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Filter the Grit
Citation:   Nautapsyco. "Filter the Grit: An Experience with Kratom (exp102022)". Feb 8, 2022.

10 g oral Kratom
I recently have been experimenting with various legal and illegal botanicals. I want to focus on Kratom at the moment, because it has been quite the interesting drug for me. The first time I used Kratom ( I will use its nickname Thom for now on) was about one year ago. I am a recreational user of drugs, mainly marijuana and alcohol, some Kava and occasional cocaine use. I have found Thom to be excellent for calming me down and keeping me at an even keel. I am a self diagnosed sufferer of ADHD (Hyperactive and difficulty concentrating) and while under the influence of this amazing substance, I can sit for hours and read, learn new songs on guitar, and have a general peaceful demeanor. When I first started I would use maybe once a week but now I use every other day but only once in a given day. I use every other day because the day after my use I still have a lingering peacefulness and I don't feel the need to use again until the next day.
I use every other day because the day after my use I still have a lingering peacefulness and I don't feel the need to use again until the next day.
This helps keep my tolerance low and I am able to use the same dose without increasing. On the days that I use, I take a 10 gram dose. In the beginning of my use I was making a hot tea with the powered leaf and drinking everything down including the grit (the ground leaf). I started thinking that the grit was very bad for my system and it was probably difficult for my body to process that crap.

I had decided to quit for a while and I found that even with my every other day use I was in withdraw. The withdraw wasn't pleasant and I seemed to have no joy and everything was dull. (Depressed) My stomach was in a knot and I couldn't really eat and had a very short temper for a few days. All in all not too bad. I was however shocked that I had withdrawals.

When I decided to start taking the Thom again I decided to filter out all that nasty grit. I prepare it by boiling water and mixing the Thom in. I let it sit for a few minutes and then I use a coffee filter to get rid of that grit. The resulting liquid is much easier to drink, but I will say I don't quite get the full effect, but it's still strong. I have found if I save the grit I can make another less potent tea.

I wanted to see if there was a difference in the strength of the withdrawal after switching to the filtered tea. My assumption was correct, the wd's were much more manageable and the duration was much shorter. I think that grit lingers around in my system for a while, and I'm sure it gives my liver Hell.

Kratom is a powerful substance and anyone that says otherwise is full of it. I would like to use less frequently but for now I see no reason to stop. It has also helped me tremendously with my alcohol consumption. I was drinking a 6 pack pretty much every night and now I may have no beer or only a couple. This substance has been quite useful for me and my hope is that people will use Kratom responsibly as to not cause too much negative attention.

Exp Year: 2012-2013ExpID: 102022
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 34
Published: Feb 8, 2022Views: 729
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