The Psychedelic Tub of Terror
Citation:   Dud Doodoo. "The Psychedelic Tub of Terror: An Experience with 2C-E (exp97360)". Mar 20, 2020.

15 mg insufflated 2C-E (powder / crystals)
I've done 2c-i, a low dose was enjoyable.

I've done a low dose of 2c-e, that too was shaky yet enjoyable.

One day I grew confident in the merits of psychedelic research chemicals, and snorted a 5 dollar line up my nose. The pain was mind splitting, I have yet to experience anything like it again. I felt the effects within 2 to 3 seconds
I felt the effects within 2 to 3 seconds
, and as soon as I was able to open my eyes again my vision was swimming in color. After nearly a minute I decided I would try to walk off the pain and get a grip on the world around me. I stumbled around side my friends truck, suddenly collapsed onto it as the I was overtaken by the intensity. I lost vision and motor control in the side of my face I snorted it on, and fell to the ground. It all came back in a few more seconds. When it did, I had trouble making sense of what I was seeing. I waved a hand in front of my face, and it stretched out into a rainbow of trailing hands, lingering for over 5 seconds before fading away. At this point I was terrified and fell into a panic attack.

A friend of mine came over to me trying to talk me through it. I remember I could barely hear her words, they were twisting and inverting and fading in and out. The sensation of the trip was unlike anything I had ever known (I have tripped many times in the past of various substances) carrying the intensity of DMT with a demonic hellish energy. I remember thinking to myself that this was a whole new level of fuck. Every surface of my world was flowing with beautiful, morphing colorful murals of geometric patterns, faces, and images. All of it seemed to be mocking me. I managed to stand. A car occupied my attention now. As I looked, it began to change, and stretch, and morph into...whatever the hell that was. At this point 'the fear' set in; a psychedelic terror/paranoia that has no true form. Rather, it is given new, creative, horrible forms by my own brain. It was impossible to know what exactly I was afraid of because every time I would overcome it the fear would come back in a new and interesting way.
It was impossible to know what exactly I was afraid of because every time I would overcome it the fear would come back in a new and interesting way.
It was impressive really that my brain could keep coming up with new stimulating ideas, something I took notice of even while this was happening. I thought I had been dosed with a drug cocktail of 2c-e, 2c-p, meth, pcp, DMT, etc. Of course this was irrational and later disproven (it was in fact just 2c-e) I had trouble accepting that what I was experiencing was simply a higher dose of something I had already done. I remember shaking violently, a mobile 'buzzing' in my head (comparable to the sensation of a fly moving around from one area of my brain to the next, and although you always try to swat it it will never go away) The most terrifying part of the experience was that I was not facing a separate, menacing agent. This was me, this was my world, my universe. It was in my very head and at the heart of my very existence and there was no running from it.

My parents called. I made an attempt to communicate with them about undone chores, which ended in them demanding I return home. I was with my friends at the time, an environment I consider above all to feel safe when I'm tripping. The ride home was terrible. My head was full of fuck and I was trying to fake a sober composition. I bypassed them without incident and tried brushing the pool (a job which requires distinguishing blue from green, and my eyes were seeing colors I could not even name) Somehow I finished. There was no worse scenario in my mind than my parents finding out I was tripping this badly, then having to deal with the conversation and emotions that would come from them. Considering this, I announced I wasn't feeling well and promptly ran to the bathroom where I felt I was safe from any interaction. As is customary for me while sick I jumped in the bathtub. My reasoning was that if I heated my body it would accelerate the half life of the chemical. There is no way of telling if this was actually effective.

I sat in the tub of psychedelic torment for a total of 9 hours. With nothing to occupy my mind but visions and racing thoughts, I fell deep into insanity. It is difficult to recall everything that went through my head during this time, I suspect that I tried hard to forget much of it. The paranoia during this time exceeded irrationality. At one point I was speaking with a lady in my head, and suddenly it was frank speaking to her. Frank then sat on the floor in front of me and began speaking to the lady, who was me. I became aware of the animal inside the human. Everything about life seemed so futile, so pointless, like a joke of chemistry and chance that we were cruely forced to suffer and endure. All the while the drug (the manifestation of the drug in my brain, when given a host you could say it has a personality and mind of its own) was mocking me. How vain of you to try and live.

The effects lasted many more hours after the tub. They continued on through a sleepless night and very gradually began to fade. I suffered flashbacks and the resurgence of that thought loop for months after.

Balls were tripped. This experience ended forever my psychedelic drug use.


Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 97360
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 20, 2020Views: 1,321
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