of us soon made it to a donut shop where we all sat down, some of us got food, some coffee, and other drinks. I didn’t feel like eating but N offered to buy me an orange juice, which I accepted. I spent quite a while in there with my head down, enjoying some more CEVs, I also had an interesting sensation of looking out the window and not being able to tell what what actually outside, and what was a reflection of the things inside. After about half an hour of sitting inside my CEVs began to subside, becoming less intense and less interesting, so I opened my eyes and told my friends that I was coming down.

Visuals ended fairly quickly but the body high lasted for quite a while afterward, the thing that lasted the longest was a feeling of unfamiliarity. Even in areas that I had been before, I just had an odd feeling that I didn't know where I was, this persisted for most of the next day. When I finally got back home at around 2pm I still had this unfamiliar feeling, I didn't like it so I decided to sleep it off. I didn't have much trouble getting to sleep, and slept straight through until Monday morning. I had almost no hangover symptoms, I wasn't sore, even my jaw, which I felt like I was clenching at many points during the night.

Overall it was a fun experience. I don't know that I will use 2C-E again myself, at least not in the same dosage as I did this time, if I do it will probably be about half the dose. Not because I feel that this dose was too strong, but simply because I feel that this experience and some of the realizations that I came upon during it were unique and should be remembered as such.

Exp Year: 2009ExpID: 82159
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18 
Published: Jan 29, 2010Views: 8,181
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2C-E (137), MDMA (3) : Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2), Rave / Dance Event (18)

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