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Relaxation, Euphoria and Addiction
Kratom & Tobacco
Citation:   November. "Relaxation, Euphoria and Addiction: An Experience with Kratom & Tobacco (exp109391)". Apr 21, 2018.

5 g oral Kratom (ground / crushed)
After reading about the impending DEA 'emergency scheduling' of Kratom at the end of the month in September of 2016, I ordered a large amount of the three most popular varieties of Kratom from a reputable online vendor. Upon its arrival, I made sure to carefully dose the recommended amount for an individual with no tolerance from multiple experiences and recommendations that I had found online. My initial experience is as follows:

21:00 - 2 hours after a moderately sized meal, I measured 5 grams of 'Green Horn' finely powdered kratom leaf, and used the 'toss and wash' method with water. The taste and smell is a bit like bitter green tea leaf. It's unpleasant but not unbearable. I've certainly tasted more bitter substances. When mixed with water in the mouth, it has a tendency to clump up and be rather difficult to swallow. It took several mouthfuls of water to swallow all of the powder.

21:30 - While laying down and reading, I begin to feel much more content with reading, and I generally feel more comfortable.

21:35 - My extremities feel very 'loose' and generally pleasant. I decide to go and smoke a cigarette. As a regular user of tobacco, the first hit felt much stronger than normal, almost as if I was new smoker. The effect of the kratom also felt immediately stronger, my limbs feel very pleasant and a bit warm, almost as if a warm blanket had been laid over me. There's a feeling of pressure behind my eyes and a bit of stomach unrest, but nothing resembling nausea. It's difficult to keep my hands steady as they tremble slightly.

22:00 - Laying down again, listening to music. The bed feels incredibly comfortable and the music sounds much more enjoyable to me than it does normally. There's no 3-D aspect to it or any sense of it otherwise being 'tangible' as there often is for me when under the influence of some other substances, but it's very relaxing and I'm more than content doing nothing more than listening to it with my eyes closed.

23:00 - The album I'm listening to finishes around this time, and I begin to notice some mild nausea. It's only a bit uncomfortable and the relaxing effect of the kratom is still far more present than any negative feeling. It feels almost as if I'm very hungry, so I eat a very small meal. The nausea is all but gone now, so I put on another album and lay back down to read.

At some point, around an hour later I would guess, I fell asleep. I had extremely vivid dreams during the night. I found waking up and being active fairly difficult even having had a full night's sleep. The slight pressure behind my eyes is now a mild headache. My eyes are overly sensitive to light, making looking at anything bright painful. There's no nausea and I eat breakfast with no stomach upset. The light sensitivity fades over the period of about an hour.

 After this initial experience, I began using kratom once or twice weekly at roughly the same dosage. After I was no longer concerned about some of the potentially dangerous effects some people have reported kratom having on their liver I began using kratom more regularly, and eventually on a daily basis, as of mid-October 2016.

With higher doses (up to ten or eleven grams of finely  powdered plant material), I noticed the light sensitivity and nausea increased with the dosage.
With higher doses (up to ten or eleven grams of finely  powdered plant material), I noticed the light sensitivity and nausea increased with the dosage.
Both of these effects would begin to be noticeable towards the end of my experiences. I would compare the nausea to that of a moderate alcohol hangover, in that it's not unbearable and eating and drinking some water helps significantly. It passes for me in under an hour after I can no longer feel the other effects of the kratom, other than light sensitivity.

 I have found that after using kratom on such a regular basis, I do feel compelled to use it again. If I don't, I develop a runny or stuffy nose, I become irritable, and my mood generally decreases significantly. My thoughts become slightly clouded and I feel what could be described as anxious, though in the sense that I'm not as frightful or concerned as I am generally uncomfortable mentally. These 'withdrawal' effects aren't strongly negative enough to make me want to taper off or stop using kratom. I find it makes me more social and motivated in addition to helping improve my focus, something I otherwise struggle with at times. I enjoy it as a source of relaxation and I've found its mood elevating property to be useful in helping me maintain a healthy state of mind.

Exp Year: 2016ExpID: 109391
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Apr 21, 2018Views: 2,203
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