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I Was Exponentially Overstimulated
Citation:   nobody. "I Was Exponentially Overstimulated: An Experience with 2C-E (exp94853)". Aug 24, 2018.

33 mg IV 2C-E (liquid)
IV 2c-e

TRIP REPORT 33mg of 2ce administered the only way I enjoy (INTRAVEINOUSLY)

I receive which was approximately 33-35 mg of 2ce by a friend of mine. Its his fav drug and was mine b4 acid.. I had IV'd like 60-80 as I recall and had a blast and then it was my favorite till I did acid and I was more fucked up and visual, THEN decided it was lsd I liked the most.. That opinion has drastically changed after this experience.... At the first 2ce experience I was on an SSRI antidepressant which made my drug toilerance .. Insanely high.. I should have taken all of this into consideration .. Not to mention just double checked a harm reduction website for dosage information because I was quite intoxicated on BDO and also very naive and boy did I fucking pay for it.. Comes to find out a really high dose of 2ce is 20mg 25mg oral. And a internasal dose is 10mg.. Well I hate taking them either of those ways because of the pain of insuffiliation and the shitty bioavailability of oral use.. .. So I prefer to IV most drugs..cept shrooms.. Which I dont think would feel very good.. As psilocybin would need to be synthetic for me to even consider this.

So being very ecstatic to have received free drugs in the mail.. I weighted it out.. Packed all 33 mg into a spoon.,. Added hot water and dissolved most I could.. Sucked up thru cotton into an Insulin syringe.. I was talking to a very interesting lady on the internet that was hinting at the fact that being fucked up on drugs as often as I normally was .,., was not fun at all, she says 'its not fun to party,... When u party all the time !'.. I completely fucking disagree.. Cept this time .. Was not very fun because I was not ready for what happened next.

I INJECTED ALL of the 2ce into my blood stream and was overwhelmed with a fucking amazing rush of euphoria and energy as it took effect almost instantaneous.. I would be sugarcoating it to say that the next few events were not motherfucking terrifying at first as I realized what I had done.. INSTANTLY neon green construction-work-zone sign men symbols popped out of the sides of my field of vision .. These motherfuckers didn't start out or stay little.. They soon had almost my entire vision filled with kaleidoscopic images of different varieties .. All of neon bright vivid colors..

It was exactly like a closed eyed visual for the whole entire coming up cept I could sort of see realty in my room and was losing my vision fast.. To insane imagery too intense and fucked up to put it in words.. So I decided I would go and get in my closet, b4 I lost completely vision and was staring at a semi lit room which wouldn't be as cool as complete darkness which I love to do on hallucinogenics is stare open eyed into darkeness for this same kind of effect that was well now happening very fast with no need for absense of light.. So I brought a blanket and had my mp3 player in.. Which I could no longer see well enough to operate..

I got in my closet shut the door.. And layed down and was just dealing with the horrendously retarded act I committed to my brain by overdosing without being able to predict this in the slightest because.. Well, I am reckless and one could even use the propernoun known as DUMBFUCK .Anyways.., I was exponentially overstimulated, my skin was getting hot and cold in different places all very rapidly, even wet then back to dry then wet again.Not sweatybut like water was on my shirt and skin. Next thing I notice was starting to notice that I had got myself wet and it did not immediately go away like the rest, I soon realized I was and had urinated on myself. So I stood up and stared directly in the toilet (by the way I cant see anything as I am completely enveloped by hallucinations and there is no light so everything I saw was of my own creatition) and started to piss.. Then I realized immediately after that this was my walk-in closet and I that later I wasnt going to enjoy cleaninging it up drug induced urine painting and I better get out of this dark space and into a bathroom.

So as I thought about how funny that was and how I was really starting to enjoy myself now that I had the mindset that I just did dose myself with an outrageous copious amount of drugs. People normally pay to get fucked up, although not this fucked up, and since I'm already really really high on the greatest hallucinogen known to man and to just flow with it and I wouldnt have any trouble. I started laughing as I looked up into the sky, thinking about how funny this story was going to be when I told my friends how I got so fucked up I pissed myself, and how I needed to go visit the urination station for real, to piss in an actual toilet, that is all I wanted at that time. Then suddently I was bombarded by what I decided must be urine., by some unknown being above me, but from thier perspective, like a kid pissing into an anthill, as looiking down seeing the stream of liquid hit and rundown my shirt, then dry up instantly and my horrific reaction of realizing my brain just made myself get urinated upon by my current pattern of thoughts so I quickly decided to think about something else. Pretty much freaking out by this time, that was the last straw I needed to escape.

I moved to try and get out of the closet and one of my earbud headphones came out of my ears and fell to the floor.. Since I was so chemically intoxicated I could not use my sense of touch well enough to trace the mp3 device in my hand to find the entrance of the cord to feel along the line to get it put back in my ear to continue the amazing music I had playing. After I gave up quite a bit of time had passed and I was now very very very frustrated because I wanted to get out cuz it sucked without music, having been pissed on, needing to piss in a toilet, and the room getting hot and the air getting stale.

