Kratom (also Mitragyna speciosa) Reports - Preparation / Recipes
Preparation / Recipes
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Highly Recommended The Wicked Devil Tea J-to-the Kratom 2004 Aug 23
Recommended Kratom Shooters Mishkin Kratom 2011 Jan 09
For Chronic Pain Hartrench Kratom 2015 Aug 19
Beautiful Sunday Morning CrazyHorse Kratom & Lorazepam 2014 Jan 29
Far Exceeded my Expectations FormerlyNormally Kava & Kratom 2012 Mar 10
My Last Year XI Kratom 2011 Nov 06
Searching for Subtle Pleasantness HomeworkAndMusic Kratom 2011 Nov 06
How to Beat Opiate Withdrawal BreakThePain Kratom 2011 Jan 09
How to Enjoy Moe Dog Kratom 2009 Jan 01
Flour Balls - Ingestion is Powerful! Majinbijiita Kratom 2007 Mar 06
Keep It Legal Teethoflions Kratom 2006 Mar 24
Intense, Blissful Euphoria, Done Right The Apothecary Kratom 2004 Nov 17
Follow Recommended Doses aquapan Kratom 2003 Dec 27
Tea Time with Cookies Jan T Kratom 2022 Nov 08
I Need to Boil It Jallen Kratom 2022 May 18
Filter the Grit Nautapsyco Kratom 2022 Feb 08
At the Source Fleming Kratom (fresh) 2022 Jan 14
Drinking, Eating, and Smoking just some guy Kratom 2020 Apr 30
Tricky Plant Euphoriod Kratom & DLPA 2019 Sep 12
The Finest Herb I Have Used Ever! entheoman Kratom 2018 Aug 08
Only Lasted for About 20-30 Minutes Paul Kratom (vaporized) 2018 May 31
Truly a Miracle Plant E505 Kratom (as opioid substitute) 2018 Apr 23
Can Be Great With Correct Dosage Strain KR Kratom 2018 Apr 17
Relaxing and Pleasurable Dr.Gingko Kratom, Sceletium tortuosum & Cannabis 2018 Jan 07
Rectally via Murphy Drip Bob Kratom 2015 Oct 06
Tapering Off With Little to No Withdrawal Fenix Kratom and Phenibut 2014 Jan 23
A Wonderful Day Stoned Intellect CP 55,940, Kratom (Bali) & Cigarettes 2009 Feb 10
Climbing the High Seedman Kratom & Tobacco 2008 Sep 16
More Tea Please MisterSmoke Kratom 2008 Feb 23
My New Favorite Sirk Kratom 2004 Mar 18
The Most Delicious Way to Get Off Opiates Home Krohn Kratom 2020 Oct 27
Six or Seven Times Over the Last Month Josh Kratom 2019 Sep 16
My Favorite Way to Do It Quentro Kratom 2018 Apr 11
I Decided to Try It Richard U Kratom 2018 Mar 25
DIY Resin Balls Bc89 Kratom 2012 Apr 22
Extract Your Own, Please! Kyn Kratom (extract) 2011 Feb 19
Espresso Aliander Kratom 2008 Jun 22
Microwave/Water Boiler Preparation MIM Kratom ('Premium Powdered') 2005 Feb 16
Like Hydrocodone Tea kavaman Kratom 2003 Dec 16
Feeling Was Much More Calming wabbit Kratom & Alcohol 2018 Oct 16
The Usual Lightness of the Body Eden Kratom & Chocolate 2018 Aug 08
Great Recipe, Floating Euphoria! L-Train Kratom 2018 Jul 17
Great Effects Allie Kratom 2018 Mar 22
Wizard Pudding deadlikeme Kratom 2018 Mar 07
Very Uncomfortable Mike Kratom & Caffeine 2018 Feb 16
Perhaps I Won't Do It Again, But Then Do. anon Kratom 2017 Oct 13
Coconut Water White_Stallion Kratom 2016 Apr 11
Great For My Opiate Tastes Byran Kratom 2005 Dec 20

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