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2C-Excellent - Ridding My Social Anxiety
by TwoSeeEye
Citation:   TwoSeeEye. "2C-Excellent - Ridding My Social Anxiety: An Experience with 2C-E (exp100474)". Jun 10, 2018.

36 mg   2C-E


2C-E Report
Dose: 36 mg
6 foot male 175 pounds
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________

***************WARNING**************************** ************************************************** ********
Ingested 36MG at 4:58 A.M I did not experience ego death or anything, just intense visuals and some gas that created the worst smelling farts ever. I'm talking like the next day, I could clear 2 rooms out in a house with what I call the '2C' farts now.
******************************************************* ************************************************** ********
Substance Background:

*I was a daily marijuana user for 10 years now, and would smoke at LEAST 4-5 bowls per day. I just recently started using marijuana once a week, simply because I can't afford it anymore. I have had asthma since birth, and my lungs have not gotten worse from my marijuana usage either. Pulmonologist tests have determined my lungs are much better now than they were when I was younger.

*I have tried psilocybin mushrooms 3 times, each time not experiencing much of a trip, just slight rippling and breathing distortions. Each use consisted of between 1- 1.7 grams of dried cubensis mushrooms.

*I went through a bad phase with cocaine for a little over a year after losing a great job, and was using it every Friday and Saturday until I realized how much money I fucking wasted. Fuck cocaine, I can't stress that enough.

*I have tried hydrocodone, oxycodone, and cyclobenzaprine numerous times, but mainly just for going to the dentist. I hate the feeling of someone picking through my teeth with metal objects.

*I have also tried oxymorphone once for recreational use, and do not remember the 2 days after ingesting it, but can say it was definitely fun. It was like being wrapped in a blanket for 3 days. It was a 15mg extended release oxymorphone tablet.

*I have tried just about every common benzodiazepine there is except Flunitrazepam (Roofies.) I am very experienced with Alprazolam, Clonazepam, Diazepam, Lorazepam, Temazepam, and Nitrazepam(for sleeping.) I used to suffer from terrible social anxiety, and was a daily user of EITHER 2-3mg Alprazolam, 2-3mg Clonazepam, or 25-35 mg Diazepam for about 5 years. This was needed for me to get through my final year of high school, all of college/presentations and daily social interactions. I am still 'anti-social' in the aspect that I do not really like meeting new people, but no longer need benzodiazepines daily since I started using psychedelics.

*I have tried ketamine, or what I like to call 'Moonman' about 7-8 times, and have been in a k-hole twice. I have found low doses of ketamine to be extremely effective for depression.

*I have one experience with LSD, where my friend who I will call 'ZeroCool' cut one blotter tab in half and shared it with me, and we were full blown tripping balls for 9-12 hours in the perfect nature setting. Even the next few days were amazing and we both had an amazing afterglow. This trip is what got me interested in psychedelics and exploring the mind.

*I have 3 prior experiences with 2C-I. I took one '30mg sample' that Zero had, and he took a 30mg sample as well and he suffered ego death. Zero also had obtained 74mg for nothing, and did not want it after his bad experience, and gave me it. I used that to trip twice. I took 37mg of 2C-I each time, one week apart. Had good experiences but wasn't visual enough in my opinion. ((*As I am typing this 'edit', it is safe to say whatever I took the first 3 times as '2C-I,' was nowhere near as strong as the 2C-I I tripped on 3/17/13 with. The 2C-I I have come into now is most definitely lab-grade, as 28 milligrams had me seeing visuals like I have never seen before. The stuff I received as free samples was more than likely 'watered down' with some inert substance.))

*I also have experimented once with 2C-C, which was really nice, but did not last long enough in my opinion compared to the other phenethylamines/Magical Half Dozen.

*I have two experiences with 25-I-NBome, 500mcg each, again it was a gift from Zero. I did not feel much, but it was ingested only days after I ingested 2C-I, so this may be why.

