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Tapering Off With Little to No Withdrawal
Kratom and Phenibut
Citation:   Fenix. "Tapering Off With Little to No Withdrawal: An Experience with Kratom and Phenibut (exp95501)". Jan 23, 2014.

  oral Kratom (tea)
    oral Smarts - Phenibut (tea)
*NOTE* this may not work with those who use a large amount of extract with their daily dosage

Weíll start with a little background, I am an 18 year old male. Athletic build of about 145 lbs. Iíve used various substances over the last two years including cannabis, synthetic cannabis, kanna, phenibut (one of my favorites) as well as Kratom which is my real favorite. Iíve started using kratom about a year ago and have since become physically addicted it. I started using once a week then as time goes on it got to everyday use. Luckily I was able to keep my use to plain leaf only and my standard dose was about ~15g of plain leaf made into tea. It gives me a mild but still amazingly fun opiate like high yet its still completely legal and relatively cheap and even with my habit of using once a day, I was able to order about once a month and spend a relatively small amount of money similar to a medium sized cell phone plan.

But of course as with any addiction, there is a time that one needs to get clean for one reason or another. I personally have quit three times during my use for about a week at a time both because i was going out of town during those times and to lower tolerance and increase effectiveness of my doses.

The first time the withdrawals hit me unexpectedly and it was miserable, not to mention that my habit was much smaller at the time (no more than ~12g a day, possibly even every other day) I had to leave town and stay with my cousin and I though that I would be fine to not use for the 4 or 5 days that I was there, but I was wrong. They hit me within about 2-3 days and at the time I really didn't know why I was feeling extremely uncomfortable all the time and sweating and being pissed off at the world for no reason at all. Luckily I was able to hide it well enough so my family didnít know that I was getting dope-sick of sorts. The worst part was the constant feeling of being hot and cold and being extremely restless and it was just not any fun.

During this time I was using phenibut at my cousins house. I now know that phenibut can really take the edge off, if not completely remove the effects of kratom withdrawal but more on that later. I ended up dosing again as soon as I got home and it felt amazing.

The second time I was forced to quit for a while was on a trip with my family to New York. This time I was prepared and took the necessary steps to almost eliminate withdrawals again. This method will also be described later.

The third time was about a week ago and it was due to not having enough money to purchase more kratom. Not because it was too expensive but because I am currently unemployed.


With a habit such as mine or something similar (I imagine this would work with a habit up to about 18g daily). The first step is the preparation that one needs to do before quitting because cold turkey can be difficult and it can be avoided. You will need about 1-2oz of your choice of plain leaf kratom depending on your habit. You will also need about 10-20g of phenibut (buying bulk powder and either mixing it with water or making capsules is the most economical) as well as another 1-2oz of STEM AND LEAF kratom powder, this is a type of kratom that will really aid you in the process of getting your mind and body back to normal.

Day 1: The first step is to cut your usual dosage in half so for me this was about 8g of plain leaf, boiled in water, strained and drank at night. I still got quite a buzz from this and I slept well that night and of course no withdrawal symptoms.

Day 2: Reduce your dosage from the previous day by 2g, so for me my dosage went from 8g to 6g. Again, slight buzz and I was able to sleep with no symptoms.

Day 3: Stick with the same dosage, for me it was another 6g.

Day 4: Cut your dosage by another 1g, so I took 5g in tea that night, but I also took 1g of stem and leaf kratom in capsules. I was still able to feel some effects from the kratom and I was again able to sleep.

Day 5: I was just about out of kratom this time so I was only able to take about ~1.5g of plain leaf. (If you wish to take 2.5g on day 5 then 1g on day 6, that would also be beneficial but I didnít have to do this)

Day 6: I was completely out of plain leaf kratom at this point and all I had was a fair amount of phenibut powder (this comes in handy later) as well as 56g or so of stem and vein kratom. I was feeling some cravings that day and I took 12g of stem and vein kratom in capsules.

