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Tricky Plant
Kratom & DLPA
Citation:   Euphoriod. "Tricky Plant: An Experience with Kratom & DLPA (exp104189)". Sep 12, 2019.

8 g oral Kratom (tea)
      Alcohol - Hard  
  7508 mg oral Phenylalanine (daily)
I had previously had three experiences with the same Kratom powder taken orally at gradual increasing doses from 4 and 7g over the course of a week with pleasant effects. The switch Kratom gives from being activating to sedating depending on dose was clearly observed: the lower dose being activating with an increase in energy and higher dose sedating with pleasant blissful wellbeing. Each experience had been ‘toss & wash’ with powder washed down with the thickest fruit smoothie juice (note 100% juice not dairy smoothie) I could find which does a great job of hiding the taste and texture. Note I have no opioid tolerance but take DLPA daily (750mg) for depression (suspected endorphin deficiency hence my investigation into Kratom).

It had been four days since I had last taken Kratom
It had been four days since I had last taken Kratom
and I decided to take 8g with a more tea-like method I had read online. As before this was on an empty stomach.

1. The powder was put into a small glass, covered with just enough vodka and microwaved it for 15secs
2. The vodka was topped up again and microwaved another 10
3. 100ml of water was added and mix microwaved for another 15secs
4. The result was strained into a tall glass and filled it with tropical fruit smoothie juice until the taste was totally masked. Note this did not contain gratefruit, which is known for effects on CYP450
5. Mix was consumed over the course of a minute or so

T +00:10
I could feel it come on quickly with the slightly drunk ‘wobby eyes’ effect I had noted at higher doses before and I could tell this was going to be quite a strong experience.

T +01.00
Nausea starting to be noticed. Switching between activated and nodding sedation

T +5:00
Nausea was getting quite had to handle, almost threw up

T +7:00
Violently ill with little improvement in nausea :(

T +10:00
No longer worried about throwing up but nausea persisting. Ate some tomato soup and toast. Other than sedation, struggling to keep my eyes open and drunk-like motor impairment no pleasurable effects experienced at all.

T +3 days(!)
Stomach still feeling not quite right, being careful choosing foods

There are indications that this plant’s effects seem to change character quite dramatically with dose which are probably important to understand. There are likely also tolerance issues and possible variability in oral dosing method ie. toss ‘n wash vs ‘tea’ or extraction type methods: at only 1g over a dose giving moderate effects four days previously, I seriously overshot on exactly the same strain from the same batch.

Most people report experiences rarely extending beyond 4.5hrs while at higher doses (7g) I felt ‘warm blanket’ wellbeing only just coming on at 6hrs. This could be due to potentiation by DLPA.

I hope this helps others in being aware of the possible factors that influence Kratom’s effects.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 104189
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 30
Published: Sep 12, 2019Views: 3,616
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Phenylalanine (445), Kratom (203) : Combinations (3), Preparation / Recipes (30), Not Applicable (38)

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