__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________
Live Trip report:

5:41 A.M: Heavy body load but not unpleasant , anticipating fractals and visualizations. Letters are starting to move like liquids and back to their original solid form already, the mouse cursor is leaving large trails already. Open eye visuals are present and it has only been 46 minutes since ingestion. This is definitely my favorite of the 'Magical Half Dozen.' The come up is as if I am climbing to the top of a rollercoaster, except there is no top to the ride, my stomache is constantly churning but vaping some bud works wonders. Anticipation keeps climbing higher and higher...... shit. Not anxious, just some anticipation. This is really fucking heavy...I'm definitely in for a real fucking ride let me tell you.
5:49 A.M: Carpet just turned into a shitload of snakes/wiring, keeps on turning into a series of wires, jumping and twisting together, not like any of them bitches can do anything if they wanted to, nor do they actually fucking exist, but still..... fuck, I had to turn the light on to stop this wiring from wrapping around my legs. This shit is strong. Extreme visual distortions already at one hour. It's becoming harder and harder to type this as I progress into this matrix. I feel so much electricity from this body load. I am also a little cold even with this heater blowing righton me, still not unpleasant though. (Better than sweating my ass of like I have read from numerous other psychonauts.) This may make no sense to most of you and I am aware, nor do I give a shit...
I am on the phone with Zero. That movie Hackers kicks ass. I call him ZeroCool because he was in trouble at one point for the same shit that fictional character Dade Murphy was. Anyway, I am really 'coming up,' because in the middle of said conversation which was an hour and twenty three minutes, I fucking puked right across the wall of my bathroom, and I can honestly say it was the most brilliant work of art/the most Olympic shit my eyes have ever laid upon. It only didn't make it to the toilet because I was running from my room to the bathroom. The second I got into the bathroom, I had no choice in holding it back anymore. Better on tile floor than carpet anyway. I know that sounds fucking stupid, but this shit was pretty funny and I remember laughing at the current situation. IT'S FUCKING HILARIOUS! Cleaning up said puke took me about 5 minutes, but it was amazing on how many shades of pink and yellow my brain lets me create. It was also extremely easy to clean and in no way gross, it felt natural. My stomache was bubbling pretty hard, this was my first encounter with 2C-E and I had not smoked bud since before I got on the phone, leading me to vomit. I have noticed marijuana is almost key for me to be using with any phenethylamine.
7:55 am: I've never tripped so hard in my life. Everything around me is constantly swirling...moving like a kaleidoscope, everything is a visual distortion. (NO UNICORNS, NO FUCKING GOBLINS, that shit pisses me off when people say that shit) Pure visual, perceptual, and auditory changes/distortions.

***I puked again, but it only took about 5 seconds total. Kinda like from The Exorcist. Not one of those fucking rancid evil pukes that murders my fucking stomach and ruins that good fucking day I was having. This time I didn't puke on the shower doors in the bathroom or the wall, it made it into the toilet if anyone gives a shit.

***I puked a 3rd time. Obviously it is because of the gastro-intestinal buildup and my lack of marijuana intake beforehand. First time in my life where puking was instantaneous, was fun and did not leave me feeling disgusting. Every time I puked, I swear that shit looked like straight fucking Picasso or some Sistine Chapel shit. I love how I ingested 36mg of 2C-E and I can still type on a computer. That was a MEAN FUCKING dose that I busted out. This is that fucking real world shit that will make one re-evaluate what is wrong with one's life and how to fix it. It is in no way scary. Like having a fucking amplifier on top of 600 other machines/computers inside my head. Fucking epic shit, I still have 464 mgs left, and I can say it will go to great use.
8:00 am:Music is great on this, I started listening to underground rap like Non Phixion, La Coka Nostra, Vinnie Paz, Swollen Members, and the way this sounds is simply amazing. The melodies sound so different than they do when I am 'normal,' every sound is accentuated. Ill Bill sounds like he is rapping right next to me. I decided to switch to Excision for some 'brain melting music', and all I can say is fuck. It sounds like there is an orgy in my room consisting of Transformers having rough sex. This Shambhala mix 2012 mix is insane, I am giving myself a light show with glowsticks and these tracers are amazing. I'm doing helicopters, triangles and tracing body parts like my face and midsection with the glowsticks, and it seems to flow so much more natural than when I'm raving just stoned/drunk. Whenever I do a tracer around my face the color stays in my vision and glows for about 10 seconds, damn.
10:13 A.M: LMAO...enough said. I am aware that this is not in order with 'time', I do not know why I typed a 10 am comment in between 7 and 8 am, I am full blown tripping balls but somehow can communicate via keyboard.
8:08A.M: Painted rainbows are scrawled in my vision kind of, like obviously none of this is fucking real, but it's crazy how out of 'reality' I kind of am right now, and will be for about 7 or 8 more hours.. It's kind of easy to communicate and ironically it is only through this stupid fucking keyboard, I would not enjoy communicating via another source right now. I keep moving out of my 'visions way,' because I am seeing cigarette smoke and can taste it, it's fucking gross. Of all the things I got to taste while tripping the hardest I have ever in my life, it has to be second hand fucking cigarette smoke? Thanks a fucking lot, fuck you subconscious. I think it might be because I haven't had a cig in a few days, even though I'm not a heavy smoker. I just stay buying loosies from those Arab dudes at the bodegas. Cigarettes are a waste of fucking money, rolling my own is where it's at. My Korean friend from high school, I'll call him 'Kang' used to roll his own, those were fucking good cigs.

