Six or Seven Times Over the Last Month
by Josh
Citation:   Josh. "Six or Seven Times Over the Last Month: An Experience with Kratom (exp102818)". Sep 16, 2019.

3 - 5 g oral Kratom
I have now taken Kratom six or seven times over the last month. I have been taking a fine powdered form which I purchased online for about $20/gram. I have consumed the plant a couple of different ways, which I will outline. First I will say that I am a very experienced drug user. Nothing harder than Cocaine but LOTS of psychedelics, ecstasy, and you could say that I have a pre-disposition to enjoy Opiates. Luckily I have never gone off the deep end with them and mainly have used them as 'landing gear' when coming down off of ecstasy/molly. I've never had a steady connection for prescription Opiates, which is probably part of the reason I have not indulged my infatuation for them to the fullest. I have never done Heroin or even Oxycontin. Only Vicodin, Percocet, and smoked what I was told was Opium but have never really gotten off on it.

That being said, when I came across some articles about Kratom being a substitute for Opiates, my curiosity was heightened. In fact, I happened to read about it twice in the course of a week from different random sources, which is what made me seek it out. It was not hard to find online and the site I ordered from was quick, discreet, and professional. I simply chose the variety on the site that had the most positive reviews and said it was the strongest they had.

After doing some reading online, I was excited to try it but confused on the best method of preparation. There seems to be a lot of differing opinions about how best to extract the chemical from the plant and ingest it. The common thread I could find in all of the postings and research that I did was that Kratom is more soluble in alcohol than water and citrus heightens the effect. So for the first go round, I followed another reviewer's instructions- Started with 3 grams Kratom. Just covered it with Vodka. Microwaved for 15 seconds. Poured in a little more vodka. Microwaved another 15 seconds. Strained. Added water. Microwaved 10 more seconds. Let steep a few minutes. Chugged it and chased with orange juice. It is true what they say. The stuff is nasty. I would not want to drink a full mug of Kratom 'tea', that's for sure! Rather take it like a shot!

The results were nice this first time. I would compare it to taking one Vicodin pill. Kicked in after 15-20 minutes. A nice, warm fuzzy feeling. Definitely stimulating and got me talking. Also some itching, which I am used to with opiates and it doesn't bother me. The high lasted an hour or so and then I started coming down gently. There was mild nausea and stomach discomfort at this point but nothing real bad.

The next time I tried putting 4 grams Kratom in a pot with 1 cup water and bringing to a simmer. Reduced the liquid by half. Strained. Added another cup of water and reduced by half again. Drink with Vodka and OJ. Pretty much the same effect this time. Although I had been enjoying the Kratom, I was still not super impressed and I figured it must be because I had not found the best method of ingestion yet.

The next time I did the same vodka extraction as the first time but upped it to 5 grams. Oh, and this time I didn't strain the dregs out, just choked it down. It's so finely ground that its like swallowing sawdust that tastes like bitter nastiness. However, I think this is the way to go. I'm guessing there are some compounds that just can't be extracted without ingesting the plant itself.

Anyways, this method got me super stoned, similar to taking two percocet. It's nice because there are no aggressive feelings like I sometimes have when taking Opiates, but other than that it is very similar. The downside of it is the nausea, which has accompanied pretty much every trip in varying degrees. I don't plan on having an appetite after I take it and plan on dealing with some nausea when I come down, however I have never puked.

All in all, I would say that I am glad I discovered Kratom and will likely continue experimenting with it (as long as it is legal) but I have yet to feel like I am really sure how its going to treat me when I take it.

Exp Year: 2014ExpID: 102818
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Sep 16, 2019Views: 2,682
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