Shuddering and Cold
by Z.
Citation:   Z.. "Shuddering and Cold: An Experience with 2C-E (exp42291)". Jun 6, 2005.

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20 mg oral 2C-E (liquid)
  50 mg oral Caffeine (liquid)


I had acquired 500mg of 2C-E HCl salt from a reliable source 9 months prior. Purity is/was guaranteed. It was dissolved in 67.5% ethanol and water at 25mg/ml upon receipt is kept sealed. Multiple times since receipt, I have sent 1/2ml (12-14mg) doses to a specific set of friends. Every time, they are pleased. They claim it is like a combination of MDMA and LSD, with more visuals, sensuality and sexuality. They said it lasts about 5 hours full on and 1 hour to come down. They said .75ml or 1ml was better for them.

This sounded great to me and OK to my partner. My partner and I decided we would try this for our anniversary rather than known-good MDMA. Here is a log of our unexpected adventure, and surrounding events to the best of my logging abilities.


My partner is a female at 138lbs (62.6 kg)
Her dose was 0.6ml (15mg) 2C-E and 26mg caffeine.
I am a male at 289lbs (131.1kg)
My dose was 0.8ml (20mg) 2C-E and 50mg caffeine

Earlier in the day I also had a dietary supplement with the following contents:

  • 75mcg chromium

  • 15mcg vanadium

  • 200mg Glucomannan

  • 5mg Citrus Naringen

  • 50mg Glucosamine

  • 162.5mg Cocoa Extract (standardized for Phenethylamine (PEA), Tyramine, and 10% theobromine)

  • 125mg Green Tea extract (standardized for spigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), polyphenols and 40% caffeine)

  • 125mg Hoodia Gordonii (whole plant, less roots)


Previous night - 5 hours sleep, out of phase by 5 hours. Functional, but definitely on the short side for sleep.
T -13:00 I had a dietary supplement.
T -12:00 I had a sandwich, veggies and meat, water.
T -12:00 She had 20oz diet coke (76mg Caffeine) with normal meal.
T -07:30 I had another dietary supplement.
T -05:30 I had a plate of home-made nachos with meat, veggies and cheese over salted corn chips, plus a couple of glasses of water.
T -05:00 She had a bit of shepherd's pie (mashed potatos, meat, mixed veggies, tomato sauce).
T -04:00 We met up with friends and quickly acquired a couple of stiff drinks.
T -03:00 We declined further drinks and enjoyed the atmosphere. We were reminded of songs of growing up. My partner commented on our age.
T -02:00 We departed our friends who had decided to not participate in the rest of our evening.
T -01:30 We arrived at a hotel closer to home, got a room, set up music, got snacks, etc.

T +00:00 (1:00am) We took our respective doses with a shared 20oz diet vanilla coke. I probably had about 50mg of the caffeine, and her about 26mg. We forgot to log the exact time, and time dilation started very early. The 30+ mins seemed like hours.

T +00:30 Wondering if it will kick in. Other related 2C* and related drugs have given warnings pretty quickly.

T +00:45 I lie down, not noticing time dilation has already set in. I figure I'll just go to sleep if it doesn't kick in soon.

T +01:00 She noticed the curtains wavering and breathing. If I looked just right, I could sort of pick it out.

Everything seemed SOOO cold. This began growing into uncontrollable spasmic shivvering.
We were bundled up under the covers and switched from AC to heat. Repeatedly wished throughout the trip that we'd done X instead.

T +02:00 We realized that we weren't really cold. We still FELT cold and shivvery; however, the air we breathed in felt hot and dry. We turned off the heat for safety and tried to grapple with the physical symptoms.

Quantizing more of the trip. Visual afterimages mix with current images. Straight lines are not. Still things aren't. Facial expressions aren't quite what they seem.
Mostly we are overcome with the shivvering and discontent by our prior expectations of the trip not matching the reality of the trip. I'm pretty much able to deal with the effects, but she's probably 50% more up than I am. Not enough gradience between our doses. The lights seem to faintly pulsate for me. For her, they are almost strobing.

T +02:54 The trip has reached peak. Mental effects are mostly just sleep deprivation. Flanging of sensory input occurs somewhat. Sensory echoes occur. I picked up an ice cube and felt the shape of it on my back as well. I sat on a chair and felt the cool of it on my back and arms. Time dilation amplified with the trip. Every 5-20 mins seems like an hour. It mocks us that we will have 5-6 hours of this.
She thought she would throw up. She kept a trash can handy for about 5 or 10 minutes.
I felt a burning in my stomach.

T +03:44 The peak began slowly tapering off. VERY slowly. It took hours.
Overall mental state is the same as sleep deprivation. Visual effects are more pronounced. I verify mental abilities by logging into my computer, making notes, testing wireless internet, changing songs on WinAmp.

Visual after-images are not intense enough to greatly affect computer use. Some letters are a little funny, like lowercase s, but just quivering between the lines.
I find that by eating a payday candybar, some stomach noise goes away. That noise is recognized as burning. It takes a while to actually map this out as it's distracting.
We begin watching TV to distract ourselves. Fast changes are a bit tough to follow. We end up watching Rugrats meet the Wild Thornberrys. Mockery and humor and mushy sentimentality ensue.

She can't stay focussed on anything visually because her eyes are too jittery and skip around. She has strong astigmatism which may affect this. She has been and continues to drink water, eat ice, etc. to keep mouth moist. She determines that she needs to urinate and cannot. I determine that I may need to defecate and cannot. Urination works fine.

T +05:14 The trip is still going strong, slowly dampening, but very slowly.
I keep nodding off, but she can't sleep at all. It mocks her that I can. I apologize repeatedly for the mistake in choosing 2C-E. We just had misinformation, or we're 'special'.

T +07:24 I'm pretty much baseline. She is still a little bit up, but no convulsive shivvers. I'm able to perform all bodily functions normally.

T +08:30 She decides we need to go to the whirlpool tub. She gets ready and I eventually drag myself up and out of the bed. I'm able to urinate again, and so is she.

T +09:00 We make our way to the whirlpool hottub and it's refreshing, but not warm enough. We determine the air pump is pumping cold air/water. After some fiddling, it turns warm and we are MUCH pleased. More jets for more massaging are required. We noticed lots of bubbles/foam from leftover detergent and I fixated on removing these. The warmth felt great. 15 minutes felt like a long long time. I would call this not quite baseline, but almost.

T +09:36 We're out of the shower and feel refreshed, if not completely tired and timewasted. We did get to spend time together and we comiserated and suffered together.

We have friends who like this. We decide we'll see if they want the rest of this (more than 1200mg presently). She is happy because she is NOW able to urinate.

T +10:36 We're checked out and pretty much all normal. Facing the world is OK. We're tired, but not sleepy. Appetite has returned.

T +11:10 We eat a fairly large, normal meal. No ill effects. All is back to normal. The following day is tough, but we had things to do and stayed up. Hard physical labor occurs with some fatigue, but otherwise OK. She said while she wouldn't have chosen this trip, she's glad we got to spend the time together, away from our usually busy lives.


This is definitely psychedelic. Some people really like this. For us, the body load was way too high and the mental effects too mild. For her, it lasted longer than expected. Primary effects were time dilation and body spasms. Secondary were tactile and visual afterimages echoing elsewhere in our periphery. For me this was minor, for her it was very intense due to eyes skipping around. Tertiary were awakedness and fixation.

Exp Year: 2005ExpID: 42291
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Jun 6, 2005Views: 23,623
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2C-E (137) : Small Group (2-9) (17), Difficult Experiences (5), First Times (2)

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