I am tripping so hard, at one point my girlfriend just started talking to me, and her face kept having this orange haloish glow swirling around her like glowsticks, kind of like neon tiger stripes on a tigers face. I told her I really was not here right now, though I could understand her and talk back, but everything was so visual I just told her to tell me later. lol That is when I closed my eyes, saw the best patterns and fractals to this day, to open my eyes and it is only 4 minutes later. Combinations of geometric patterns morphing into machines that resembled those things from 'The Matrix.'
8:12A.M: All I can say is that cleaning up vomit was unreal. It was mad fun but it still stunk a little, fucking obviously. I am literally tripping fucking balls, what do you expect in this bitch, like I can't say it or make it sound any better, but Christ MAN THIS SHIT WILL MAKE YOU TRIP BALLS. There are so many fucking colors, splitting and splattering into different forms and waves.George Carlin used to say goblins don't get enough respect, they are underrated and I totally fucking agree. What exactly does a goblin look like? That fucking thing might make you shit your pants for all you know. I personally always thought goblins were pretty fucking cool, simply because of the word goblin sounding cool. Don't ask about the goblins...some ghouls and demons I assume are still prejudice, even in the fucking under realm. Ain't that some shit?

**On a more serious note, some people have that warped racist mentality that when you die, 'There is a White Hell and a Black Hell,' can you believe that kind of shit? Like, if 'Heaven and Hell' exist, I doubt there is a latino hell, a black hell, a white hell etc. If there is anyone 'in charge' once you 'die,' I doubt he/she/it has the fucking time or gives a fuck enough to divide 'heaven and hell' up into race and color. That's some fucked up shit, but real people... really stupid fucking people, believe there is a white heaven and hell and black heaven and hell? Those motherfuckers that be sister/cousin fucking and shit. Inbred babies.SOCIETY IS DESIGNED TO FAIL IF HUMANS CONTINUE TO THINK WITH THIS RACIST/RELIGIOUS(my religion is better) MINDSET (caps lock needed, sorry)... The sad thing is I am pretty sure the last paragraph I wrote is true. ....end of stupid fucking rant.......
9:52 A.M: I get to stare at 128 colors at once and you don't. Why only 128 colors you ask? Because it's my trip and I'M GONNA PICK WHATEVER NUMBER I WANT TO FUCKING SEE.. If I could jump out of my brain, which has been deemed plausible to be a fucking brain in the first place. I'd still come out of that brain, and slap the shit out of me for this one, though this is fucking fun. I can't believe all the negative shit I've heard online about this chem, how intense it is, side effects etc..
9:59A.M : I'm fucking going looney tunes right now. (This is a good thing.) You have no fucking idea. Bugs Bunny status. Yosemite Sam. WATERMELON SQUAD?
1:27 P.M: I guess I ingested enough for a +++ trip, I'm still seeing the room breathe/ripple as well as many other distortions, but I can still speak/ form sentences and carry out daily activities fine.
5:00 P.M : Effects were very noticeable for a total of about 10 hours, and I am still not completely back to regular vision. Certain items still trail, I can form sentences and speak fine which is great.The entire trip I was aware of what was going on even at such a high dose. I did not meet any fucking 'God,' or see 'Heaven' or any shit like that. I believe we are our own god, and our lives are what we make of it/choose to do with it. I am spiritual, just not religious. I was raised Protestant, and attended church every Sunday from age 1 - 12(confirmation.) I really never did believe any of the shit being said in church, nor did I understand it or even bother to ask questions, even before using any drugs. I just did not care enough to ask. It all seemed like a bunch of fairy tales to me. I would just sit there and stare blankly out the window daydreaming, wondering how occults / the dark arts and shit like that worked. I also cannot stand the fucking music played in church. It is seriously fucking annoying to me, and I never felt any connection with anything by pretending to sing old songs out of some old Hymn/ whatever it's called.

I see nothing wrong with seeking out such information. This trip was fucking great, and I loved every minute of it, except having to cleanup the vomit, that was some fucking Picasso shit that should have stayed there or put in a museum somewhere. I always have seen church for what most of them are (IMO), a crutch. Nobody wants to believe that 'nothing' might happen after you die, and that is why I believe so many people want to believe in 'God.' Notice the capital G. By 'God,' I mean as in one'supreme being' who has all mighty power over the universe. Like, I just don't understand how or why the church system gets so bent out of shape if you reject or ask a question on what they are saying. 'Believe what we say or you go to 'Hell.' That shit is just funny to me. I believe the state of the world we live in now is far worse than any neverending firepit or whatever hell is supposed to be like. Children starving, the spreading of diseases (whether they are real or man made in labs,) murder, rape, that shit is serious to me. The only people who get pissed off when you reject what they are saying are people who are lying/ making shit up. All of this is my opinion, and I have love and get along with anyone regardless of their faith/views. I have friends who are straight from the book Catholics, friends who practice Judaism, Islam. I am friends with blacks, whites, asians, it really doesn't matter to me. But as they say, to each their own. .........end of live trip report.....

