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My Favorite Way to Do It
Citation:   Quentro. "My Favorite Way to Do It: An Experience with Kratom (exp68515)". Apr 11, 2018.

.5 ml oral Kratom (tincture)
  .5 ml oral Alcohol (tincture)
The Best Way to Do Kratom

I, like many other people, was very surprised the first time I took a proper dosage of Kratom. I have a lot of experience with opiates and didn't expect the effects to be so similar, which they are (warm, fuzzy euphoria, strangely satisfying itch, pinnered pupils)...

Once I discovered Kratom, I wanted to find the 'best' way to consume it (ie. Most powerful and cost effiecient)... I've tried the Purple sticky 15x they sell in headshops, the Super Maeng da, thai, bali, ultra enhanced indo, chewed commercial leaf, teas, and I think the BEST way is to use an alcohol tincutre extract.

The main alkaloid of concern in K is called mirtagynine and it is ALCOHOL soluble. At a dose of .5ml- 1ml, the tincutre I use (and they are of extremely varying quality on the internet, w/o giving a specific advertisement for my go to company, look for a one that claims 150g of leaf go into 2ml) captures the very best in Kratom. I actually mentioned this to the owner of a local headshop, and the next time I went in there he was super stoked to see me, had this bigass grin on his face and was like, 'This is the guy I was telling you about!' so I think he was pretty damn satisfied.

Exp Year: 2007ExpID: 68515
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: Not Given
Published: Apr 11, 2018Views: 1,776
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