How to Enjoy
Citation:   Moe Dog. "How to Enjoy: An Experience with Kratom (exp68846)". Jan 1, 2009.

  repeated oral Kratom (extract)
    repeated oral Kratom (edible / food)
I have been experimenting with Kratom for the past 6 months and I believe that I have two methods of ingestion that are worthy of sharing. In fact I feel that I’m obligated to share my knowledge. This wonderful plant will only stay legal threw responsible and informed usage.

The following is my preferred method of alcohol extraction.

I only work with 3-4 grams of commercial grade crushed leave. I prefer 1 part red vein Thai to 2 parts green vein Thai. I have tried a lot of expensive “Super Grades” but in my opinion they do not warrant the extra cost. I have never needed more than 4 grams to achieve the “2 Vicoden” buzz that I enjoy. In rare cases that I want a heavier experience I prefer to re-dose in a controlled manner rather than take a high dose and hope for the best.

First I weigh my dosage on a reliable scale (1 gram red, 2 grams green). I then place all of it in a coffee grinder and grind it to a fairly fine powder. I then place the powdered Kratom in a small glass bowl and pour in 2 ounces of vodka. I then microwave the mixture for about 15 seconds, just until the first signs of boiling. I then remove the mixture from the microwave and add one more ounce of vodka and repeat the heating process. I then allow the mixture to cool off enough to handle and pour the entire mixture into a cup lined with a coffee filter. I squeeze out all of the liquid I can.

This yields exactly 2 ounces of brown opaque liquid almost every time. I prefer to drink the mixture like I’m doing a shooter, chased by a swig of beer. I must admit the taste is so bad that I do not allow myself to taste it.

(T+5MIN) I will feel a slight numbing sensation from the tip of my tongue.

(T+10MIN) I will start to feel a warm opiate buzz creeping up.

(T+15MIN) I will feel very relaxed and mellow but mentally sharp and able to carry on a conversation with out a problem. I will experience a slight warming in my ear lobes and face.

(T+20MIN) I will reach the peak of the experience and enjoy it until returning to baseline approximately 2.5 hours later.

I have read reports from other Kratom users that have negative effects from re-dosing such as nausea but I have never had this problem. I have re-dosed as much as 4 times in a 6 hour window with out a problem.


There are times that having alcohol on my breath or in my system is unacceptable. I have refined this ingestion method for just such times. Once again I never need more than 3-4 grams of commercial grade. I begin by mixing and grinding the Kratom the same as if I intend to do a alcohol extraction but instead of using alcohol I use water. I mix my powder with about 4-5 ounces of water and heat this mixture up on the stove on low heat stirring lightly every 5 minutes. When the water has been reduced to about one ounce I add just enough flour to make a paste that resembles horse manure. There really is no better way to describe it.

Then I remove the paste and tear off enough to make a small ball, about a 3/8 of a inch in diameter. I then roll the ball in flour on a plate. I continue this until I have about one dozen flour coated rabbit turds. These turds will last in the refrigerator for at least a week. This is my typical experience when ingesting the flour balls.

(T+0MIN) I will eat one third of the yield.

(T+25MIN) I will feel a slight numbing sensation on the tip of my tongue.

(T+35MIN) Heart rate will increase slightly and breathing is slightly shallower. Also my jaw will tighten up similar to doing cocaine but not nearly as intense. I will also notice a warming in my ear lobes and face. My energy level will increase noticeably and manual labor is much easier.

(T+40MIN) I will peak out and enjoy until returning to base line approximately 3 hours later.

The first time I tried the ingestion method it became very clear to me why the locals of Thailand would chew the leaves while performing manual labor.

I have refined these two methods to the point of being able to amp my self up or mellow myself out at will. I have truly discovered the healing powers of this plant. I use the alcohol extraction as a pain killer and as a cough suppressant. I use the ingestion method for increased energy and as a hang over helper.

These two methods are not my own creation. I have learned these methods thanks to people sharing their experiences. I’m grateful to those who have taken the time to share their experiences with me.

Exp Year: 2008ExpID: 68846
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Published: Jan 1, 2009Views: 68,256
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