*** While this sounds like I was going backwards on my taper, stem and vein kratom has opioid antagonists and agonists that are different from regular kratom leaf or powder and due to this, it can help to reset the bodyís neurotransmitters faster than cold turkey. ***

Day 7: I took another 10-12g of stem and vein, but not feeling any high or relaxation from it. Iím confident that it was still doing itís job.

Day 8: The final day that I had any kratom at all, I took the last of my stem and vein kratom. This was about 12g, again not feeling much of an effect but I think it was still doing itís job. That night, I really wanted to get a buzz and needed something to calm me down so I smoked some cannabis mixed with a little bit of synthetic cannabis.

Day 9, Day 1 w/o Kratom: No kratom, no withdrawal symptoms but definitely some cravings after not getting high for 2 days. Maybe I had a little trouble sleeping but I again smoked cannabis that night.

Day 10, Day 2 w/o Kratom: I was expecting to wake up in full withdrawal that morning, but I woke up and felt completely fine physically however I was feeling some mental effects such as anxiety (this I deal with in my everyday life as well without withdrawal) and some depression (another thing that I sometimes deal with anyway) I believe I had class that day and just before I took a capsule of phenibut, this was roughly 1g.

Day 11, Day 3 w/o Kratom: I woke up, I didnít feel much w/d. Runny nose, yawning as well as some sweating. However, this was all very very mild! I went through my day of school with only some mild depression during my first class. But then after my first class, I took another phenibut capsule, again 1g. This made me feel just about normal. And then another 2 hours later I took another 1g capsule and the normal feeling continued. I had some trouble sleeping that night, and woke up much earlier than normal and felt wide awake.

*** Another reason that phenibut really helped me was because it completely removed all cravings for kratom and made me feel more or less content without it, and I am aware that almost everyone feels the effects differently so just be aware of this if planning to use it ***

Day 12, Day 3 w/o Kratom: This is the third day with completely no kratom. Again, waking up with no w/d symptoms! This really surprised me as it usually takes at least two days for one to feel kratom withdrawal symptoms so I was almost sure that I was going to be dope-sick that day but I wasnít. No phenibut that day but synthetic cannabis was smoked to relieve almost all anxiety and removed some cravings. I did have some trouble sleeping that night and woke up once and it took about an hour to fall asleep again.

Day 13, Day 4 w/o Kratom: Again, woke up feeling just about fine but just a little sweaty. The anxiety was fairly low but taking 1g of phenibut removed that and made me feel very normal.

This is where this story ends as I received some more kratom. But I was able to stay completely clean for 4 days and I felt hardly anything in terms of withdrawal.

To sum it up the dose schedule goes as follows:

*** Purchase some stem and vein kratom and ensure you have enough plain leaf kratom to finish the taper ***

Day 1 of taper/quitting process: 1/2 of normal dose (8g)
Day 2: 1/2 of normal dose - 2g (6g)
Day 3: Same as previous day (6g)
Day 4: previous day - 2g (5g)
Day 5: 1.5-2.5g
Day 6: 12g of stem and vein kratom
Day 7: 10-12g of stem and vein kratom
Day 8: 12g of stem and vein, last day of kratom
Day 9: no kratom, sleep aid if necessary
Day 10: 1g of phenibut, sleep aid if necessary
Day 11: 1-2g of phenibut depending on tolerance, sleep aid if necessary
Day 12: .5g to 1g phenibut if needed
Day 13: .5g to 1g phenibut if needed
Day 14: phenibut may not even be needed but use sparingly
Day 15: 5th day without kratom should mean that the body is just about back to normal and one may be able to go throughout the day unaided.

Dose phenibut as needed to combat anxiety as well as cravings and potentially aid in sleep but keep in mind that tolerance is possible with phenibut so try to limit the amount of intake as well as the number of days in a row (2-3 days on 2-3 days off seems fine but if keeping under 1g a day then there is some leeway, just be smart)

This schedule should definitely aid in quitting kratom and greatly reduce the discomfort of quitting.

I wish you all best of luck and one day at a time!

- Fenix

Exp Year: 2012ExpID: 95501
Gender: Male 
Age at time of experience: 18
Published: Jan 23, 2014Views: 66,668
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