The Worst Sickness Of My Life
by sugeshotcha
Citation:   sugeshotcha. "The Worst Sickness Of My Life: An Experience with Kratom (exp33179)". Aug 23, 2004.

10 g oral Kratom (tea)


I was talking to my friend a few weeks ago and like me he likes to go to a place called the Kava hut every now and then and drink the Vanuatu drink Kava. It is actually legal here in South Australia. Anyway, we were talking and he told me the Kava Hut had just got some new gear called Kratom you only need a teaspoon full in tea and it does not produce sickness yet has more powerful effects than Kava. So me and a friend went down there ordered a 20 gram bag for $20 AU, scooped 5 grams into each cup of hot water, left it to sit there and steep for a few minutes then drank it. I skulled mine down quite quickly, then poured another cup of hot water and added another 5 grams. My friend did the same a few minutes later until the bag of Kratom was empty and we had both drunk our 2nd cups of Kratom tea. We were just sitting at the bar of the Kava hut a bit bored and the owner turned on the TV and we started watching the Simpsons. About half an hour later I still felt nothing and was trying to feel something but there was nothing, no relaxation feelings or mental feelings or anything. I said to my friend lets go home now, and I began to standup.

Wow. I felt a bit wobbly and dizzy and found it hard and strange to walk out the door kind of like having a few beers. I began to notice a nauseating feeling which seemed to increase when I walked. I hopped in the car and my friend began to drive home. After 2 minutes of driving I began to feel really sweaty and kind of cold and then hot. I found down the windows trying to let the fresh air in, just thinking the car was hot and stuffy not thinking that the effects may have been from the so called ‘good’ Kratom. At last I got home, I felt like crap as I opened the gate. My sister told me I had to go over to a family friend's house and pick up a chicken. I drove over, still under the influence of Kratom and felt guilty that I was driving. The extreme nausea and sick feelings were similar to when I was properly Kaved from Kava a year or so ago, except this Kratom had NO POSITIVE EFFECTS AT ALL, no relaxation effects, just pure nausea.

One thing I did notice was unique about Kratom though was that I felt like my head was pounding. Like my skull was about to explode. That also seemed to affect my sight a bit, and I think this might be it, or similar to, the tunnel vision people sometimes talk about when using drugs. I could actually talk normally on Kratom when I went to the family friend's house but I felt so sick, and dizzy, especially when I walked everything felt like it was spinning and my balance seemed to be worse. I also felt depressed and ‘wanting to get away and just lie down and cure the sickness’. When I got back home I felt very hungry too and began to cook up steak for dinner. Whilst it was cooking on the barbie I was forced to lie down on a deckchair next to the barbecue because I felt so nauseas and sick. The Kratom had drained me of all energy, motivation and had devoured my health. After the steak was cooked I ate it. About 5 or 10 minutes later I felt so so sick and ran to the toilet. I stood there for ages waiting to be sick, feeling the food in my stomach.

Shortly I threw up…. An entire huge huge steak. The whole thing in small pieces filled the basin sink and blocked the drain. There was so much I had to go get a bowl and scoop my thrownup steak into. I couldn’t even flush it down the toilet as it would’ve blocked it up. So I had to go outside and dump it in the bin. The most disgusting thing I’ve ever had to do. After throwing up I felt much much better.

Conclusion: I’m not sure what the Kratom would’ve been like if I’d only had 5 grams and not had the 2nd cup with the second 5 grams in it but I don’t wanna try it again. Whilst on Kratom I vowed never to try it again, not even to give it another chance.

Exp Year: 2004ExpID: 33179
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given 
Published: Aug 23, 2004Views: 40,167
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