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More Tea Please
Citation:   MisterSmoke. "More Tea Please: An Experience with Kratom (exp69311)". Feb 23, 2008.

9.0 g oral Kratom (tea)
I weigh around 230 plus or minus a few and stand about 5' 8'. This is my second time using Kratom the first time I consumed 5 grams of what was said to be 15X extract, with no results. This experience was much better.

Roughly 9 grams of Thai Kratom powder was placed into an espresso / cappuccino machine. Because the water is heated to such a degree I thought this would be perfect, and it was. I ran three of the small coffee pots of water through. The first run came out looking like apple cider. The second looked like tea. And the third like a pale beer. I then mixed and drank all three within 5-10 minutes after they cooled. The 'tea' tasted like very strong regular old tea. I then sat down at my drawing table to finish a picture. No immediate effects were noticed.

One hour in, I have been feeling quite good for some time now, and have grown bored of drawing. I take a minute to look over the two drawings and feel totally amazed at what I have done, better than I should feel. Now what to do... My brain feels numb like I'm wasted drunk with absolutely no negative side effects. Also ordinary things seem extraordinary. I decide to get online and play a little Texas holdem. Wow the computer is an amazing thing! I lose at holdem. Losing didn't aggravate me but it would have felt great to win , really great. I then return to drawing.

Four hours later I still feel a little something. I feel very good. I feel as though Kratom is going to help me quit getting drunk so often and be more productive.

Next time I will use more than 9 gramsm

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 69311
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 23, 2008Views: 13,267
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