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Truly Psychedelic
Citation:   Azure. "Truly Psychedelic: An Experience with 2C-E (exp27386)". Oct 7, 2003.

  oral 2C-E (powder / crystals)
Over the last couple months, I've had the good fortune to work extensively with one of the more interesting dimethoxylate phenethylamines: 2-ce. One of Shulgin's magical half-dozen, a number of unique properties characterize this specific compound. Particularly, the dynamic character of it's onset and plateau seem to distinguish 2-ce from related dimethoxylate PEA's such as 2cb. For example, the physical side-effects associated with 2cb seem largely dose dependent. That is, doses exceeding 25mg are generally more dissheveling and physically uncomfortable in onset than lower doses. In comparison, the side-effects associated with 2ce--in my experience--seem more set and setting dependent, and are generally of a more psychological nature. Furthermore, 2cb appears more consistent in psychotropic effect than 2ce. As such, the effects of 2ce appear to be more unpredictable than 2cb, causing certain investigators to view the overall character of 2ce as 'having a dark-side'. This being the case, I urge caution and heedfulness in the use of this specific tool; consider the risks appropriately and proceed with the type of respect these more powerful tools demand. That out of the way, here follows my experience per dose:

5-15mg: slow onset, building over two hours. The emotive character of experiences at this level might be described as warmly stimulating. Emotionally, this level has proven useful in addressing psychological content of a highly 'caustic' nature. For example, my brother (who has been struggling emotionally for some time), became very animated and expressive regarding certain maladaptive behaviors. Subsequently, the exaggerated character of his behavior allowed both of us some insight into the general nature of his suffering. However, the inability to really accept and then calm ourselves, our behaviors, our patterns, precludes some of the more 'unpleasant' effects I've experienced in this material. For me, this 'psychological toxicosis' has been characterized by a persisting low-grade anxiety, a sort of generalized feverishness, that seems to carry over into the after-effect. Conversely, the ability to effectively calm ourselves, allows some of the more spiritually nourishing and enjoyable effects of 2ce to emerge.

18mg-For many, this has proven to be a very effective level for psychospiritual work. At this level, the material begins to manifest more of it's psychedelic effect. For me, this level of dosing directs me towards patterns of the body. Many find yoga and stretching to be very pleasant at this level. I've clearly discerned in this dose range the bodies need for exercise. Let me say, that when I've spent time on 2ce doing yoga, the physical after-effects, have been signficantly diminished. Furthermore, emotional epiphanies are not uncommon at this level. I've felt at this level some opening in regards to understanding the substratum of certain self-centered behavior patterns in myself.

25mg-At this level, I've experienced an effect that seems to be primarily mediated by serotonin. In moving into behavior patterns, recognizing their character as being a cause of suffering, and subsequently calming the body/mind system, we reach a critical threshold with 2ce. In my experience, moving beyond this threshold, we open to a sense of acceptance, bliss and connectedness that I've compared to the effects of mdma. Having passed this critical threshold, a few have noted increased energy levels and insightfulness in the after-effects of the experience (1-3days); a sort of tonifying effect more typical of mescaline. However, I've noted that an inability to pass this critical threshold regarding our own coex systems (to borrow the term from grof), produce negative after-effects (including tiredness and generalized anxiety) that spill into the following week.

25-35mg: I do not suggest working at this level, as certain people have had extremely averse reactions in this dose range. However, I've noted that once the 'critical threshold' in terms of acceptance has been passed, increasing the dosage does not significantly alter the character of the experience, except perhaps to prolong it. I've gone up to 35mg (via boosting 10mg after an hour under the influence of 25mg) without significantly altering the nature of the experience. However, the psychedelic glow of this experience lasted a good 18 hours (with virtually no fatigue).

In all, an incredibly powerful and dynamic tool; something of a 'true psychedelic', whatever that means.

Exp Year: 2003ExpID: 27386
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Oct 7, 2003Views: 45,516
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