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Highly Recommended The Wicked Devil Tea J-to-the Kratom 2004 Aug 23
Recommended A Substitute for Alcohol Torchlight Kratom (Isolate Extract Powder) 2015 Mar 01
Recommended A Klondike Kratom Kristmas Fleming Kratom 2014 Feb 04
Recommended Powerful Relaxation, Profound Happiness Wallcrawler Kratom 2014 Feb 03
Recommended Relaxation and Introspection cognition Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Recommended Really Nice at Low Doses TooOldForDrugs Kratom 2014 Jan 23
Recommended Argument Against an Opiate Dave Kratom 2013 Dec 25
Recommended No Real Mental or Emotional Insights Abyss Kratom (10x extract) 2009 Jan 25
Recommended Quite An Adventure C-Rizzle Kratom (15x extract) 2008 Nov 09
Recommended Like Getting Drunk and Having a Hangover Jamie Kratom 2007 Feb 19
Recommended The Experience Was Just Okay Zac Kratom (10x extract) & Caffeine 2007 Feb 06
Recommended Works as Expected Painkilla' Kratom (15x extract) 2006 Sep 20
Recommended Into Neverland Pyro Kratom 2006 Mar 20
Recommended Mitragyna Bioassay Darklight Kratom 2002 Oct 27
Overall Really Interesting Lonesome Ghost Kratom 2021 Sep 28
Incredible But... Saint Kratom & Cannabis 2019 Jun 22
Not an Opiate Replacement M. Coleman Kratom 2018 Mar 20
Fed My Curiosity and Most Likely Wont Try It Again MrMindplays Kratom (Bali) 2017 Aug 26
Nice Natural Anxiolytic Painkiller goose Kratom 2017 Jul 20
A Feeling of Profound Love and Engagement Blaise Kratom 2017 Jun 09
No Quite Enough Period Blood Kratom & Cannabis 2016 Jun 07
A Not So Unusual First Time Fraz Kratom 2015 Oct 13
First Time User CM PUNK Kratom (Bali) 2015 Jul 24
Renewed Affection, Reduced Anxiety Yotee Coyote Kratom 2014 Jan 19
Suprising and Amazing Experience Painis Kratom 2014 Jan 18
Graveyard Shift Experiment doorguy30 Kratom (Maeng Da) 2014 Jan 15
Excellent Self Healing Session WanderRA Kratom (15x extract) 2011 Jan 09
Beautiful Experience Black Parasol Kratom 2010 Feb 09
New Favorite Blue Kratom (20x extract) 2008 Sep 17
Powerful Retread Kratom (15x extract) 2008 Sep 04
Lowly Thoughts Lizardking Kratom (15x extract) 2008 Jun 13
Not Worth the Next Day Hangover Xnaught Kratom (15x Extract) 2008 Feb 28
Relaxing, Pleasant, Worthwhile pillowz Kratom 2007 Nov 05
A First and Complete Look Greenfox Kratom (15x extract) 2007 Jun 16
The System Cleaner Enigma Kratom 2007 Mar 17
A 'Legal High' That Actually Did Something maynbrain Kratom 2006 Dec 24
A Sedentary Stoning Red Bennies Kratom 2006 Oct 18
Helped with Opiate Withdrawal BB Kratom 2006 Aug 20
Addict's First Foray Andi Kratom 2005 Dec 28
Follow Recommended Doses aquapan Kratom 2003 Dec 27
Afternoon Delight potion lover 5000 Kratom 2022 Nov 20
Herb of the Gods WAIAWDIE Kratom & Tea 2022 Feb 22
Faced With a Full Week of Withdrawal Drenzie Kratom 2021 May 07
Pleasant but Maybe a Weak Batch Shroomsplosion Kratom 2020 Jun 06
Id Like to Avoid the Depressive Effects Anonymous Kratom, Coffee, Chocolate & L-Theanine 2020 Jun 03
