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Into Neverland
by Pyro
Citation:   Pyro. "Into Neverland: An Experience with Kratom (exp50281)". Mar 20, 2006.

T+ 0:00
2.0 g oral Kratom (tar / resin)
  T+ 0:45 2.0 g oral Kratom (tar / resin)
  T+ 2:00 2.0 g oral Kratom (tar / resin)
Monday night and there isnt much to do round here. My package came about 5 hours ago. 25grams of kratom resin, 28 grams of Blue Lotus 25x resin, 4 grams of black sopia resin, 10 grams of Wormwood resin, 10 grams of Amanitas Muscaria resin, 3 grams of Wild Lettuce resin, 4 grams of Wild Dagga Resin, 1 Gram on Salvia Divinorum 5x and 4 ounces of Regular strength Salvia leaf...... Man what a package =]

Im a little excited by it all seeing as I have only ever had 'incense =p' delivered to my door 2 times before in the form of Psylocibe Cubensis Mexicana and those times...... well lets just say they were fun.

Ive read all manner of things regarding the contents of my package ranging from 'didnt do anything at all' to 'totally blew my mind', I figured lets see what they do for me. I start with opening each of the small dime-bags and smelling each of the contents..... NONE of them smell like marijuana, NOT even close. Most of the contents either smell woody or akin to liquorice. I hoped that they wouldnt smoke as 'thick' as they smelt. I proceeded to burn small pieces of each, with the exception of the wild lettuce most, when lit, smelt not bad. I proceed to venture forth with the most intriguing of the bunch first. Kratom. And boy was I glad I did.

First off let me tell you a little bit about myself. I weigh 155 pounds, Im 5.8', good shape (If very slightly overwight). I am a daily user of Cannabis. Ive smoked all sorts of weed. Ive done magic mushrooms (P.C.M.), I can drink and Ive been narced out on morphine after a road traffic accident. Its safe to say that whilst I dont consider myself to be a Psychonaut in any shape or form, I do consider myself to not be a pussy as I can hold most substances thrown at me. This was my first foray into Kratom however and since I was new to it I decided to start with reasonable doses.

Resin strength be noted is 7x leaf strength

9.00pm. Watching old episodes of Top Gear I parachute about 2 grams of the Kratom Resin. After Reading much about it and almost every trip report on here and other networks I have read that this is the baseline threshhold level, one where the effects will be slightly noticed.

9.30pm I am starting to feel a little flush, nothing major at all. body is relaxed somewhat. Absolute clarity of thought as per norm. Definately not intense at this level, at least not when the mind is pre-occupied with television.

9.45pm I decide that threshold really must mean threshold for me as apart from a little blood to the skin surface I aint feeling much (the flushing is very much like maybe a shot of whiskey) I decide to parachute a further 2 grams of Resin.

10.00pm I start to notice a more relaxed body posture. My tongue is no longer stuck to the roof of my mouth like it usually is. limbs are a little more relaxed but nothing major. Flushing to every part of my skin is a little more apparent again akin to maybe a shot or two of whiskey nothing more. Train of thought is unaffected and task are still absolutely simple to do.

I have read on many occasions that at higherdoses the drug begins to act as a stimulant. Well it certainly does for me. I am still body tired but my eyes are wider than they should be. My stomach is slightly sore but nothing to right home about. I dont feel any nausea.

11.00pm I decide that this Kratom stuff is okay at this point but its hardly anything to write home about. Feeling slighly more awake and a little flushing to the skin is okay but I get the same effect from a small dose of alcohol. Upon this sumation I decide to parachute a further 2 grams of resin. I want to see if this stuff will do anything more or if this is what could be described as 'the peak'

12.01am I am still watching re-runs of TopGear. Kratom resin at this point seems to be working a little harder as slight elements of what I would describe 'Pyschedelia' start to set in. Somethings have a small echo, it might be the way the sound is recorded but its certainly the first time all night that I have heard it. Visually there is absolutely nothing going on. No breathing (like mushies) no tracers and no colour enhancement. Definately not a visual drug. Train of thought remains fairly clear. Moments of apathy creep in where I forget what I am thinking about or I think about nothing (very unusual for me) its like a very very very mild version of morphine.

12.30am I decide to go to bed and listen to some music whilst I fall asleep....... Its at this point I discover what Kratom really is all about.

12.35am As I am listening to chillout music Zero 7 Destiny (or something like that) I get my first C.E.V. It was of a hand coming towards me and going to grasp me. It startled me a little and I open my eyes. I think to myself 'What the fuck was that'. I switch position and now lie on my back.

12.40am (Please be noted that this will be my last time stamp as everything here in becomes a timeless. Its not that I had no sense of time passing but I certainly did not nor want to keep track of time at this point..... what followed was down right..... well, amazing and I dont use that word often or lightly.)

As I am listening to the music it starts to become very 3-D. Not in a 'wow look at me' 3-D sense but more immersive than anything else. I have many small C.E.V. Nothing that could be described as out and out full blown visuals but more like small flashes of pictures. Occasionally a womans face would appear or a place, occasionally a small colour wheel would start to spin. as I become more and more relaxed the space behind my eyes becomes three dimensional, but only for a small period of time, maybe a few seconds. I am really starting to get 'into' the music and love every sequential track that comes on. Time starts to fade away becoming less relevant as I am absorbed into peaceful rest. I drift in and out of semi conciousness. I even have to remind myself to breathe a couple of times. At one point I completely forgot how to breathe. This scared me slightly and I woke up in a mini-panic. However I quickly remembered and eventually took a deep breathe and everything was back to calm again. I did not like that bit one iota.

However we are soon back to business as usual. My dream state and semi-conciousness soon gives way to what could only be described as 'Waking Dreams'. I am fully aware that I am still awake yet I am dreaming. This is not a lucid dream where I am aware that I am dreaming and can control the dream. This is where I am awake and are aware of the fact that I am awake yet dreaming becomes the reality. I am not aware that the dream is a dream but because I am awake I am aware that I am dreaming. Its very confusing. Basically. Its awesome. The music I am listening tois still in the background to everypart of my dreams.

I begin to notice that both my arms at this point feel anesthetised although I can still feel them and I can still move them. My whole body is warm and very very comfortable. I defintately do not want to move or even think about moving. I slip back into a dream/trance/thought/whatever state again. After that is completed I open my eyes. its light outside. I definately feel like the Kreatom is wearing off yet my body still feels very warm and snug under the covers and I have a glow to me both physically and mentally. I definately havent fallen asleep yet I feel quite awake..... for all of 10 or so seconds as I take off my headphones and fall asleep

Kratom in my opinion is definately NOT something that I would do going out to a bar talking with friends and watching television. Its not that it doesnt have an effect its just that the effect it does have cant be enjoyed whilst my mind is busy doing other things. I havent really dealt with this type of thing before but believe me I plan to do so again and again and again.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 50281
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 20, 2006Views: 85,184
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Kratom (203) : First Times (2), Alone (16)

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