February 26th, 2013: I feel I must add that skateboarding on 2C-E was fucking amazing and feels different/better to this day now. I jumped on my board to skate to Zero's house. and I feel like I'm 'silver-surfing' to my friends house. It is pretty suburban where I live, the only people out at this time of night are graffiti artists and other people just posted up at the corner smoking blunts, etc. Not many people driving around between 4:30-5:30 am. I felt I should mention that because I do not want to give the impression that I was skating through traffic. When I was skating to his house it was only under the influence of 12mgs of 2C-E. My doses usually range between 34-44mgs oral. It just felt so natural and badass to be engaging in physical activity while everyone else is dead asleep or just waking up. Since what I call my 'threshold' trip where I skated to Zero's, I now skate there just about every night. I also started eating healthier and exercising more even though I was in shape to begin with. Something in my head just made it seem so right. I still eat burgers and fast food and shit, not every single day or anything like that. Started taking vitamins more often, daily actually. I just don't sit and down a whole bag of Doritos while watching TV anymore, which I must add I hate TV and refer to it as the brainwashing machine. Nobody does their own research or thinks for themselves anymore. Most people believe what the news says and that is fucking sad. This trip report is 3 months old and I just ran out of 2C-E on Feb 26th after taking my 'threshold.' I have used 2C-E a total of 12 times now since November 24th, and honestly never felt better. I am really looking forward to receiving more. I also would like to add I have asthma since birth, and only on the first trip did I have to slightly focus on my breathing during the come-up. This would obviously be because of the vasoconstriction. Besides that, I have felt no negative effects from taking this drug. If you consider sleeping for 10-11 hours 'bad' after the trip, then that's one. lol I would also like to add that I have finished college, and the majority of my usage was during my last semester in school.
Aftermath: *It is amazing, but prior to experimenting with phenethylamines I suffered from TERRIBLE social anxiety, panic attacks in school, or regular social situations. Around close friends at house parties, or just to talk to some girls, was about the only time I did not need some sort of anti-anxiety agent. They never ruined my life like I have read, and I *was* a daily benzodiazepine user since 2007. The key was moderation and not ever upping my dose. I was taking around 25 - 30mg of Valium (Diazepam) per day, just to go to school or be out in the everyday world.

*As I am writing this bottom section, it is almost 3 months since this trip. I have used this substance a total of 12 times now. Ever since my first trip ended, it was like the majority of my social anxiety / panic attacks just aren't there anymore. I now only take about 10-15mg Valium on random days of the month, as needed. I used to go through about 120 valiums a month, now I can safely say that I am down to taking 2 or 3, 5mg pills a couple of times per month. I do not know what this drug did to my brain, but I feel that every bit of information helps so we can all benefit in the future. This class of drugs has also made me think about the problems I did have, how to solve them, different ways to solve them. I am a college student, and can say that during the semesters of Feb.-June 2012, and Sept 2012 -Jan 2013, I have done better than I ever have. I would take what I needed to get through presentations/assignments in class. I heard stopping benzodiazepines cold turkey is not possible as it can cause seizures and death.

Two days after tripping... I realized I hadn't taken any pills and almost shit myself when I realized I had stopped. I wish more information was available on this drug. I will still continue to use it. My GPA this semester was a 3.7**, highest ever. I went as far as taking my last midterm under the influence of 2C-E (20mg) because I was curious and still received an A. I also have noted that only during this one 36mg trip did I vomit. Every time I have done it since then, even in higher doses, I have not vomited and all of mentioned chemical is from the same batch. I would definitely say to have some bud on hand in case you get nausea, and it is not a bad idea to have some benzos with you in case you can't handle your trip. I blaze a bowl or two at least each time I trip to counteract the gastro-intestinal buildup. Every time I smoke bud now which is about twice a week, as opposed to the 4-5 bowls a day that I was blazing, gets me so much more blazed than I used too. I actually get some nice mild CEV's when blazing, and it just feels so much better than it used too. I can definitely still feel some of the visual effects of 2C-E come back every time I have used cannabis since tripping, this may also be because I have cut my cannabis use down about 80% and my tolerance is much lower. I also do not suffer from HPPD or anything when I am sober and have noticed nothing negative of the sort.

Happy tripping everyone!

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 100474
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 24 
Published: Jun 10, 2018Views: 965
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