Drinking, Eating, and Smoking just some guy Kratom 2020 Apr 30
Life-Changing, With a Few Caveats Dee Kratom 2019 Apr 02
Just Chillin Raycus Kratom 2018 Aug 08
Warm Content and Happy HakeJo Kratom 2018 Jun 14
Like Morphine and Speed as One Mark Kratom 2018 Apr 23
Relaxation, Euphoria and Addiction November Kratom & Tobacco 2018 Apr 21
It Really Does Work redrack94 Kratom & Cannabis 2018 Apr 21
Sample of Heaven phris Kratom (Red Vein) 2018 Apr 14
The One Who Researches Emevoluoy Kratom 2018 Apr 05
Relaxation and Euphoria spiritontheroof Kratom 2018 Mar 27
Comfortably Numb kc Kratom 2018 Mar 26
It Does Work PersonalFreedom Kratom 2018 Mar 26
Glow LadyLovelilocks369 Kratom 2018 Mar 20
Even the Sight of My Ex Didn't Bother Me chrislotus Kratom 2018 Feb 25
Not Worth It jaggerjack Kratom 2018 Feb 19
Very, Very Relaxed DeputyDepression Kratom 2017 Apr 26
Decided to Look for a Legal Herb That Could Help The Herbal King Kratom 2017 Apr 10
Every Rose Has Its Thorn Sunbeam Kratom 2017 Feb 20
I Decided to Take It Slow Lolli Kratom 2017 Feb 18
Respiratory Weirdness Despereaux Kratom 2016 Jun 08
Legally Excellent ExisT Kratom 2014 Feb 03
In Between Dreams apolytonjs Kratom 2014 Jan 23
A Miracle Worker Sean Kratom 2011 Feb 17
Warm, Enjoyable and Sensual Sabje Kratom 2011 Jan 09
Wow...I Love This Stuff Kratom (15x extract) 2010 Apr 25
Legitimate Alternative Engrgamer Kratom Powder 2009 Aug 28
Climbing the High Seedman Kratom & Tobacco 2008 Sep 16
Nice Evening Luke Kratom 2008 Jun 02
More Tea Please MisterSmoke Kratom 2008 Feb 23
Scary Stuff Anonymous Kratom 2007 Jun 25
Tempting Fate S. Simplicissimus Kratom 2007 Mar 17
Induced Full Body Orgasm ekstasis Kratom 2007 Mar 12
A Blissful Rush Younger Cole Kratom 2007 Mar 04
A Low Dose Hangover? A Spiritual Explorer Kratom 2007 Feb 19
The Secret Sedative Investigator Kratom (15x extract) 2007 Feb 14
They Work on This Stuff? Chretien S Kratom 2006 Oct 31
My New Motivator Abidnibbee Kratom 2006 Jul 03
Getting Acquainted Tim Kratom 2006 May 05
Natural Anxiety Relief and Pure Bliss Kitten5 Kratom & Fluoxetine 2006 Mar 15
Misery in a Mug steve Kratom 2005 Mar 18
Best 3 Hours Ever Goatman88 Kratom 2005 Feb 05
Like a Narcotic - Not as Much Euphoria whitegreyhat Kratom 2004 Dec 27
Good, But Not Worth the Price Cactushead Kratom 2004 Dec 11
The Worst Sickness Of My Life sugeshotcha Kratom 2004 Aug 23
Pleasantly Sedating neutopia Kratom 2003 Sep 23
Kratom Microdose- Stimulant and Painkiller sigma09 Kratom 2021 Mar 08
Waves of Tranquility Gazda Kratom 2020 Oct 26
I Personally Really Enjoyed It Re-laks Kratom 2020 May 30
A Definite Buzz Arjun Kratom 2020 May 27
Movin' and Groovin' / All Day Bliss Coughsyrupshaman Kratom 2020 Apr 22
Time to let off some steam ricardo Kratom 2020 Mar 15
Itchy and Tingly tyro Kratom (20x extract) & Grapefruit Juice 2020 Feb 11
No Pain No Worries Bliss TheKratomKid Kratom 2018 Aug 22
Helps With Wounds Tterb Kratom (20X Extract) 2018 Aug 21
A Warmth Behind My Eyes Ahmet Kratom 2018 Aug 08

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