I tried to use the light on my mp3 player to see and find the doorhandle.. I am just peaking way too hard to use my sense of vision and soon enough the function of my brain.. I feel all around the closet for a door handle or something to push on to get out.

This is where shit get really trippy, I have never been this high out of my mind before. Suddenly nothing makes sense anymore, I forget where I am trapped, even forget that I am trapped. It is just pitch black darkness, nothing at all whatsoever exists. I dont even exist, I have no sense of self, definitely completely devoid of an ego or a sense of self. I'm just floating around the universe, a silent observer if u will, and then I can see it me crouched on one knee, trying to order my brain to function well enough to basically 'GET ME THE FUCK OUT!!' of this horrible, dark, techno-less space. Soafter much thinking and many crazy fucking visions and hallucinations which I just gave up on the act of escaping my prison, mostly because I really didnt know where I was anymore anyways. I I just kneeled on one knee and enjoyed the hallucinations as thats all I could do, my brain was not capable of rational thought for quite a while.

After a bit of this it got really stuffy from using all the oxygen and also very hot inside.. So I once again came to the conclusion I must concentrate if I was to escape my surroundings if I want to continue being a living an aerobic organism. After much trouble and thought I finally was able to make myself remember that I was most likely in my apartment, so I am probably isolated and safe. The reason for the absence of light cuz I made it dark so I'm in the bathroom, my extra bedroom or the closet.. So I feel the dimensions of the room, with my hands. I'm pretty sure its the closet as I keep bumping into walls *(this is a big walk in closet btw) finally.I get the tidbit of information from my brain that I've been needing, that the exit from somewhere I purposely placed myself, I.e. The bathroom a closet or bedroom, such items as a doorknob would be at hip level. So I scoured the walls with my hands searching for a door knob, this took a long godamned time.

Finally I was able to poll open the door and receive light which made me feeel amazingly relieved and ecstatic.. I could kind of see my surroundings, now that my vision wasnt quite so obviously one big close eyed visual. So I tried to use my computer to get ahold of my ex-best friend to have her come help me, well mostly because enjoying a drug almost completely blind with rampant hallucinations is hard on ones own. So I attempted to send her a message.. By the time stamps from the messages later that day, it was estimated I was trapped in my closet for like 120 minutes, straight up tripping exponential balls before I escaped.

So then I layed down on my bed and was able to use the ambient lighting to put my head phones in my fingers and cram them in my head which made me feel so much better.. Electronica is the most magnificent genre of music to listen to when on psychedelics, so once again I was back into my comfort zone. No point in fighting it, the drug is just going to run its course. I just layed back and then relaxed. Then came to the realization I was urinating on myself again. And quit almost immediately after.. Man my body was fucking being misled on what I should be feeling/seeing/doing/ but thats the whole reason I take them.. Cept now I gotta clean a closet and some sheets.. For my indulgence in them.. After chilling out relaxing.. Till my vision returned.. I decided that I wanted to get out of my house.. Even if it was cold outside.. I had nowhere to go cuz I could not drive in this condition and would look silly just walking around my apt complex, and not walking very well at that. So I gave up and walked outside into the sun. HOLY FUCKING SHIT it was weird, like walking from a space ship into an alien landscape that has never been seen before by man. Everything looked soooo godamned different, and I really didnt like being outside.. So I walked with great difficulty and obvious intoxication to the mailboxes and then stopped.. Pretended to use my key for some reason and then just stood. I then walked a tad further and sat down on the sidewalk by some trees and just sat and starred at their magnificence and intricate design of intertwining branches.I dont know about u. But trees are the most amazing things to see on hallucigonens according to me, which is always right haha. So much in fact that even fucking pictures of trees are amazing. So I realized that I was probably being suspicious so I walked back to my apartment, got inside and locked the door

I went out and sat on the back porch of my apt which there is nothing to look at but concrete and other apartments and felt very suspicious sitting there grinning like a godamned bastard looking and analyzing everything like someone with autism might.. So I went back inside.. Sat on my bed and listened to music for quite a while till I was sober enough to use my computer.. Then I took some more BDO and I felt amazingly better and euphoric and had a great time from then on out till sobriety which was MUCH MUCH FUCKING LATER

Would I do it again.. Perhaps, definitely no more than that dose though.. And at a lot less rapid pace.. Like maybe an IV drip or just a smaller dose would be more enjoyable.. The sensations in my body were not enjoyable at first nor was my inability to control bodily functions but I would definitely love to get that fucked up again but this time with someone to let me out of the closet and change the music for me when my vision is just one big ass CEV!.. God damnit do I love 2ce.. It is by far my favorite psychedelic and I am going to be doing tons more !

This is my story .. Friday Jan 16th.. From Rew GODAMNIT!.. The one thing I learned.. Is check erowid., and that I will never ever be able to take a hallucinogen any other way than IV its the only way to fly in my opinion.. And Jesus creeping god do I fly!

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 94853
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 26
Published: Aug 24, 2018Views: 3,326
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2C-E (137), OBE (332) : General (1), Difficult Experiences (5), Glowing Experiences (4), Music Discussion (22), Alone (16)

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