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2-C-E Commentary
Citation:   AP&RP. "2-C-E Commentary: An Experience with 2C-E (exp26422)". Aug 27, 2003.

  oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
Qualitatively identifying the psychoactive effects of 2-C-E has been rather difficult. After a number of ‘outings’, we have found ourselves at a loss for words, but intend to do the best we can to illustrate such an experience. It seems that the dose/response curve is inconsistent with the few reports in Pihkal, though this particular entry consists of unclear reports by the experimenters. In experiments ranging from 10-20 mg oral in two males, weights 150 and 190, we found mild effects at 15mg, with only slightly greater psychoactivity at 18mg and 20mg. We based our doses on [trusted] reports found on Erowid and those listed in Pihkal, as well as a little personal experience with phenethylamines. 10mg produced little more than a +1, with a peak around the 1.5 hour mark, declining rapidly until near baseline at 3.5-4 hours. Higher doses followed a similar timeline, though the peak tended to be ‘higher’, more intense and of longer duration. Side effects included gas, diarrhea, and some temperature variation, but was generally tolerable and short lived. Conversely, a 120 lb female in our group would beg to differ. She indicated a pleasant +3 at 8 and 10 mgs, but, on a third occasion, was rather shaken by a 10mg dose. Her experience consisted of discomfort and disorientation for a little over a half an hour, with effects lasting nearly six hours. She also noted a bit of nausea, but managed to have a good time after the height of the action.

Again, the effects of 2-C-E aren’t easy to describe. Both RP and I agreed that there was little mental activity in any of our encounters. We found it easy to entertain topics for a great deal of time, with the majority of our ‘trips’ spent discussing a variety of issues, though not deeply intellectual. There was a great deal of time distortion, as on a few occasions our conversations lasted well over two hours, with both of us believing only a short while had passed. There were no apparent audio hallucinations. Visual distortions were apparent, mainly amorphous surfaces, peripheral tracers and visual lag, though they seemed to come and go. Such is the nature of 2-C-E: a wavy pattern consisting of a number of effects one minute, none the next. At 20mg I felt an intense psychedelic experience looming in the background at the 1.5 hour mark, but by 1.75 hours it had passed without surfacing, and I was robbed of my excitement. We concluded that 2-C-E is conceptually inert, insofar as new ideas are concerned, and that its true value would only be made prevalent in a psychotherapeutic environment. While we felt that a +3 may have been apparent for a short while on a few of the experiences, it was only so in virtue of the fact that it was no longer an ignorable action, and it followed a clear chronology. The majority of the 2-C-E experience, it would seem, leans toward physiological disturbances.

But, as Shulgin notes in regard to his subjects, we both intend to continue to experiment with this substance. At the time of this writing, it is very possible to say that we haven’t given it a fair shake, or that we should re-align our expectations away from the tryptamine experience, which, in our opinions, represents total psychedelic immersion. It may be, too, that our critique of this substance is due to lack of attention: our intention in these experiments is not recreation, but knowledge- substances that concentrate on the physical senses are quickly dismissed. We have been unable to determine in which category 2-C-E fits. In the mean time, we ask that readers of this report properly research substances before their use, and not to use only this as a dosing guideline.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 26422
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Aug 27, 2003Views: 39,466
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Retrospective / Summary (11), Difficult Experiences (5)

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