Flour Balls - Ingestion is Powerful!
Citation:   Majinbijiita. "Flour Balls - Ingestion is Powerful!: An Experience with Kratom (exp60680)". Erowid.org. Mar 6, 2007. erowid.org/exp/60680

12 g oral Kratom (plant material)
Here is my recipe for Kratom flour balls, and the amazing effects they gave me.

Yes, it is very simple, but VERY effective.



Kratom powder
Confectionery Sugar (Granular will also work)
A saucepan
Big plate

Add the desired dosing amount into the saucepan. (Mine was ~12g)

Add just enough water to mix with the kratom powder. Mix. Now add enough water so there is a layer a little bit more than the kratom 'paste.'

Put on very low heat on the burner. (I put it on '2')

Check every ten minutes or so, and stir.

When it gets to the point where its basically a thick paste and you stir it, it should almost turn back into a powder form, just with some water weight.

Put a plate on the counter. Add a thin layer of flour to the plate.

Take out an amount of kratom paste/powder that will roll into a ball the size of the circumference of a quarter. Roll it. Then roll it in flour to make it look white. Now remake the ball, and then roll in the flour again.

Now roll that in a good amount of confectionery sugar. If it is granular thatís fine.

Grab a cup of milk if you have one, otherwise just put the ball in your mouth. Move it around on your tongue a little until it gets kinda slimy. Now, swallow (with the milk preferably, but I did it a few times without any liquid with no problem.)

Doesn't taste bad, and you get to actually use ALL of the kratom, so none is wasted.



For the first hour or two before becoming ill...the euphoria was amazing. I was almost nodding, and the euphoria was probably better than the heroin I had last week. It was very strong, and the combination of kratom's ability to cause sedation and excitation made it feel like a speedball, which I also had last week. Now, I am just talking about heroin + coke that was smoked on foil...and not IV-ed or anything, but I honestly believe the kratom was BETTER than that feeling. It was stronger.

I went outside to smoke a cig, sat down, and literally said, 'Today is a beautiful day.'

My dose was obviously too high for me though. I ate some spaghetti-O's thirty minutes or so after dosing and threw them up a short time after. Once I threw them up, I felt a lot better, but still nauseous. If I tried to stand longer than 60 seconds I would get nauseous, and then would have to lie down for at least two minutes for it to fade away. This was annoying as I was trying to watch a movie on my computer before I had become nauseous. I would try to watch it for two minutes, and the nausea would slowly creep up on me, until I had to lie down before I vomited. Even during this, the euphoria still made me feel pleasant though.

In retrospect: Be careful if you use this method. Don't take more than you can handle.

The effects of the kratom lasted until the next day, and helped me for my first few hours at work in the morning until it faded away.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 60680
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Mar 6, 2007Views: 40,818
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