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Recommended Anxious to Get to Our Favorite Place to Shoot Carls McDonalds Jr. Heroin 2022 Sep 24
Recommended Is This What People Call Fun tinyidiot Heroin 2016 Mar 21
Recommended My Night with the Morphine Orphan Observer Heroin (China White) 2009 Jan 10
Recommended Chasing the Dragon Robby Heroin (Black Tar) 2007 Oct 27
Recommended Free, Warm, Content, and Relaxed Lane Heroin 2007 Oct 22
Recommended Tar Tar Char Char Gnostika for Noddy Heroin (black tar) 2005 Feb 09
Recommended Slam Dancing with Mr. Brownstone Negative Creep Heroin 2000 Sep 10
Eye-Opening Brit Heroin & Lisdexamfetamine 2022 Oct 23
One More Harry MassEffected21 Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
Just Another Day legi0n Heroin 2019 Jun 25
Highs Lows and a Nightmare SATAN Heroin 2018 May 20
First Injection Felt Like A Bubble Bath Poppy Girl Heroin 2017 Nov 17
A Year After Finding My Love dopedude807 Heroin 2014 May 02
Willpower Supersedes Addiction DetecitveDan Heroin 2012 Sep 27
Dot, Dot, Dot. Katriss Heroin 2010 Jan 05
Losing My IV Virginity dilated_pupils Cocaine, Heroin & Alprazolam (Xanax) 2009 Oct 30
Philadelphia Heroin Chris A. Heroin 2005 Oct 03
Hurried Exit From Reality Theo Methamphetamine & Heroin 2021 Nov 02
Don't Want to Use a Needle Hofbrow Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
Sick, Itchy and Numb Wylin Heroin & Cannabis 2020 Jun 03
I'm Someone Who Gets Bored a Lot Dutch Man Heroin 2020 May 14
The Perfect Nap Curious person Herion 2019 Jan 03
Dying for 30 Seconds Straight MJ Heroin 2018 Nov 03
Sniffing vs Injection benzopiate Heroin 2018 Jun 05
Slow Love Jim-Jim Heroin 2018 Jun 05
A Journey to the Dark Side of Life pdna Heroin 2018 May 20
Not the Help I Expected Mike Heroin 2018 Apr 19
E-Cigarette Test Anon Heroin 2018 Apr 08
Happy Birthday With A Brown Bag Fatboy Heroin 2017 Nov 28
I Bio-Essay So You Dont Have To Dumb Heroin & Methamphetamine 2012 Dec 02
First Injection Jaiblin Heroin 2010 Jan 08
To the Land of the Wize DemonXstreeM Heroin 2008 Jan 01
When I Was God Tamara Heroin 2007 Dec 27
On and Off, Up and Out Alex Herion 2007 Nov 07
On Halloween Robbie Illogikal Heroin & Cannabis 2007 Jun 29
Pretty Difficult to Not Do Again Billy Bob Heroin 2006 Feb 23
Back on the Train Tryptamine Heroin 2003 Jun 02
Once Was Enough Bratscheknabe Heroin 2002 Apr 28
One Typical Morning TheDopeyDwarf Heroin 2022 Sep 20
My Frst Ride on the White Train dantheman92 Heroin 2021 Aug 14
Comfortably Numb HippieLove Heroin 2020 Aug 20
Shooting Black Hours After Drinking Delsym420 Alcohol, Heroin (Black Tar) & Cigarettes 2020 Aug 19
A Rush of Pure Heaven bcd always Heroin & Alprazolam 2020 Aug 19
The Big Switch and Mixed Feelings MadcapMinstrel Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Grey Boy Swanky Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Winter In Chicago Nintey Heroin 2020 Aug 19
Euphoria Mr. Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
It Could've Been Me roundablock Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 19
West Coast Crap 0PlAT3D Heroin (Black Tar) 2020 Aug 18
Comfortably Numb Dutch Master Alcohol - Beer & Heroin 2019 Sep 11
A Spectrum of Emotion Euslace Nodd Buprenorphine / Naloxone (Suboxone) & Heroin 2019 Jun 11
Either Overrated or I Got Ripped Off Brett Heroin 2019 Apr 24
The Couch Became My Friend Trips Heroin 2018 Nov 08
Going 'Downtown' Andie Heroin, LSD & Cannabis 2018 Jun 18
The Dorm OC 80's Heroin 2018 Jun 16
Leaking Philosophies Soap Heroin 2018 Jun 16
Enjoyable Enough Evening ThePoobaman Heroin 2018 May 29
The Neverending Story That Must End Frazzle Heroin & Crack 2018 May 23
Nothing More Shocking Than an Overdose Chipper Heroin 2018 May 20
I Was Dreaming. J Heroin & Mushrooms 2018 May 12
Let Me Get 3 Blows diablita Heroin 2018 Apr 19
My Dance With Mr. Brownstone Mad Dash Heroin 2017 Nov 14
A Very Sleepy Day Seismic Heroin 2017 Sep 15
Overrun by Intense Numbness Spike Heroin 2006 Mar 28
First Shot, Look What I've Been Missing UndercoverCandyKid Heroin 2021 Aug 14
The Rock Show Joe Heroin 2020 Nov 05
What the What, Complete Confusion Grambag Heroin 2020 Aug 20
A Dangerous Dance 4Plus4Is8 Heroin (Black Tar) & Diphenhydramine 2020 Aug 18
My Teeth Almost Immediately Stopped Hurting Rye Heroin (Brown) & Alprazolam 2020 Aug 18
My First Injection DewSmack Heroin 2020 Feb 17
Sick Then Stoned surfcar Heroin & Cannabis 2019 Jun 19
More Like a Hobby Than a Habit dracula with glasses Heroin 2019 Apr 29
A Beautiful Thing Cripp Budz Heroin 2019 Feb 01
Great and Worst Feeling in the Same Time D&M Heroin 2018 Nov 06
Cheaper but Still Feels Just as Good Mike L. Heroin 2018 Nov 06
Every Worry I've Ever Had Was Gone DragonChased Heroin 2018 Jul 26
Blissful Warmth eXec Heroin 2018 Jun 11
Opiate Soup Big_Griff Kratom & Heroin 2018 Apr 21
Chinese Hallucinogen... Johnny Deaf Heroin 2018 Apr 09
It Makes Me Very Aware of Noises someguy Heroin 2018 Apr 09
Like a Warm Blanket Was Wrapped Around Me DMH Heroin 2018 Apr 09
A Gentle Tide of White HMJROBOCOKE Heroin 2018 Apr 09
A Breath of Fresh Air Disco Dave Heroin 2018 Feb 12
Finger Tips Scream Orgasm Reed Heroin 2018 Jan 14
Five Minutes To Happyland samsung Heroin 2017 Dec 31
A Small Chunk To Begin With Das Bieren Heroin 2017 Jul 23
Nice Night J.B. Heroin 2003 Feb 13

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