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Like Getting Drunk and Having a Hangover
Citation:   Jamie. "Like Getting Drunk and Having a Hangover: An Experience with Kratom (exp58314)". Feb 19, 2007.

T+ 0:00
6.0 g oral Kratom (capsule)
  T+ 1:15 6.0 g oral Kratom (capsule)
I am age 24, 65kg in weight, intellectually I am a INTP (geek).

I had been reading up and experimenting with a range of entheogens and other mind altering substances for the last few months and decided to give kratom a try. The kratom was just dried leaf from an online vendor (not extract or super powder). I had tried smoking it in a joint before, but with only very mild, almost unnoticeable effects.

It was a Wednesday evening at home after work, living with my girlfriend. I had not taken any other drugs (bar caffeine) for week and a half. My main activity for the evening was taking a variety of dried leaves, grinding them in a coffee grinder and placing them into empty vitamin capsules using a filling tool. By weight I could fit roughly 0.4g (400mg) of ground leaf per capsule (this seems the same for most ground plant material), with the capsule itself (size 0) weighing about 0.1g.

This was also my first time taking herbs in capsule form, so was unfamiliar with the timescales involved for capsules as a delivery mechanism, but I expected so see some effects within 30-45 mins. I thought 3g was roughly a threshold dose, 15g a medium dose and 30g a strong dose. I had not eaten since lunch at 3pm.

19:30 (T+0:00) - Take 15 Kratom capsules (6g) with some orange juice. I decide to keep a paper log of the effects.

20:00 (T+0:30) - No effects so far

20:10 (T+0:40) - Starting to feel a little more energized and slightly hyperactive, not sure if this is the Kratom or just a placebo effect.

20:40 (T+1:10) - The initial buzz has worn off a little, I feel a just a little bit in the background but nothing significant. My thoughts at the time where 'is this it, another herb with little effect, lets take some more to make sure I experience some effect before giving up on kratom'.

20:45 (T+1:15 | T+0:00) - I take an additional 15 Kratom capsules (6g) with some orange juice.

21:10 (T+1:40 | T+0:25) - I start to feel very slightly light headed.

21:25 (T+1:55 | T+0:40) - Feeling a slight buzz but nothing major

21:40 (T+2:10 | T+0:55) - I had put some music on a while earlier, and now I feel like standing up and dancing to it, and am definitely in a houseparty type mood.

21:50 (T+2:20 | T+1:05) - I'm feeling a little less focused and more in the moment, still in a party mood but its feels like being slightly drunk.

22:10 (T+2:40 | T+1:25) - I'm talking to a friend who has popped round, I feeling excited about the things I am talking to him about and also fairly hyperactive inside.

22:25 (T+2:55 | T+1:40) - Feeling a bit of a buzz now, very much in a partymood. Hyperactive and can't sit still easily (I'm still trying to fill more capsules), and a little less focused.

22:50 (T+3:20 | T+2:05) - I'm still feeling the same effects as half an hour ago.

23:00 (T+3:30 | T+2:15) - I'm feeling a little dizzy and somewhat intoxicated.

23:25 (T+3:55 | T+2:40) - My head is spinning slightly and I feel a little queezy. I check the mirror for the first time and my pupils are very small. I can still think clearly but I am a little unfocused and am easily distracted. Physically (but not mentally), I feel like I have been to the pub, had just a few to many to drink and am now back home.

23:45 (T+4:15 | T+3:00) - The effects are starting to wear off slightly, but are still present. I start eating dinner.

00:05 (T+4:35 | T+3:20) - I finish eating dinner. I stand up and start walking but have a sudden wave of nausea, but don't throw up.

00:45 (T+5:15 | T+4:00) - Intoxicating effects have mostly worn off, but not fully.

01:10 (T+5:40 | T+4:25) - I'm looking though my log notes and trying calculate, in my head, the lengths of time between the various effects and the first and second dose, trying to work out how long the effects would take to kick in if I had just taken a single dose. I'm finding it hard to focus on the math's and keep all the numbers in my head at the same time, and I keep losing track of what I am trying to work out. However it is late and I am somewhat tired, so this is definitely a contributing factor.

01:45 (T+6:15 | T+5:00) - I'm still feeling slightly lightheaded.

01:55 (T+6:25 | T+5:10) - I finally go to bed.
------ Next Day -----
09:00 - I wake up, less than 7 hours sleep (I prefer more), my pupils are still very small and I am feeling a quite tired (a bit more than usual in the morning).

10:00 - I arrive at work and my normal morning coffee.

12:00 - At work, I'm feeling a little hazy, but can still work normally. Also feel a little queezy, almost felt I needed to throw up, but didn't.

12:30 - Feeling very sleepy, I close my eyes and half-nod off while sitting (but don't fall asleep).

13:05 - I stand up and walk to another room, this wakes me up a little, but a few moments later I get another wave of nausea but rush to the loo and this time I manage to throw up properly. After this I go an get some lunch.

17:00 - I'm still feeling a little unwell, slightly queezy and my head spinning a little. Its like having a hangover that simply won't go away.

18:30 - I get home, take two ibuprofen headache tablets and lie down for an hour before a friend pops round and spend the rest of the evening talking, but still not feeling great.

23:30 - I'm feeling more normal now, and the side effects of the kratom have now gone.

In retrospect, I should have waited longer before taking the second dose and not taken so much the second time. At lower doses, krakom has stimulating effects, which I enjoyed, but as my body starting absorbing more and more of the kratom, its effects more intoxicating and this part I did not enjoy so much. The price I paid the next day was essentially an all day hangover that didn't respond well to my usual treatment of a strong sweet coffee in the morning. It was fun while it lasted, and an interesting experience and lesson learnt, but not worth the after effects late in the evening and the whole of the next day. The closest thing I can describe it to is a slightly modified version of getting drunk on alcohol. I won't be taking it again in the near future, but if I do, I'll stick to a lower dosage and wait at least 2-3 hours before deciding if I want to take a second dose.

Exp Year: 2006ExpID: 58314
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Feb 19, 2007Views: 131,412
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