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I Lost Control of Reality
Citation:   Huntar. "I Lost Control of Reality: An Experience with 2C-E (exp90631)". Nov 22, 2018.

T+ 0:00
20 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
  T+ 1:30 20 mg oral 2C-E (capsule)
Bad First Timer

About 3 weeks ago, me and my friend decided to buy 3 capsules of 2C-E. New the the drug I didn't have much of a thought, or feeling of what it did and didn't really research much about it. After not eating for a good 6 hours, me and my friend decided to take 1 capsule each at 8 P.M. Exactly.

8:00 (T0) We take the pill with water, sit back and play a game for a while.

8:17 (T+17) My friend gets the idea to go out side for a walk, we leave nothing has changed yet.

8:45 (T+45) After walking for a good 30+ minutes, my friend says he's feeling it, we decide to get ready for the trip and go inside for a while. It hasn't hit me yet.

9:25 (T+1:25) We sit down on the couch, and start watching some Adventure Time. Here's my first wrong move, I did not care to look at which episode I am watching, I just wanted to chill. I happened to pick a 'scary' episode, about zombies and fish creatures. I'm also aggravated that I have not felt anything yet.

9:30 (T+1:30) After a good hour and a half, I walk upstairs to take the other capsule. Not a good idea, in my dealers opinion. At around this time, my dealer texts me asking if every things alright and if I'm not having a bad trip. He also says specifically not to take the other capsule. He happened to say this AFTER I took it.

9:45 (T+1:45) 20 minutes into watching this Adventure Time, my friend grows scared and decides to take a shower. He is currently saying colors or mixing, and getting more vivid, and everything is changing. At this time, I'm also kind of scared that I took the second capsule. I walk upstairs and stuff starts to happen. It's hard for me to physically walk up my spiral staircase, and takes me a good few minutes.

9:55 (T+1:55) I decide to lay down on my bed. I find a lighter and start burning the fabric that hides the bottom of the wood that holds my top bunk up. Pieces fall on me and burn me, and I just laugh. I start feeling nauseated at this point as well.

10:00 (T+2:00) My friend comes upstairs and is done with his shower. He's looking like he doesn't know what's going on. I tell him I'm going to take one too, and I'll be right back.

10:05 (T+2:05) I sit down in the bath tub and start the shower water. At this point my body looks like it's disorientated, and I grow more nauseated. While focusing on these things, and the texts that I have been getting from my dealer, I text him telling that I took both pills. Forgetting to take the water stopper out, I turn out taking a bath.

10:15 (T+2:15) I'm still laying in the bath, wondering what the fucks going on, while everything around me is just so much different. My dealers also telling me that I will trip a little harder than I wanted to, and it'll all be okay.

10:25 (T+2:25) I finally make it out of the bath, and start walking up stairs, leaving my shirt off, not even noticing. My friend is on the computer tripping out watching a psychedelic wormhole tunnel. I confront him telling him that I'm back. He tells me that colors are fully new to him, and that everything is breathing. I have the similar effects, plus the disorientation.

10:30 (T+2:30) My friend figures out I took the second pill, and isn't to happy about it. I somehow try to convince him that I took it, without even noticing that. I also ask my dealer if I will throw up, or die (Ha.) and he responds saying I won't die, but I will probably throw up.

10:40 (T+2:40) We go downstairs and start watching T.V. (Comedy Central) I suddenly throw up everywhere on the floor, scaring the shit out of my friend on the other couch near mine. I try to get it out all, and I tell him I'm good. We're both not having a fun time really, considering he's scared about me, and I'm scared of almost everything in general.

11:00 (T+3:00) Holy shit. Everything's moving, and wavy. I can feel sounds. Things are breathing, and my views are so vivid. I feel horrible though, a constant feeling of puke in my mouth, and a feeling I'll throw up again. I decide to get back into the bath, finding out that I didn't even pull the stopper out again.

11:15 (T+3:15) I get out of the bath finding my friend rolled up in sheets, talking to him self. Simply putting together words and trying to figure his shit out. I walk to the thermostat and turn it up because I feel cold. I turn it up to about 80, and after staring at the thermostat not feeling any warming, I turn it up to max, 100. I'm almost positive it didn't get that warm, and if it did, it broke my thermostat because it was like that ALL night.

11:25 (T+3:25) Lying on the couch pissing myself scared now, my friend walks up my stairs and screams when he gets to the top of them. He runs down, and yells about there being blood everywhere, and other wicked shit.

11:40 (T+3:40) Not knowing what to do, and lost control of reality, I walk into my mums room and lay down on her bed. She is probably thinking what the fuck am I doing. I tell her I feel sick, and am not doing good. Figuring she's half asleep she doesn't really care. I came in here because my mind made myself think this is the safest place to be. I cannot fall asleep, and end up staring at the back of her head for 30 minutes, I get up and leave telling her I'm fine.

12:10 (T+4:10) My friend is still laying down, talking to himself and saying he's melted to the couch. I walk upstairs, which seems like it took hours. Trying to grasp reality, I get onto Ventrilo, and ask my friend for help. He tells me I should go to a hospital which only scares the shit out of me even more, therefore I throw up a bit more onto my floor.

12:20 (T+4:20) I walk downstairs and lay down onto the couch. My friend finally shut up and is just staring straight into the T.V. Hearing Comedy Central, I changed the channel because I think the language is to bad, and would scare us even more. I decide to put it on Disney Channel.

3:00 (T+7:00) I lay there for 3 hours straight constantly moving and feeling like shit. My minds gone, reality is lost fully and I am completely pissed. Out of nowhere, I finally stop moving. At this time I don't feel as bad, and I start talking to my friend.

3:15 (T+7:15) I think my peek severely helped me, and I feel a lot better. I'm talking to my friend fine, and we both are laughing our asses off at the cartoony characters on the television. Both of us still have distorted vision, and everything is still moving and kind of new.

4:00 (T+8:00) Feeling way better, I am content. Me and my friend have been watching Disney Channel for the past 4 hours, and for 2 hours, we named every single character in each show after one of our friends, and us.

4:50 (T+8:50) I fall asleep.

2:00 (T+18:00) I wake up, everything's back to the way it was.

I was completely unaware of what this drug would do to me. I had no clue I would have a bad trip for my first time, and really I was not ready for it. I hope to try this drug again, but next time in a lower dose, and in a more happy environment.
I hope to try this drug again, but next time in a lower dose, and in a more happy environment.

Exp Year: 2011ExpID: 90631
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Nov 22, 2018Views: 2,767
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2C-E (137) : General (1), First Times (2), Difficult Experiences (5), Bad Trips (6), Small Group (2-9) (17)

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